Monday, July 17, 2017

Claque Choc - L'Effet Mer EP [SMD184]

The 184th release on Suffused Music welcomes Claque Choc back to the label for their debut EP. Also known as Angelo D’Antonio and Paride Manzi the Italian born Switzerland based duo is making their second appearance on the label. A contribution to the 'Initializing, Vol. 9' collection proved to be an amazing debut and now amidst much anticipation Claque Choc returns to Suffused Music for their debut EP.

Spread out over three tracks the Italian duo explores varied house blueprints beginning with 'Mon Bercceau'. A funky groove sets the piece in motion as hypnotic motifs and grating electronics add a fluid swing. Timely effects bring an air of mystery before a tight roll initiates the main break. Set against an indistinct but utterly haunting choir it evokes a serene state before a calculated build unleashes some gnarly hooks for a stellar finale.

The EP's second selection 'Noir Zombie' dazzles with its melodious groove and quirky hooks. A fluid storyboard with clever transitions and a smooth rhythmic core makes for a stellar first act. The main break pushes the intensity a notch higher though, clocking in at just over a minute, with a classy build revealing a timeless pay off that is guaranteed to light up your dance floor. 

The release concludes with the melancholic 'La Nuit Infinie'. An emotive piece with distinctive design and reflective tones. Smooth chord changes and raspy electronics play off each other in unique contrast, making for a smooth yet exhilarating seven minute journey. A fitting end to a stunning collection of music from Claque Choc and another great addition to the Suffused Music discography. Don't miss it. 

Claque Choc - Mon Berceau [Suffused Music]
Claque Choc - Noir Zombie [Suffused Music]
Claque Choc - La Nuit Infinie [Suffused Music]

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Chris Sterio & Matt Black - Jupiter Rising EP incl. Downgrooves, Evotone [SMD183]

Fully immersed in the UK’s underground music scene for well over a decade, Chris Sterio & Matt Black have both celebrated impressive solo careers. As the duo join forces for the first time as a collaborative pairing, Suffused Music is delighted to oversee the release of “Jupiter Rising” with remixes from the USA.

Founder of the iconic Source of Gravity imprint and latterly, Soundscapes Digital, Isle of Man based producer, Chris Sterio, has been at the vanguard of the underground scene for almost two decades. A well-travelled and seasoned DJ, performances across North & South America and continental Europe, have secured Sterio’s reputation, cemented further by his work for Mistique Music, Polytechnic Recordings and Bonzai Progressive. Similarly, UK DJ and producer, Matt Black, has been a regular in the clubs across his homeland since the mid-1990s with performances in London and Bristol, in addition to gigs in Europe and South America. Co-founder of the Segment Records imprint, Black’s production work for Keep Thinking, Hot Cue Music and Pro B Tech Music have kept him at the UK dance scene’s frontline.

Collaborating for the first time, “Jupiter Rising” is an extraordinary combination of collective talent that centres around a huge beat and head-shaking, stereo-panned, percussive section. A vocoded vocal sample then plays a central role, referencing the track title. Building with menacing bass line, a glittering arpeggio lead plays a central role in the formation of a hypnotic melodic groove, as an epic floor-filling track is sure to delight global club-goers.

Man of many talents and multiple production personas, Eric Rydberg, is no stranger to success with his Downgrooves production moniker. With an incipient commercial production career that began in October 2012 with a trio of remixes for Musicon, Downgrooves has gone on to feature significantly on Matt Black’s Soundscapes Digital with a score of releases, most notably with April 2017’s five-track EP, “The Deeper Shades”. Furthermore, OLD SQL, Elliptical Sun Recording and Mistique Music have all played their part in furthering the Downgrooves production career, with the latter accounting for 2013’s successful, “Control Voltage” EP.

Now debuting on Suffused Music, the Downgrooves remix is redolent in huge 909-kick and delicate percussive cadence. Using Sterio and Black’s vocoded vocal component to full effect, a host of additional production material takes “Jupiter Rising” in a new melodic direction while intelligently resonating the themes central to the original. Innovative chord progressions and rhythmic stabs create a new dance-floor groove that is full of passion and verve.

Working his magic further, Eric Rydberg’s Evotone moniker makes its release debut. A stripped back rhythmic section provides deep house credentials as muted chord stabs and multi-faceted pads add to the aural melange.  Intelligently entwining components from Sterio & Black’s original, a gloriously dark and brooding atmosphere gives “Jupiter Rising” a sonic makeover in mature and discerning fashion.

As the fifth planet ascends into a new orbit, Chris Sterio & Matt Black see “Juipter Rising” into a new dawn with remixes from Downgrooves and Evotone.

Sterio & Black - Jupiter Rising [Suffused Music]
Sterio & Black - Jupiter Rising (Downgrooves Mix) [Suffused Music]
Sterio & Black - Jupiter Rising (Evotone Mix) [Suffused Music]

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Blue Cell - Portworker EP [SMD182]

As Suffused Music continues to break new ground with a plethora of new releases and exciting new artists to their roster, German producers, Blue Cell, are now featured on the label’s 182nd release, as “Portworker” comes ashore.

From the medieval cathedral city of Cologne in Western Germany, Joachim Broeckers & Nicolas Albrecht have found themselves at the centre of the city’s cultural hub. Through their Blue Cell production soubriquet, the duo have taken their long-term friendship and passion for cinema, forming the Pearl Diver Records service that has seen them forge a creative hub that includes audio branding and photographic services, as well as a fully equipped recording studio full of analogue equipment.

As celebrated producers, over a century of production credits can be found next to the Blue Cell name. Over thirty of these can be found allied to their own Pearldiver Records, while the pair can also be found as regular contributors to the likes of Aethereal, OLD SQL and Stellar Fountain. Indeed, the latter has seen such impressive EPs as November 2016’s “Omegain”, and 2017’s “Leviathana” and “Davy Jones Locker”.

Making their debut for Suffused Music via July 2016’s successful “Initializing, vol. 10” compilation series, Blue Cell now return to the label with the typically enigmatic and impressive “Portworker”. The title track itself is a mature sounding piece that revolves around a strong bass line groove that sits rock solid against strong beat and off-beat percussive hats. Building in delicate fashion, a sumptuous array of pads present an emotive chord progression that feeds-in a modulated analogue lead line that plays its part across the eight-minute piece.

“Barracuda Bay” is epitomised by wondrous collage of searing analogue sounds and richly textured pads, allied to dominant kick and intricate percussive groove. Evolving in elegant fashion, an acetylene lead riff vies with shimmering motif to create an artful juxtaposition. A strong bass arpeggio adds further to proceedings in the breakdown and third movement, to strong effect.

The final track bears the hallmarks of its 1982 Depeche Mode namesake as the “Sun & Rainfall” wends its way across a rousing rhythmic backdrop and fizzing percussive cadence. A cavernous bass line makes its presence felt as shimmering arpeggio sits alongside a counterpoint analogue lead. Steam-powered white noise effects build throughout and an intermittent vocal sample provides further intrigue in a dynamic and intriguing work.

Presenting a trio of new tracks for Suffused Music, Blue Cell has firmly docked in safe harbour with their “Portworker”.

Blue Cell - Portworker [Suffused Music]
Blue Cell - Barracuda Bay [Suffused Music]
Blue Cell - Sun & Rainfall [Suffused Music]

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Subconscious Tales - Become Aware EP incl. Paul Hamilton, Jiminy Hop, Ewan Rill [SMD181]

Originally part of October 2014’s “Till It Begins” EP, Subconscious Tales lit up autumn gloom with a quartet of original tracks including the driving and shimmering melodic gem, “Become Aware”. As Suffused Music now returns to the best-selling track, remixes from Malta and Russia are now packaged with the original in a new four-track offering that celebrates Ivars Tiliks outstanding work.

An artist with a rich musical heritage, Malta based, Paul Hamilton, has enraptured club audiences with his carefully constructed and supremely crafted DJ sets that have seen him perform in Dubai, Malta and the UK. Furthermore, with over 250 production credits to his name, Hamilton continues to find his name allied to some of the finest underground dance imprints. Thus, Baroque, Balkan Connection and Hush Recordz, play host to the Paul Hamilton name with further remixes for mainstream labels including Armin Van Buuren’s ARVA. Creating a laid-back bass groove that forms a rich foundation for his remix, a strong percussive cadence adds dance-floor depth before Subconscious Tales’ melodic elements are gradually introduced through filtered pads. A stripped back breakdown sees “Become Aware” motifs fully emerge in sumptuous glory before bass and rhythm once again take hold.

From the beautiful and historic city of St. Petersburg on the coast of the Baltic sea, Jiminy Hop is a relative newcomer to the underground dance scene. Making his debut in late 2015, the “Let Me Be Inspired” EP for Smart Phenomena, began a production path that has since seen a century of production credits grace such noteworthy labels as Electronic Tree, Clinique and BC2. Furthermore, a new deep house sound has found its way onto The Purr in August 2017 with “Another Moment”. February 2017’s “Le Mans” EP showcased a trio of original tracks for Suffused Music, as a remix of Ewan Rill in January, is now followed by a second in the shape of a driving, chunky groove that is redolent in bouncing bass line and strong beat. Making full use of the melodic components found within “Become Aware”, the Jiminy Hop rework revels in additional production material, not least in a distorted analogue bass line that makes its filtered presence felt throughout.

Ewan Rill is an artist that requires little introduction to the underground music cognoscenti. Another resident of the European influenced city of St. Petersburg, Rill, the former Siberian native, has been a mainstay of the progressive house scene since a 2011 debut for Balkan Connection and a subsequent surfeit of original production material. Some 1,250 production credits later and Ewan Rill is still very much at the top of his production game. Indeed, over two-hundred credits can be found against Balkan Connection labels as Spring Tube, Stellar Fountain and Clinique, have all played their part. A regular on Suffused Music since a 2013 remix of T-Dallas, a plentiful supply of remix and original production material can be found including an August 2017 remix of Cid Inc.’s “Obsidian”. Applying his unique talents to Subconscious Tales, the Ewan Rill remix takes “Become Aware” on a trademark rhythmic journey that encompasses a typically intricate percussive groove, effects and rock solid bass line. Interpreting the melodic phrasing of the original in stylish and elegant fashion, an array of pads and shimmering stuttered motifs immediately provide reference to Subconscious Tales’ track in a work of ingenuity and craft.

A trio of new remixes reprise Subconscious Tales work as Paul Hamilton, Jiminy Hop and Ewan Rill “Become Aware” of something very special.

Subconscious Tales - Become Aware [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Become Aware (Paul Hamilton Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Become Aware (Jiminy Hop Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Become Aware (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music] 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Cid Inc - Obsidian EP incl. Suffused & Ewan Rill [SMD180]

The latest release on Suffused Music finds the label embarking on its most anticipated project to date. With a four year history of showcasing the best in progressive minded sounds the Lithuanian imprint now unveils a new single from one of the scenes most influential and beloved artists Cid Inc. The Finnish producer has been a pillar of excellence with releases on Guy J's Lost & Found Records, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music and his own Replug imprint, combined with numerous Beatport awards and gigs at the world's most prestigious venues. Now making his much anticipated debut on Suffused Music Cid Inc presents his latest studio creation 'Obsidian' alongside a remix from Suffused & Ewan Rill. 

Forever treading the waters of progressive house and techno, 'Obsidian' once again finds Cid Inc breaking down traditional genres barriers. Rippling waves of bass power the foundation as astral designs and cosmic effects fill in the framework. Acidic rhythms sit at the core, zoning through prismatic modulation as the effects intensify and percussion fires, before eventually breaking down into a bed of sonic desolation. Dramatic, vivid and incredibly detailed the centrepiece unfolds with dance floor dynamics in mind, culminating with a wash of noise as the infectious groove returns for a strong finish.

The lone interpretation of 'Obsidian' is provided by Suffused & Ewan Rill who are making their collaborative debut on the label. Hailing from Lithuania and Russia respectively the duo are fresh off a release on Tash's Movement Recordings and continue their fruitful partnership here with an amazing interpretation of 'Obsidian'. Keeping the foundation intact the infectious energy of the original is well maintained and with a greater emphasis on effects it's a tantalizing seven minute journey to say the least. As rhythmic hooks begin to fire the breakdown ensues, with flashes of noise, building drums and sonic sweeps leading the way to a cosmic drop, ultimately spearheading an electrically charged finale. 

A monumental release from one the most innovative artists in progressive house and a foreshadowing of more groundbreaking projects to come on Suffused Music.

Cid Inc. - Obsidian (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Cid Inc. - Obsidian (Suffused & Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tim Robert - We're Good Together EP incl. Alex Vidal, Pacco & Rudy B [SMD179]

The 179th release on Suffused Music welcomes Tim Robert back to the label for a brand new single. The NYC based artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with his 'Changes Fast' single which was released in July of 2016. Now making his much anticipated return to Suffused Music, Tim presents his latest single entitled 'We're Good Together' alongside remixes from Alex Vidal and Pacco & Rudy B. 

Long regarded as one of the USA's best progressive house artists Tim's discography is filled with compelling creations. Following an appearance on Lonya's Asymmetric Recordings, Tim's latest 'We're Good Together' looks sets to be his best and most anticipated to date. The energy is infectious from the outset with a warm, rolling groove and stunning synth work immediately catching your ear. Vocal elements get teased in and then fully realized during a timely break. Dramatic and poignant in equal measure, the tracks centrepiece is a kaleidoscope of emotions, peaking with acidic growls before dropping into an energy bridge of cosmic colour. Certainly Tim's most accomplished work to date and one you're likely to be hearing a lot over the summer months. 

The first interpretation of 'We're Good Together' is provided by Alex Vidal who is making his seventh appearance on the label. Last appearing with a stellar interpretation of Subconscious Tales in November of last year the Spanish artist now presents his most intriguing remix project to date. Evidenced by his long history with Bonzai Records, Alex has always treaded the waters between progressive and trance with remarkable ease. For his 'We're Good Together' interpretation the Spanish artist goes a touch deeper but equally driving. Reprocessed vocals add both trippy and emotive moments as the first act unfolds before ultimately coming to full fruition during the main break. Haunting pads and a stylish arp carry the dramatic tension wonderfully before a wave of white noise sends a rush of beats into an euphoric third act.

The second and final interpretation of 'We're Good Together' is provided by Pacco & Rudy B who are making their second appearance on Suffused Music. The Croatian duo have found a home on Proton's Particles imprint and A Must Have where their unique take on progressive house has flourished. A decade long career makes them one of the genre's most storied duo's with their Suffused Music remix debut perhaps long overdue. It has been well worth the wait however as Pacco & Rudy B have crafted something extra special here, taking 'We're Good Together' into smooth, meditative and utterly charming territory. Wispy, chopped up vocals play off the tightly knit framework building a strong rhythmic core, before the first of two breaks brings the full vocal complement. Hypnotic synths further the storyboard with a buzzing tension before the kick drops and the hazy harmonies take you home. A stunning interpretation from Pacco and Rudy and there is also a Dub version included for the less vocally inclined, closing out what is a superb package from Suffused Music once again. Highly Recommended. 

Tim Robert - We're Good Together [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - We're Good Together (Alex Vidal Remix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - We're Good Together (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - We're Good Together (Pacco & Rudy B Dub Mix) [Suffused Music]

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