Thursday, December 4, 2014

Arthur Minnahmetov - Why EP incl. Audio Noir, Nicolas Agudelo, Spitsyn [SMD071]

Arthur Minnahmetov began his production career a mere seven months ago. His debut EP entitled 'Mantra' (released though Balkan Connection's BC2) immediately caught the attention of electronic music fans. The Russian producers moody, melancholic take on progressive house was welcomed by the underground and a string of successful releases soon followed. Subsequent appearances on BQ Recordings and Stellar Fountain Deep stood out and as 2014 is drawing to a close Suffused Music is presenting the most anticipated release of Arthur's career. 'Why' is the Russian producers debut single for Suffused Music and it encompasses what many progressive fans have come to love about his productions. From its warm, bouncy groove to smooth chord changes and delicate keys there is a lot of emotionally stimulating elements. The second half pushes the heartfelt vibes even higher with a subtle complement of tantalizing harmonies and alluring atmospheres. A definite nod to the old school from Arthur and one that sits nicely in Suffused Music's catalog. The remixes which are supplied by Audio Noir, Nicolas Agudelo and Spitsyn update the track masterfully. Audio Noir has kept the great thematic vibes but added angelic vocal elements for a radical new twist. Nicolas Agudelo's dreamier interpretation stands out as well with a wickedly hypnotic second half providing a rousing climax. Closing the release out is Spitsyn who lays down his galloping rhythms and squelchy synths for an energetic and inspired interpretation. A great first single for Arthur Minnahmetov on Suffused Music with an excellent selection of remixes. Don't miss it. - Release Promo

Arthur Minnahmetov - Why (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Arthur Minnahmetov - Why (Another Audio Noir Trip) [Suffused Music]
Arthur Minnahmetov - Why (Nicolas Agudelo Remix) [Suffused Music]
Arthur Minnahmetov - Why (Spitsyn Remix) [Suffused Music]

Cid Inc Mastering

Esthetique - Xenia EP incl. Bermuda, Gvozdini, Yuriy From Russia [SMD070]

The 70th release on Suffused Music welcomes Esthetique to the label. The Russian artist made his production debut on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music in 2009 with a remix of Oleg Zubkov. Esthetique then went on to appear two additional times on Mistique with remixes of Atrium Sun and Mars Needs Lovers, the latter of which was released in April of 2010. Currently acting as an A&R for NEO Music Esthetique now makes his return to the production spotlight with a brand new single for Suffused Music. 'Xenia' is a first in two ways; it's not only Esthetique's first original track but also his first progressive house production as all his previous remixes were of the breakbeat variety.

The Russian producers love for trancey melodies and progressive grooves really comes through on 'Xenia'. A well arranged sequence of vocal snips and rhythmic tones melds wonderfully with a full, driving foundation as the track begins to take shape. The melodic content begins to rise as the track approaches the main break with subtle themes wrapping themselves around the pumping framework. The near one minute interlude showcases the dancing harmonies further with a delicate build and smooth re-entry highlighting the apex. The second half ups the energy further with blissful pads and spiralling harmonics providing an exhilarating conclusion. It caps off what is a great return for Esthetique and one which couldn't be more appropriate on a surging label like Suffused Music. The release is further strengthened with three interpretations from Bermuda, Gvozdini and Yuriy From Russia which all add their own unique complement to the original. Excellent release for Suffused Music and a great return for Esthetique. - Release Promo

Esthetique - Xenia (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Esthetique - Xenia (Bermuda Remix) [Suffused Music]
Esthetique - Xenia (Gvozdini Remix) [Suffused Music]
Esthetique - Xenia (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]


4Mal (GU / Armada / Baroque / Lost Language / FlipCube)
Yuriy's remix for me, thank you! Evgeny / 4Mal

Mehmet Akar
yuriy's remix is so smooth. support!

Magnetic Brothers (Deep Blue Eyes, Armada, Balkan:Co • MAG.LAB on DI.FM)
Gvozdini and Yury From Russia are the favs here, thanks

Soulfire (Soulfire Downloads, Sound Avenue, Stripped))
Yuriy From Russia hits the spot!

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Yuriy From Russia's remix for me :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite EP incl. John Johnson, Nissim Gavriel, Stereo for Two, The Digital Blonde [SMD069]

The 69th release on Suffused Music sees Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic returning to the label for their fourth appearance. The much loved trio and Mistique Music founders have been on a roll this year with several singles on their newly formed Kunai Records imprint. As 2014 is now winding to a close we see Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic with perhaps their biggest studio creation of the year. The trio's debut single for Suffused Music is entitled 'Frostbite' and it comes with remixes from: John Johnson, Nissim Gavriel, Stereo For Two and The Digital Blonde.

The original mix leads the release off and showcases what so many electronic music fans love about Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's productions. The trio's well carved groove and vibrant rhythms create an electric vibe early on. As the track builds several complementary hooks get dropped in along with a barrage of effects which just add to the peak time nature of the record. The main break shifts the mood to a gaseous soundscape which slowly evolves into a subtle but goose bump inducing beauty. The trio's radiant textures and luminous vocal pads are spine tingling and once the beats drop back you're bound to see a hands in the air moment. Easily one of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's biggest tracks of the year. Also included is an Intro version of 'Frostbite' which contains a two minute ambient prelude that sets up the meat of the track perfectly.

The first interpretation is provided by John Johnson who long time electronic music fans will certainly remember for his epic releases 'Impact' and 'City EP' which both came courtesy of Marc Et Claude's. On the remix front he's delivered some tried and tested classics as well with Bedrock's 'Heaven Scent' and Dove Beat's 'La Paloma' being at the top of the list. For his cleverly coined 'Space Ninety 8' 'Frostbite' interpretation John has stripped the track right down and crafted a drummy, peaktime epic which is surely set for dance floor carnage. Backed by a romping and incredibly infectious swarm of bees style bass line the energy here is nothing short of enormous. Add to that a wonderfully unique twist on the 'Frostbite' themes and you've got one of John's biggest and most menacing productions of the year.

The second interpretation of 'Frostbite' is provided by Nissim Gavriel who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Israeli producer has made a huge mark in the progressive underground this year with appearances on 3rd Avenue, Stellar Fountain and System Recordings . Nissim's slow burning hypnotic style has worked wonders on the 'Frostbite' theme. With an underbelly of driving rhythms and emotional chord changes it's sure to be not only a great club record but also one that stimulates your heart as well.

The third interpretation of 'Frostbite' is provided by Stereo For Two who are making their second appearance on Suffused Music. Tim Verhees and Joris Bylemans make up the Stereo For Two production team and currently reside in Antwerp, Belgium. The duo have built an incredible discography over the course of their two and a half year partnership. Releases on Baroque Records, System Recordings and Spring Tube Limited have all been quite strong and their interpretation of 'Frostbite' goes down as one of the strongest on the release. Backed by a well carved groove and deep undertones it's a mix that emanates a real presence. Unique vocal loops and a killer sax hook lead to the main break which further explores the gorgeous piano lines that ultimately set up a rousing second half conclusion. Definitely the deepest interpretation on the release, it proves to be a great complement to other more peak time inspired versions.

The fourth and final interpretation is provided by The Digital Blonde who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde resides in the UK and is one of the primary artists on John OO Fleming's JOOF Recordings. Considered by many to be one of the most pure trance producers around The Digital Blonde has maintained integrity in a genre that many producers have abandoned for other musical fads. For his 'Frostbite' interpretation The Digital Blonde has closed the release out on a very strong note. The UK producers charged rhythms, psychedelic lines and rumbling grooves are filed with boundless energy and his unique reinvention of the Frostbite theme is the icing on the cake. Smashing remix from The Digital Blonde and a huge release from Suffused Music with an abundance of versions to choose from. - Release Promo

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (Intro Mix) [Suffused Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (John Johnson Space Ninety 8 Mix) [Suffused Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (Nissim Gavriel Remix) [Suffused Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (Stereo for Two Remix) [Suffused Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (The Digital Blonde Remix) [Suffused Music]

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock)
Nissim is great but Stereo for Two remix is something else! crazy stuff!

Derek Howell (Hope, GU, Bedrock, Master Lux)
Stereo for Two Remix is very cool. Will try for the radio show, thanks!

4Mal (GU / Armada / Baroque / Lost Language / FlipCube)
Stereo for Two remix for me, thank you! Evgeny / 4Mal

My pick is defo Stereo For Two remix. thenks!

Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug)
Nissim for me, thanks!

Rich Curtis (Sudbeat, Proton, Replug)
Nissim's remix is great :)

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto )
Good work on the original and enjoying the Nissim and Stereo For Two mixes : )

David Granha (Microcastle, Aegyptia, Sudbeat)
Great ep

Santiago Garcia (Renaissance, microCastle, Baires Records)
nice!full support!

Jelly For The Babies (Particles / Balkan Connection)
Stereo For Two and Nissim Remix are really cool

Antrim (Hope, Perspectives, Sound Avenue, System))
john's remix is great, thx

Wes Straub (Area709, JOOF, Morrison)
Great variety of tracks here. Love the intro mix, and even though it's not my style, really digging the Digital Blonde remix.

Cid Inc Mastering

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Robert R. Hardy - Dreams PART2 incl. Taisuke Chiba, Andromedha, Simos Tagias [SMD068]

Robert R. Hardy made his debut on Suffused Music in June of 2014 where the Hungarian producer showcased his three track EP entitled 'Dreams'. It proved to be a standout offering from Suffused Music's massive catalog and the originality of the productions carried the EP quite famously. It's been all positive for Robert since 'Dreams' hit the streets with none other than Guy J even sending his support in on an occasion. Fast forward five months and we see the Lithuanian imprint showcasing 3 brand new remixes for the 'Dreams' EP. The strength of Robert's atmospheric elements offer a wealth of remix possibilities. Whether it be Taisuke Chiba's tough yet bubbly interpretation of 'Dreams' or Andromedha's blissfully epic take on 'Thirty' this is a varied remix EP with something for even the most discerning progressive house fan. What may be the standout production on the release though is Simos Tagias' rework of 'Tuned In The Spring'. Backed by a chugging groove, unique electronic hooks and a strong brooding theme it not only closes the release out on a strong note but gives us another snap shot of this future star. - Release Promo

Robert R. Hardy - Dreams (Taisuke Chiba Remix) [Suffused Music]
Robert R. Hardy - Thirty (Andromedha Remix) [Suffused Music]
Robert R. Hardy - Tuned in the Spring (Simos Tagias Remix) [Suffused Music]

Derek Howell (Hope, GU, Bedrock, Master Lux)
Andromedha remix is great. Will try for the radio show, thanks!

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock)
Simos Tagias remix for me. Get lost in it!

Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug)
very good stuff. all mixes works for me, thanks!

Good stuff!

Simos remix is good,thank you!

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto )
Taisuke Chiba remix takes you on a nice hypnotic ride!

John Johnson (Bedrock, Avex, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole, Touche)
Great release. Like all the mixes. Support!

David Granha (Microcastle, Aegyptia, Sudbeat)
Simos one more time!!!

Andrea Cassino (Sudbeat, Proton, Lowbit, Particles, Balkan Connection SA)
Simon Tagias for me..thanks!

Progress Inn (Vapour Recordings, Lowbit, Sound Avenue)
Taisuke Chiba remix of Dreams is cool

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Taisuke Chiba & Simos Tagias remixes are amazeballs.

Exoplanet (Proton, Particles, Alter Image, Silk)
Taisuke Chiba remix for me

dPen (The last of us, Diez Mil, Hope)
Taisuke remix is aCE

Cid Inc Mastering

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sapiens - Five Point Fiction EP incl. Advent's Rising, Deng & Slavak, Inkfish, Monojoke, Vlada D'Shake [SMD067]

A catalogue of successful releases behind them from an ever-impressive roster of talent, Suffused Music sees Israeli artist, Sapiens, take up the production reins on their 67th release. Stepping sure-footedly into the limelight in 2012, the Tel Aviv resident has hit such well-regarded labels as Stellar Fountain, Baroque and Visceral in recent times before making his debut for the Suffused Music imprint with the chunky rhythms and retro bass line of "Five Point Fiction". Replete with Georgio Moroder styled synth lines and echoes of heyday Orbital, Sapiens' original mix is a cheerful journey to please the senses.

Suffused Music regular, Advent's Rising, features first on a four-pronged remix approach. Over a quarter-of-a-century of production credits with the Lithuanian based imprint tells its own story of Panos T's popularity, as does further work for the renowned OLD SQL and Baroque Records. Taking audio cues from the original a bass line that extends the Italo-dance influence, it thus performs the driving backbone for a strong house rhythm to play in tandem while twinkling motifs shine atop to clever effect.

Russian pair, Deng & Slavak are next to ply their production talent on Sapiens work. From their home in the industrial city of Volgograd, the duo has hit the heights with Mistique, Massive Harmony and Morninglory with a music style focusing on "intricate progressive groove". Reworking "Five Point Fiction", Deng & Slavak provide a thumping, metronomic kick that anchors an intelligent percussive riff. Simultaneously, pads swathed in delay and atmosphere creates an ethereal atmosphere, capped by the languid vocal sample found in Sapiens' original.

Swedish outfit, Inkfish, need little introduction to the modern music scene. Over 500 production credits can be found against their legendary name with almost 300 on their own eponymously named label. Anjunadeep, Armada and Parquet are among a long list of high-profile imprints to feature the quartet's work but it is with the solo efforts of Mattias Lindblom that remix duties lie for the Inkfish interpretation of Sapiens. An impressive hallmark groove immediately finds its way onto "Five Point Fiction" while smooth melodies and loquacious vocal sample add rich layers of texture and interest to create an intelligent remix of high quality.

Polish legend, Monojoke, is the third artist to feature, with his "boundary pushing" music. A debut release on FeralCode in 2007 laid the foundations for a production career that has featured heavily on the successful Spring Tube and Particles imprints, providing Monojoke with a music career that has flourished. An artist much sought after for a distinctive style, his remix is a superlative combination of luscious soundscapes and rolling percussive groove combined with a smooth, deep bass line that brings a sure touch of class to Sapiens' original work.

Final contribution comes from Serbian star, Vlada D'Shake. Immersed in music from an early age, having finished music school, Vladimir took to expressing his passions through the medium of electronic music. A debut in 2011 provided an open door through which the Serbian burst forth with work then signed to Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree and LuPS records. Working his production magic on Sapiens, the Vlada D'Shake remix is a contemplative offering that builds effortlessly with twinkling keys and haunting leads matched exquisitely with a deep, metronomic beat and ticking percussion section. Using Sapiens' vocal samples in astute manner, the result is an impressive affair. - James Warren

Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Advent's Rising Remix) [Suffused Music]
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Deng & Slavak Remix) [Suffused Music]
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Inkfish Remix) [Suffused Music]
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Monojoke Remix) [Suffused Music]
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Vlada D'Shake Remix) [Suffused Music]

Derek Howell (Hope, GU, Bedrock, Master Lux)
Inkfish mix for me. Great EP! Will try for the radio show, thanks!

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Bedrock)
Vlada D'Shake and Monojoke turn in some tasy versions here! VERY cool

Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug)
Vlada's for me. Thanks!

Kieran J (Baires, Asymmetric, Sound Avenue, Change Audio, Stripped, L3D.)
A fav release from suffused music, each track is high quality, loving the groove in deng & slavak's mix !!

CJ Art (Frisky,Joof,Bonzai,Sudam,Mistique,Contrast,Armada,Deepsessions,M)
Deng & Slavak and Vlada remixes are my favs here, thanks

Santiago Garcia (Renaissance, microCastle, Baires Records)

Andrez / Third Personality (InSound | Armada / BCSA / Inlab / Mistique | Radio Nova)
Advents, Monojoke and Vlada remixes are my pick ups here, very good, excellent works!

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Vlada D'Shake's remix here is top notch! Will try "Deng & Slavak"'s mix here too. Thanks!

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Very Good EP, Nices Remixes, Original Mix is awesome, Thanks

Cid Inc Mastering

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dr. Avalance - Luna EP incl. Constan, Monojoke, One Million Toys [SMD066]

The 66th release on Suffused Music welcomes Dr. Avalance back to the label for his 11th appearance. The Dutch producer has been an integral part of the Lithuanian imprint since its inception. He's delivered two originals and six remixes over the last 12 months and his latest single entitled 'Luna' looks to be his best offering yet. Dr. Avalance's quirky take on progressive house has always been quite unique and he's displayed that here once again. Funky bass stabs and squirrely melodies immediately stand out and grab your attention. Soft atmospheric drifts and well processed electronics add further depth and carry the track to the main break. Here the sultry bass tones are allowed to breathe and really shine against a tension filled backdrop. The second half continues to build great emotion with a gorgeous array of draped melodies and techno inspired rhythms. It's sure to be a standout piece in Dr. Avalance's discography and an exceptional selection of remixes from Constan, Monojoke and One Million Toys all deliver as well. Top notch release from Suffused Music once again. - Release Promo

Dr. Avalance - Luna (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance - Luna (Constan Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance - Luna (Monojoke Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance - Luna (One Million Toys Remix) [Suffused Music]

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto )
Woohoo great to hear another Constan remix! Also very nice work by Monojoke.

Magnetic Brothers (Deep Blue Eyes, Armada, Balkan:Co • MAG.LAB on DI.FM)
lovely Ep overall, Monojoke is the pick here, thanks

John Johnson (Bedrock, Avex, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole, Touche)
Monojoke's remix stands out from the pack. Thx!

East Cafe (Perfecto, Dopamine, Per-Vurt, BCSA, Silk, Spring Tube, Morphosis)
Supporting Constan's remix. Great tune! Thanks.

Hugo Ibarra (Movement/Perspectives/Lowbit)
Constan remix is nce!

Stas Drive (Hope, MicroCastle, Flow, Lost & Found, Sudbeat)
Monojoke and Constan! Thanks and best of luck!

Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
Monojoke remix for me, nice work!

Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat)
diggin the monojoke remix

Cid Inc Mastering

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rick Pier O'Neil - Shimmer of Light EP [SMD065]

Lithuanian progressive house label "Suffused Music" has been on the rise in recent years, seeing an increase in the frequency of releases for their rostered-artists as well as giving new and upcoming artists a shot at having their music heard by the masses. Yet for this release Suffused Music have called on the skills of a relatively "old-hand" to provide a significant boost to the label's credibility and notability and the results of the 5 track release are well worth their efforts.

Rick Pier O'Neil (aka RPO) has been consistently pumping out a variety of house and tribal tinged underground music for over a decade on various labels including his own, "RPO Records". The frenchman has had a somewhat quiet 2013/2014 so it was a welcome surprise to hear what he'd cooked up for Suffused Music as I personally have been a fan of Rick's music for many years, liking especially his signature dark-moodiness leanings and his mastery of the mid-track buildup and tension release. The "Shimmer of Lights" EP consists of 5 tracks:

"Feel the Beat" - Part 1 commences with a rumbling tribal beat which definitely means business, even moreso when a growling spoken-word vocal stamps its mark early-on and the track picks up the pace. Large sub-bass accents peek through the rolling percussion creating a real heads-down vibe that will definitely fire up any darkened dancefloor, even the relatively short break-down chooses not to interrupt the groove.

"Feel the Beat" - Part 2 strips back the tribal attitude and replaces it with a storming techno beat, equally as appropriate for the darkened dance-floor as Part 1 but with a few melodic segments to intermittently lighten the mood and tease the listener with a somewhat uplifting experience. It's a fantastically epic ride which creates a big-room mood and would do very well in a festival environment.

"Kan Balam" shows a rather straight tech-house groove and Rick's signature melodic stabs and pads, heading into progressive territory but with a solid purpose and drive. As the track unfolds it alternates between the steady chugging groove and uplifting trance-like synth elements creating a delicate and well-crafted balance reminiscent of producers such as Cid Inc. It all results in a clever track which would suit the tension-building part of any contemporary progressive-house DJ's set.

"Onix Beat" - Part 1 returns to techno-percussion and a charging bassline creating another track that would be prime for a darkened dancefloor, breaking down here and there into effected vocal-loop mayhem and returning to the groove with crowd-pleasing rises and drops. Big-room crowds will be prime victims of this beast of a track.

"Onix Beat" - Part 2 extends the big-room vibe from Part 1 but adds a hint of tribal swing and layers on thick swathes of melodic beauty, elevating the track in much the same manner as Rick showed us for "Feel the Beat" earlier in the EP. Techno-lovers, such as myself, will really dig this track especially when the groove is stripped away and we're left with the lush pads and strings during the breakdown. My favourite track of the EP.

A very strong overall release from RPO and Suffused Music, a welcome addition to their strong 2014 catalog

Rick Pier O'Neil - Feel the Beat (Part 1) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Feel the Beat (Part 2) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Part 1) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Part 2) [Suffused Music]

Text by Rich Curtis
Mastered by Cid Inc
Artwork by Michael Gaida