Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland - Run Away Part2 incl. GBrown, KIDD Corp, Sean McClellan [SMD135]

The 135th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Dynamic Illusion's 'Run Away EP'. Released in November of 2015 the four track offering showcased the Hungarian artists pendant for all things deep and progressive, along with the title selection, a gorgeous vocal cut in collaboration with Kelly Noland. Now as we enter the warm summer months Suffused Music presents new interpretations of 'Run Away' courtesy of Gary J. Brown aka GBrown, Sean McClellan and KIDD Corp. 

The release begins with GBrown returning to Suffused Music for his second appearance following a contribution to the labels Initializing Vol. 9 collection in April. Based in New Orleans, USA Gary has been exploring deeper shades of house and techno for the better part of the last 5 years. Returning to Suffused Music he takes 'Run Away' and reshapes it into a dark progressive minded production aimed squarely at the dance floor. Beginning with tough beats, growling synths and reprocessed vocals it doesn't take long before you're fully engaged in this one. Rugged stabs and razor sharp designs cut through the atmosphere while a trail of vocals add a sense of despair as the main break commences. Sparse and calculated, the tracks centrepiece continues the dark narrative with sonically mulched vocals once again taking centre stage and ultimately setting up an epic finale. A cutting edge interpretation from GBrown and one the progressive underground is sure to enjoy. 

The second interpretation of 'Run Away' is provided by Sean McClellan who is making his eighth appearance on Suffused Music. The US artist's history in electronic music has been well documented with appearances on John Digweed's Bedrock Records and the long standing Baroque imprint being highlights. His timeless approach is a welcome addition to any project and he's turned in an exceptional interpretation of 'Run Away'. Keeping the mysterious tone of the original well intact Sean works rugged synths and vocal snips throughout the first act before smooth chord changes up the emotional content. A pair of synth overlays converge for a blissful moment, tastefully done it seals a strong third act and the tracks overall brilliance as a result. Wonderful remix from Sean.

The release concludes with KIDD Corp making their label debut. This newly formed quartet includes Gabor Darnoci, Daniel Gyarmati (aka. Dynamic Illusion), Krisztian Kovacs and Imre Szegedi who have come together to cultivate the real values of the progressive legacy and future from a wholehearted perspective. They close the release out with a chillout interpretation of 'Run Away'. Led by broken beats and sultry rhythms, Kelly's vocal shines amidst a delicate and heartfelt storyboard which leaves you wanting to hear more from this new found production team. A fabulous end to a top notch remix pack from Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland - Run Away (Gary J. Brown Aka GBrown Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland - Run Away (Sean McClellan Paramnesia Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland - Run Away (KIDD Corp 'ChillOut' Mix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Rookuzz
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DP-6 - Synesthesia EP [SMD134]

As spring warmth begins to emerge from beneath winter’s icy shroud, Suffused Music ushers in seasonal vivacity with its continuing mission to provide listeners with vital new underground dance music. The 134th release being no exception, Russian duo, DP-6, reprise their appearance on the label with a brand new twin-track EP in the shape of “Synethesia”.

Formed at the start of the new millennium, Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo have supplied a strong fan base with over a triple century of production credits and live performances via their DP-6 production moniker. Ever-mindful of the changing face of underground dance music, the pair have continued to evolve a sound that has trodden the well-worn path from club floor to virtual stores in impressive manner.

Able to develop a unique sound that has seen support from the world’s DJ elite while regularly featuring in Beatport charts and radio shows of the global DJ community, their own “DP-6 Presents Russian Minds” show on PureFM has highlighted a passion for curating the finest dance music into a coherent and established show.

Developed to stand as “more than just a project”, the continual hard work within the studio environment has seen DP-6 create “their own philosophy”. With over two-hundred production credits for their own DP-6 Records imprint, in addition to work for leading underground labels including Naked Lunch, System Recordings and In Fact, 2010’s remix of E-Spectro’s “I Can Describe” also found its way onto Moonbeam’s “Venus” compilation for leading mainstream trance imprint, Black Hole.

Now following up on the “Eclipse” EP in January of this year, DP-6 return to Suffused Music with the exciting “Synethesia” EP. Charting a fascinating neurological phenomenon through their music, the title track itself is a dark, brooding affair that shifts relentlessly forward through ticking percussive hi-hats and deep kick, while a smooth bass pattern flows hypnotically throughout. A delicate, twinned swirl resonates periodically, while subtle cadence shifts, intelligent melodic sequences and white noise effects, keep interest high in a work that showers aural colour over its rich sound palette.

Partner track, “Twistor Space”, continues the hypnotic subterranean depths of its predecessor as a laid back percussive groove develops effortlessly, backed by multi-faceted pad textures and imperceptible chord progressions. Using production effects to impressive effect, long reverb tails and clever delay patterns evoke aural impressions of deep space in a timeless work that revels in dynamic melodic sequences in the third and fourth movements of a near eleven-minute sonic odyssey.

Capturing the essence of the “Synesthesia” phenomenon in aural form, DP-6 continues to transcend the boundaries of modern underground dance music,

Text by James Warren
Picture by Generic Brand Productions
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Untold Stories - Prologue Part2 incl. Dr. Avalance, Isaak Escamilla, Hernan Serrao, Alejandro Manso, Ryan Luciano [SMD133]

The 133rd release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Untold Stories 'Prologue EP'. Originally released in February of 2015 the five track EP showcased the Argentine's diverse studio skills. Still shrouded in mystery Untold Stories has released just one production since, a remix of Bruno Caro's 'Arpegio en Cinco' (also for Suffused Music) in March of this year. Now we see Suffused calling up Dr. Avalance, Isaak Escamilla, Hernan Serrao, Alejandro Manso and Ryan Luciano to update the 'Prologue EP' for 2016. 

First up we see Dr. Avalance returning to the label for his 15th appearance and reworking 'Broken Tusk'. The Spanish artist goes deep and mystical with compelling atmospheres and quirky electronics. Always one for a mammoth groove, Dr. Avalance lays down another one here with warm, mounds of bass driving the framework. Smooth chord changes and an evolving melodic theme make for a smooth first act, perfectly setting up an emotive break in Dr. Avalance's own inimitable style. Gorgeous work from the Spanish producer which is sure to be a highlight in his discography for years to come. 

Next up Isaak Escamilla makes his Suffused Music debut and takes 'Shornhelm' into tougher, melodic territory.  The Mexican artist has earned a following for his distinctive progressive sound. His deep and atmospheric ways are much loved and he's worked more of his magic on 'Shornhelm'. It's tough groove carries a great cadence while feathered synths and wavering textures converge for a compelling storyboard. Smooth hypnotic elements carry the track nicely into the break before a more distinctive tonal theme sucks even more emotion out of the track. It proves to be the perfect prelude to an epic conclusion of spiralling synths and gorgeous soundscapes. Wonderful remix from Isaak.
Hernan Serrao returns to Suffused Music for his second appearance following a remix of Alejando Manso's 'XVII' in July of last year. The Buenos Aires based artist takes 'Darkshore' into playful progressive territory with catchy hooks and a driving groove. Phasing synths create a wonderful hypnotic layer before a stripped down section brings a darker mood. Indistinct vocals and a brooding groove change the landscape of the track momentarily before a rush of pads brings the emotional tone back to the forefront. A subtle but gorgeous moment which sets up a suitable epic finale that's sure to play well on the dance floor. Great remix from Hernan.

Next up Alejandro Manso returns to Suffused Music for his third appearance and provides a great interpretation of 'Skyshard'. The Mexican artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in March of last year with his 'Memories Of Space EP'. Releases on Movement Recordings and Lowbit Records got the year off to a great start and that momentum continues as Alejandro takes 'Skyshard' into funky tech house territory. Backed by a chunky foundation and phasing electronics it doesn't take long for a strong groove to form. The Mexican's pendant for hypnotic refrains shines through here once again with a hooky overlay leading the track into a dramatic break. Complete with a mammoth build and sweeping noise it makes for an amazing drop where the stripped down groove dominates what is sure to be a great moment on the dance floor. Excellent remix from Alejandro.

Closing the release out is Ryan Luciano who returns to the label for his second appearance. The UK artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint with a remix of Alejandro Manso's 'HD33564' released in July of last year. Although Ryan has a meticulous discography he's perhaps best known for his bootleg creations which earn routine play from Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. A recent rework of Slacker's 'See The World' is the most recent to be played and charted by Hernan and his rework of 'Wayshrine' looks set for a similar fate. Ryan's club friendly sound has worked wonders on the progressive minded production and the end result is a creation full of funky grooves and soulful vibes. Waves of drums add nicely to the swing heavy framework as hypnotic motifs carry the track into the break. A lone buzzing synth adds tension while a tasteful drop keeps the track on the right side of cool. Wonderful remix from Ryan which rounds out an excellent remix pack from Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Judy Schmidt
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

7:40 - Wrong Mantra EP [SMD132]

This release has the young Russian talent, Alexander Golovan better known as 7:4O bringing us his latest EP on the label. With three original tracks, the music is sure set to get you grooving. 

Starting with Wrong Mantra, the track carries a slow sensual groovy bassline, that catches momentum as the buildup progresses along bouncy rhythmic beats. The breakdown has a nice feel to it, creating more of a moody atmosphere with melodic riffs that delve the track deeper into a darker mode. Not to forget, the track still retains its progressive hold to it. Loving it!

Next we have Drunk Solo. The track is set more on a bouncy bassline and groovy beats, swirling along well blended thuds & pulsating beats. About half way though, the percussion really kicks off sliming through the chugging groove. The highlight of the track is that it has a minimal yet progressive appeal to it. A perfect tease, sure to uplift your mood. 

Like its name, Limbus is an edgy tune that kicks off with harmonic sounds. Pitched in with some deep house claps and beats along the synths keeps you hooked along its balanced high and low tempo variations. There track has a nice emotional drive to It, along impeccable pads the lush tones, sweeping synths and mellow breakbeats which is sure to make your soul dance.

Overall, amidst so many great music this release in particular is very impressive.  Recommended!

Text by Sarah Mathews
Picture by Zabara
Mastered by Cid Inc.
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