Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Best of 2015 [SMDVA011]

Some of the most popular tracks over the course of 2015

Julian Rodriguez & White Resonance - Santa Maria (Monojoke Remix)
Advent's Rising - Return (Matter Remix)
John Cosani - Love Song (Erich Von Kollar Remix)
Robert R. Hardy - Tuned in the Spring (Magnetic Brothers Remix)
Kay-D - Eternal Sun (East Cafe Remix)
Andrees & Yakoff - Suspense (Matteo Monero Remix)
AudioStorm - Differences (Faskil Mix)
CJ Art - Levitation (Suffused Remix)
Sapiens - Five Point Fiction (Deng & Slavak Remix)
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Frostbite (Vlada D'Shake Remix)
Oovation - Nimbus (Futur-E Remix)
Matteo Monero - Beyond the Inner Journey (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - Feel the Beat (Subconscious Tales Remix)
Joy Marquez, Chriss Lerman, Abdel Karim - Teacher (Original JAC Mix)
Ewan Rill & Anton Ttx - Reason to Live (Simos Tagias Remix)
Elliott Duquai & No One - Maschine (Alessandro Diga Remix)
Spacebeat - Winter Phase
Silvio Gutierrez - Reason to Forget (Progress Inn Remix)
Duke Maj - Casting Circle (Exoplanet Remix)
Steve Sai - When the Lights Went Out (Yuriy From Russia Remix)

Picture by William Cho
Mastered by Cid Inc

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DP-6 - Eclipse EP incl. Advent's Rising, Desaturate, Third Personality [SMD117]

The 117th release on Suffused Music finds DP-6 making their label debut with a brand new single. Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo hail from Russia and make up the DP-6 production duo. Famed for their releases on Baroque Records, Bonzai Records and Vapour Recordings the Russian duo now make their hugely anticipated first appearance on Suffused Music with 'Eclipse', alongside remixes from Advent's Rising, Desaturate and Third Personality.

Long noted for their genre less production approach, DP-6 is quite adept at producing a variety styles, all of which they excel at. On 'Eclipse' we find the duo crafting a deep and trippy progressive number. Beginning with a DJ friendly intro lead by a heady atmosphere and a wall of rolling sub bass, the track quickly builds a large presence. Alien-like sirens and marching drums gradually pick up the pace before spacey sweeps reveal the cavernous groove. What follows is a storyboard of effects, each one more compelling than next, ultimately carrying the track to spaced out conclusion.

The first interpretation of 'Eclipse' is provided by Advent's Rising who is making his 18th appearance on the label. The Greek producer has long been a core artist on the Lithuanian imprint, dating all the way back to his first appearance in June of 2013. Here he reworks 'Eclipse' into a peak time progressive bomb. Anchored by a driving groove it packs some punch early on before an array of metallic designs and beefed up drums drop for a big moment. A stripped down middle section, dominated with eerie vocal stabs and sinister electronics, proves to be the perfect transition into a massive third act finale where a new tonal theme is sure to raise a goosebump or two.

The second interpretation of 'Eclipse' is provided by Desaturate who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. One half of the famed Progress Inn duo has garnered much hype since adopting his new moniker earlier this year. A string of hits for 238W, Sound Avenue and Sudbeat in recent months have been heard throughout the underground, and he’s delivered another great production here for his 'Eclipse' interpretation. Always one to cleverly coin a remix Desaturate has aptly titled this one 'Lone Star' and he hits the peak time nail dead on the money with it. From its mountainous groove to electric rhythms and a barrage of fresh effects the first act is lively and carries a wicked flow of energy. With the breakdown commencing a more distinct theme develops and the beats quickly return, surrounded by a stripped down framework. It's a transition full of wicked effects, ultimately building to the bass line dropping in, which is sure to light up all the progressive floors out there. Huge remix from Desaturate.

The third and final interpretation of 'Eclipse' is provided by Third Personality who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Bulgarian producer is perhaps best known for his Andrez alias where he has accumulated close to 200 releases since 2007. Third Personality was born in 2012 as an outlet for Andrez to explore more techno inspired productions. Since adopting the alias he's appeared on 238W, BCSA and several other top underground imprints. For his 'Eclipse' interpretation Third Personality has stripped the track down a touch and reworked the groove into a driving menace powered by titanium coated kicks. Razor sharp effects slice through the atmosphere while the tension continues to rise towards the break. Panning vocals add a pronounced effect as the drama continues to grow before those punchy beats return with harrowing effort. Massive remix from Third Personality which should be a delight for all the darker floors out there. It's rounds out the package on a serious note and adds another notch to Suffused Music's excellent discography.

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by Jacob Martin 
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ri Za - Far Beyond My Mind Part2 incl. Daraspa, Rasti Tkac, Stereo for Two [SMD116]

The 116th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Ri Za's 'Far Beyond My Mind' EP with a brand new set of interpretations. Originally released on the Lithuanian imprint in April of this year the three track offering from the Slovakian producer has been a highlight in the labels catalogue. Now we see Suffused Music inviting the talents of Daraspa, Rasti Tkac and Stereo For Two to rework the project. 

The first interpretation is provided by Daraspa who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Dutch artist kick started his career in 2013 with an EP on Sound Avenue. Released in November of 2013 it was a debut with boundless creativity that struck a chord with the underground, and immediately made Daraspa an intriguing name to follow moving forward. The Dutch producer has never been one to over commit to projects and thus each and every production comes with high anticipation. His debut on Suffused Music finds him remixing Ri Za's 'Champions' into a deep, throbbing and moody gem. Anchored by a rugged groove, it's buzzing synths and trippy vocal loops immediately propel the track into a spiralling sonic vortex. As a wealth of effects sweep across the framework sheets of tension are lifted as the breakdown commences. Filled with dramatic electronics it's an engaging second act, with the eventual return of the rugged groove being more than enough to cause electricity on the dance floor.

The second interpretation is provided by Rasti Tkac who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. Long time progressive house fans know the Slovakian producer from his much loved productions with Thomas Haverlik which date back 10 plus years now. The duo crafted many progressive gems including Tyra, Synthia and Noel. Productions from Rasti were scare for years until just recently where he's made a resurgence in the underground having completed remixes for Balkan Connection, Clinique Recordings and Welcome Music. Rasti's Suffused Music debut finds him reworking Ri Za's 'Far Beyond' into a deep, tripped out masterpiece. A pulsating sequence of bass tones and liquid like swells make up a killer foundation, eventually modulating in melodious fashion for some great moments. Shifty rhythms set a great tonal design and eventually open up to initiate the main break. Merely a quick transition, the beats return along with some new found vocal elements to spruce up the surroundings, before the lead elements fade back in to prominence for a great conclusion. 

The third and final interpretation is provided by Stereo For Two who are making their third appearance on Suffused Music. Tim Verhees and Joris Bylemans make up the Stereo For Two production team and currently reside in Antwerp, Belgium. The duo have built an incredible discography over the course of their three and a half year partnership. In addition to quality outings on Suffused Music; Baroque Records and Bonzai Records have also showcased music from the talented artist duo. For their third and most anticipated release on Suffused Music Stereo For Two have reworked Ri Za's 'My Mind' in exceptional fashion. With a deep and dreamy approach, Stereo For Two have re-visited the much loved pixie days of progressive house, all while provided their own modern twists. A kaleidoscopic sequence of keys takes you on a wonderful journey throughout, while the distinctive vocal elements deliver that all important soulful element to solidify the great vibe. Wonderful remix from Stereo For Two and a superb remix EP from Suffused Music, who may have delivered one of their most impressive releases of the year here. 

Ri Za - Champions (Daraspa Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - Far Beyond (Rasti Tkac 'Space and Time' Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - My Mind (Stereo for Two Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by David Metzener
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Some Little Things - Rhinobass EP [SMD115]

From the foothills of the Sierras Chicas in central Argentina, Cordoba residents Leandro Moyano and Matias Medina, have been an impressive mainstay of the South American underground dance scene via their Some Little Things pseudonym. Now bringing their distinctive blend of progressive and “futuristic” sounds to Suffused Music, Some Little Things gallop into the here and now with “Rhinobass”.

A raft of influences that include UK progressive giants, Pink Floyd, and Argentinean rock acts Patricio Rey and Redonditos de Ricota, vie for attention amongst the myriad electronic tastemakers including Sasha, Digweed and legendary fellow countryman Hernan Cattaneo. Moreover, not content with merely citing such heavyweights influences, Some Little Things have found themselves sharing the DJ booth with such celebrated company as SoundExile, Roger Martinez and Guy Mantzur.

A fledgling production career that began midway through 2014 with the debut “Lines” on Sindor Records, has subsequently seen a clutch of impressive releases hit high profile imprints including Dopamine, Clinique and Tim Penner’s Slideways. Furthermore, the appearance of “Carnival” including a remix from Cattaneo and SoundExile on Hope Recordings’ “Never Get Out of the Boat” sampler, set another high benchmark.

Debuting on Suffused Music with “RhinobassSome Little Things provide further illustration of their rise to the upper echelons of underground dance music. “Doris” opens the EP with a huge resonant bass line that bounces across the lower frequency spectrum accompanied by a fizzing, ticking percussive rhythmic line and soaring white noise effects. A rolling tom groove comes to the fore from the mid point onwards as an acid-tinged lead line makes its presence felt in menacing fashion.

The intriguingly titled “Elena de Rumania” follows, supplying a similar flair for rhythmic sensibility. Evolving effortlessly throughout its eight-minute journey, parallels with electronic giants, Leftfield, are not misplaced as a collage of melodic riffs and arpeggios entwine atop a dominant beat to mesmerising effect. An exquisite key change heightens anticipation before a breakdown full of melodic poise leaves the way clear for gentle rhythms to hold sway once more.

Title track “Rhinobass” brings the story to a close with a carefully constructed work that epitomises Some Little Things’ penchant for progressive sounds carefully interlaced with a thoroughly modern house vibe. Metronomic in rhythm and effects, the track elicits an exhilarating edge through its use of sumptuous octave pitched arpeggios and textured pad sounds. The resultant effect is a work that is as likely to appeal over headphones as it is in the clubs of their native Argentina and beyond.

A musical vignette of impressive proportions, Some Little Things are sure to lead a charge with the heavyweight “Rhinobass”.

Some Little Things - Doris [Suffused Music]
Some Little Things - Elena De Rumania [Suffused Music]
Some Little Things - Rhinobass [Suffused Music]

Text by Picture by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

VA 'Initializing' vol. 7 [SMDVA010]

The latest release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing the latest installment in its acclaimed 'Initializing' series. These exclusive track compilations have become a staple of the label catalog, and continue to showcase some of the freshest new talent in the underground. With Suffused Music's ever expanding music policy they have also attracted fans outside of their core progressive following. As the series has grown so has it’s musical boundaries, incorporating various styles of Techno, Tech-House and Deep House.  For the labels latest edition we see them once again travelling across the globe with new music coming from a variety of locales including Albania, Argentina, France, Greece, Hungary,  Russia and the United Kingdom. Now embarking on their seventh volume of 'Initializing', Suffused Music welcomes the talents of (in order of appearance) Vitaly Shturm, Paul Sawyer & Simon Sinfield, Laurent Chanal, Sinior Cliff & Elentzina, Drug4u, Joe Fisher, Sonic Years Later, Med in Mars, Teelco, Rockin’ Beats and Snorkle to take you on another unforgettable musical journey, while perhaps foreshadowing some future projects to come. Don't miss it.

Vitaly Shturm - Chimera [Suffused Music]
Paul Sawyer & Simon Sinfield - I'm Falling [Suffused Music]
Laurent Chanal - Clavicle [Suffused Music]
Sinior Cliff & Elentzina - Quarks [Suffused Music]
Drug4u - I Won't Forget [Suffused Music]
Joe Fisher - Calavera [Suffused Music]
Sonic Years Later - Skotos [Suffused Music]
Med In Mars - Game Over [Suffused Music]
Teelco - Lost in Your Eyes [Suffused Music]
Rockin' Beats - The Return of the Mermaids [Suffused Music]
Snorkle - Blue River [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Vern Southern
Mastered by Cid Inc, Andre Sobota, Simon Sinfield

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Julian Rodriguez & White Resonance - Santa Maria EP incl. Monojoke, GMJ, Jakhira [SMD114]

On Suffused Music's 114th release Julian Rodriguez teamed up with White Resonance to deliver the dreamy 'Santa Maria', which combining the melodic vein of Julian and the groovy, club friendly vibes of Alberto. Both guys had a long list of releases on their own so far, with merging their soundprints leads to a fantastic piece, which can stable itself in the early, building phase of dj sets.

The original production was also handled by Monojoke, GMJ and Jakhira. Monojoke dropped a heavier baseline, with a more energetic approach overall, GMJ went deeper, using beautiful, floating textures, last but not least Jakhira spiced his version with a lovely, emblematic piano melody, which takes over the place.

Text by Greyloop
Picture by Gary J. Wood
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Atsunori Murata - Lapis Lazuli EP [SMD113]

Constantly delivering quality music this time we have talented producer Atsunori Murata bringing us his latest EP. The release has four original tracks, with distinct sound arrangements and great vibes relative to it’s name Lapis Lazuli.

First we have Azurite, kicking off with dreamy synths & pads along the driving bassline in the buildup. Which then transitions into a nice progressive techy melody with an array of effects and sounds in the background. The bouncy cadence with those kicks and beats, overlapping dramatic key notes in the breakdown peaking back into the soaring synth lines, is one of the main element in the whole track. 

Next we have I Feel, pulsating rhythm, quickly establishing a deep funk with stunning warm bass & synths which maintains the irresistible groove. Bleary chords, punchy percussions along the vocal snip as the bassline kicks in followed by the melodic stabs takes the track higher and higher into a melancholic vibe that just keeps you coming back for more.

Following which we have Lapis Lazuli, opening with minimal tribal drumming flowing into a dubby bassline groove, the song is set on a great direction. Hard beats stabs leading you to the breakdown where the listener gets into a trancey mode slowly picking back into the towering synth melody with the light riffs & atmospheric dip. Atsunori has great style with his synth lines, piloting a more composed sound along some clever use of variations in tempo and melody.

Finally we have Twilight. One of my personal favorite from the release. Set on mellow slow atmospheric pads the tracks is built on some edgy filtered bassline. The breakdown sounds very melodious with the surprising sweet key progressions sounding like the bag pipe along the bleeped-out synths. The moment you play it you can feel its great control, along deep bass bump and hard stabs keeping the groove alive throughout the track.

Another quality release for Suffused Music. The 4 tracks on the release are all equally good. Recommended!

Text by Sarah Mathews
Picture by Kevin Walsh
Mastered by Cid Inc.