Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oovation - Nimbus EP incl. Futur-e, Integral Bread, One Million Toys [SMD099]

Fully immersed in both French and German culture, Peter Bonaventura, has discovered a rich seam of music success under his Oovation production name. Making his debut on Suffused Music, “Nimbus” follows up a stream of impressive releases on such imprints as Univack, Inlab and Clubstream Green. With a penchant for “melodic soundscapes” and four-to-the-floor club fillers, the Oovation sound has already seen support from such quarters as Tocadisco, Hernan Cattaneo and John 00 Fleming.

A work of rich percussive textures and subtle shifts in emphasis via pitched vocal cuts reminiscent of “Little Fluffy Clouds”, a smooth filtered arpeggio provides a tension filled bed for a huge, rasping bass line to fill the lower frequency spectrum with emotion and atmosphere. The result is a deep and rich offering sure to enthral club goers.

From Elefsina, north west of Athens, Stavros Karavasilis has been writing music under his Futur-E alter ego since a debut for Substudio in 2010. Through his music Futur-E has developed a sound that is as compelling as the magnetic fields that surround his hometown. A man with a long held passion for music, performances at local clubs laid the foundation for later production success on Inlab, ADRO and Plusquam. Taking “Nimbus” on a textured voyage of discovery through intricate spot effects, pounding beat and techno infused sounds, a vibrating bass line provides the basis for a hypnotic riff to shape, delicately supplemented by arpeggio sequence and clever use of Oovation’s vocal cuts. The resultant effect is an impressive rework.

A man with a long history of success in the music industry through collaborative work, Nacho Vargas has found similar success in the solo sphere using his Integral Bread name. A range of styles and influences formed his musical foundations, ranging “from techno, to trance and progressive”. Following invitations to appear on Spanish National Radio and live appearances including the mighty “Klubbers Madrid”, Integral Bread honed his production sound and founded the Univack imprint. Working with such labels as Lowbit and FutureForm, the Integral Bread remix of “Nimbus” is a chunky, rhythmic affair that offers a dark collage of textured effects, stuttered vocal cuts and hypnotic beat. Wrapping itself perfectly round warm bass that evolves, simple melodic elements combine to maximum effect.

Delivering his unique brand of “progressive techno” sounds from the hotbed of talent that is modern Israel; Sagy Amir has been a well-respected name with his One Million Toys pseudonym. A regular on Freegrant Music with his brand of pulsating melodic gems, a childhood spent learning the French horn and guitar has stood him in good stead for a career using modern electronic production techniques. A body of work for Mistique Music, Tulipa and a recent remix of Ben Coda’s Nanoplex project for Movement have seen One Million Toys hit impressive heights. His use of original elements from Oovation’s original, combined with a bevy of additional production material, has made “Nimbus” glitter with a shimmering dark energy that evolves to a rousing crescendo – certain to fill clubs across his home country and beyond.

An original from Oovation and a trio of stratospheric remixes sees “Nimbus” flying sky high.

Text by James Warren
Picture by nosha
Mastered by Cid Inc.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Joy Marquez, Chriss Lerman, Abdel Karim - The Teacher EP [SMD098]

The 98th release on Suffused Music welcomes Joy Marquez, Chriss Lerman and Abdel Karim for their debut EP. The Mexican trio have been frequent studio partners in recent months with originals and remixes recorded for Joy's 76 Records imprint. The trio's tech house inspired productions have been making waves on underground dance floors since last December and their debut for Suffused Music looks to be their strongest work to date.

The EP gets underway with 'Can You Hear Me' which finds the trio crafting a unique techno construction. Beginning with tough minded beats the track goes on a journey of quirky designs and unconventional patterns. Processed vocals make for a cool sequence of hooks while a vibrant complement of drums keeps the groove quite lively. As the piece strips down the vocal storyboard continues with warped mods taking you further into a tripped out vortex, which ultimately sets up a killer third act and rousing conclusion.

The second selection 'Piece Of Mind' picks the tempo up nicely with a shuffling groove and more psychedelic designs. The trios vocal processing is in the spotlight once again along with warped lines and quirky stabs leading the charge. Grinding synths and ravenous sonic designs further obliterate the senses through a disturbing middle section while breakbeat patterns and drum fills deliver a massive finale.

The EP concludes with what might be its grooviest selection in 'Teacher'. Vocal thematics and a tough, chunky groove provide boundless energy while another impressive array of effects keeps your attention locked. A drum heavy middle section adds tension and a thrilling rush of electronics provides a wicked conclusion to the EP. Three strong tracks from Joy Marquez, Chriss Lerman and Abdel Karim which make for a superb debut on Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by alexisnyal
Cid Inc Mastering

Friday, June 12, 2015

Alejandro Manso - Memories of Space (Remixes EP) incl. Ryan Luciano, Soulfire, Hernan Serrao [SMD097]

The 97th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Alejandro Manso's 'Memories of Space' with a brand new set of remixes. Originally released in March of this year the three track EP showcased the Mexican producer's fresh approach to progressive house and is still regarded as his career best work. Now we see Suffused Music injecting new life in the tracks with brand interpretations from Hernan Serrao, Ryan Luciano and Soulfire.

The first interpretation is provided by Hernan Serrao who puts his own hypnotic twist on 'XVII' which was the EPs final selection. The Buenos Aires based producer is making his debut on Suffused Music and is fresh off his 'To The Finals' single released courtesy of System Recordings in March of this year. Hernan's pulsating grooves are incredibly powerful and a chain of descending bass stabs provides some deadly hooks. A well constructed break provides additional drama before a stripped down portion of the groove cuts through the atmosphere and on to a great conclusion. 

The second interpretation is provided by Ryan Luciano who deconstructs 'Hd33564' into a musical techno gem. The UK producer and Light Digital boss has been on fine form this year with recent remixes for Stripped Digital and Detour Musique being just a few of the highlights. 'Hd33564' was the lead piece on Alejandro's EP and rightfully so as it's tough, hypnotic style was well in line with today's progressive techno movement. Ryan has added his own unique musical twists to the production all while keeping the heads down, hypno vibe which made the original so appealing. Subtle melodic hooks and a layer of sparkling electronics makes for an enchanting ride, and one which is certainly Ryan's most unique creation to date. 

The third and final interpretation is provided by Soulfire who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The UK born Australia based producer heads up the excellent Soulfire Downloads imprint and here reworks 'Omen' into a groovy tech house bomb. Backed by a shuffly foundation, spacious drums and a smooth rhythmic complement the late night sensibility is high on this one. A glimmering pad adds a timeless emotive quality and a band of fresh effects adequately assaults the senses. A top notch interpretation from Soulfire that's sure to please a variety of cross genre DJs out there. It rounds out an excellent remix EP from Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

Alejandro Manso - Hd33564 (Ryan Luciano Remix) [Suffused Music]
Alejandro Manso - Omen (Soulfire Remix) [Suffused Music]
Alejandro Manso - XVII (Hernan Serrao Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by Fusion of Horizons
Cid Inc Mastering

Overloque - Trip EP [SMD096]

The 96th release on Suffused Music welcomes Overloque to the label for a brand new EP. The Russian artist began his production career in 2010 with a string of releases which saw an experimentation in styles. The dark depths of melodic techno were explored with releases on System Recordings and WeRecommendRecords being just some of the highlights. It left electronic music fans wanting to hear more but unfortunately 2012 was the last time we heard from the Russian producer. Suffused Music is now pleased to present the first Overloque material in almost three years. The Russian producer has been exploring his sonic palette and the result is the three track 'Trip' EP.

The release begins with the appropriately titled' 'Nightmare'. A brisk, pulsating foundation generates sizable momentum early and some unpredictable modulation brings a wonderfully warped sensibility. A short break develops a melancholic key change before the wobbly groove and effervescent electronics take centre stage once again. A tripped out second act of bubbly synths, well timed drops and fluid chord changes ups the energy a notch or two before a rousing finish of more introspective, granular designs assaults your senses. The second selection 'Shipwreck' features at similar design profile but with a much funkier and spacious foundation. Buzzing effects and tone bending hooks meld wonderfully with fanning percs and twisted lines. The end result is a sonic journey into melancholia which you won't soon forget. The EP's final selection and also its title cut 'Trip' closes the release out with a strong techno sensibility once again. Deliberate rhythms, burly melodic stabs and a wave of clattering percussion lead a mind bending first half. A stripped down second act builds dramatic tension perfectly, before a melodious conclusion of haunting pads and celestial motifs, finishes the EP off right. Three strong tracks from Overloque which are sure to have the underground talking about his long overdue return to the spotlight.

Overloque - Nightmare (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Overloque - Shipwreck (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Overloque - Trip (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by Adam T4
Cid Inc Mastering

Friday, May 29, 2015

Audio Noir - Tannhauser Gate EP incl. Agrande, Sven Hauck [SMD095]

The 95th release on Suffused Music welcomes Audio Noir back to the label for a brand new single. The Australian producer made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint in December of 2014 with a remix of Arthur Minnahmetov's 'Why'. 2015 has seen Audio Noir with his most critically acclaimed productions to date. Original work for Bonzai Progressive and Perfecto Black have been standouts and a bevy of exciting projects in the pipeline look to be even better as the remainder of the year unfolds. Following three remixes for Suffused Music Audio Noir now presents his much anticipated debut single for the label entitled 'Tannhauser Gate'.

The unique fusion of styles which Audio Noir has shown throughout his career has set him apart and it's prevalent once again on 'Tannhauser Gate'. Following a two and a half minute intro highlighted with bouncing electronics and Blade Runner samples the beats finally drop in for a huge moment. Powered by a galloping groove there is a boundless energy early on while a soft atmospheric overlay provides a dreamy touch. This celestial motif gets further explored during the main break and the addition of some aquatic accents adds to its lively spring. One more vocal stab signals the return of the rumbling groove and a rousing conclusion follows suit. Audio Noir has also included a 'ZEN' mix which showcases all the distinctive vocal and sonic elements across a 4 minute electronica soundscape. Definitely a useful tool for the more adventurous DJ s out there.

The first interpretation of 'Tannhauser Gate' is provided by Agrande who is making his fourth appearance on Suffused Music. The German producer has delivered a remix and an original since his debut on the label in November of 2013. He has been quiet this year with just two remixes and an EP so a brand new remix here is a welcome one for his fans. The German's tough yet floor friendly sound seems tailor made for the 'Tannhauser Gate' themes and the results are quite excellent. Rooted by a chunky groove and heavy drums it immediately carries a big presence. As momentum grows sheets of white noise and reconstructed vocals complement the framework before a light pad enters and invokes a conclusion of shimmering beauty.

The second and final interpretation of 'Tannhauser Gate' is provided by Sven Hauck who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Dutch producer broke into the scene with releases on Baroque Records and Groovecollection Records in 2007. The next six years saw a number of distinguished appearances with originals for Crossfade Sounds and Stripped Digital being the most notable. It's been nearly two years since we've heard something new from Sven's studio so his appearance here is a welcome surprise to long time progressive house fans. Always a consummate remixer Sven has transformed the track into a lo-fi, hypnotic wonder with a variety of cool twists along the way. It's slow burning build immediately sucks you in as a bevy of granular sweeps and vocal gates dazzle the senses. An ominous second act proves monumental with a band of atmospheric tension perfectly setting up a rumbling finale. Excellent remix from Sven which rounds out another great release on Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Audio Noir - Tannhauser Gate (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Tannhauser Gate (Agrande Remix) [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Tannhauser Gate (Sven Hauck Remix) [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Tannhauser Gate (ZEN Mix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by Cortto
Cid Inc Mastering

Thursday, May 21, 2015

AudioStorm - Differences EP incl. Faskil, Ewan Rill, D-Eye [SMD094]

AudioStorm's 'Differences' EP is the latest part of the single series comes from Suffused Music's Initializing Vol. 2 compilation. AudioStorm needs no description, as Osha is one amongst todays busiest producers in the deep/progressive scene. The original mix of 'Differences' takes a deep dive to a melancholic atmosphere, shaked up with some cool soundprints, melting the track's recondite and floating vein together. The remixes adding three different angles on the original theme, made by Faskil, Ewan Rill and D-Eye.
Faskil's kept the epic momentum of the track, with a tasteful string and synth collision.
Ewan Rill's crispy, groovy reload adds a techy edge to the overall gentle vibe.
D-Eye focused on the fragile harmony between groovy, epic feel and a tender frame of melody related elements.

AudioStorm - Differences (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
AudioStorm - Differences (Faskil Mix) [Suffused Music]
AudioStorm - Differences (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music]
AudioStorm - Differences (D-Eye Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Greyloop
Picture by EladeManu
Master by Cid Inc.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bruno Caro - Entre 2 Mundos EP [SMD093]

The 93rd release on Suffused Music welcomes Bruno Caro to the label with a brand new three track EP. The Buenos Aires based artist made his production debut just three months ago on the UK's Stripped Digital. It was an impressive first offering to say the least and one which earned radio play from world class DJ Hernan Cattaneo. The electronic music underground was quickly entranced by Bruno's deep and melodic take on progressive house. Now just a few short months later we see the Argentinean embarking on the biggest release of his career. Suffused Music has always been an outlet for some of the freshest sounds and most hotly tipped new talent so it's no surprise to see Bruno making his label debut with a brand new three track EP entitled 'Entre 2 Mundos'.

The EP gets underway with 'Ansias' which finds Bruno showcasing a groovy side of his production repertoire. The Argentinean's funky, well carved foundation and twinkly bell accents are immediately captivating and the subtle atmospheric shifts keeps your senses guessing. Smooth chord changes add just the right emotional content as the shuffling percussion brings the track into the main break. The brief but hypnotic interlude sets up the return of the beats perfectly and a third act with additional sonic accents closes the track out right. The EP's second selection 'Arpegio en Cinco' presents a deeper, housier construction which proves to be a great complement to the more direct 'Ansias'. The Argentinean's catchy bass hooks and summery motifs are a breath of fresh air. It's light and airy approach gives it immense cross genre appeal and the third act ups the musicality a notch further for a great finish. The EP concludes with the title cut 'Entre 2 Mundos' which once again showcases Bruno's unique musicality. Tough beats and a romping groove get the energy high early before a complement of fluttery hooks dance playfully over the groove. The main break is highlighted with soft, ethereal sonics and a light-hearted emotion which sets up the return of the dynamic beats and makes for a another rousing finish. Three outstanding tracks from Bruno Caro who you will certainly be hearing much more from in the not too distant future.

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by GollyGforce
Mastered by Cid Inc