Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Andrees and Yakoff - Suspense EP incl. Advent's Rising, Digital Department, Dr. Avalance remixes [SMD038]

The newest offering on Suffused Music sees the label showcasing another one of the standout productions from its 'Initializing 2014' compilation which was released in January of this year. The collection gave fans a snapshot of what to expect from the label in the future and the track which had the honour of closing the compilation off came from Andrees and Yakoff in form of 'Suspense'. The Lithuanian duo have just 4 credits on their discography but their progressive breaks sound has already caught the attention of the electronic music underground. The defining moment in the young careers of Andrees and Yakoff came when they were announced as the winners of the Beatport / Timo Maas remix competition. The track 'College 84' which was not only produced by Timo Maas but also featured vocals from Placebo's Brian Molko was eventually released in late January of this year and was further proof that Andrees and Yakoff were two of the most promising breakbeat producers around. Now for the 38th release on Suffused Music the label is pleased to present the official single release for 'Suspense' along with 3 brand new remixes. The track's heavy beats and moody atmospheres proved to be a great piece to cap of 'Initializing' but it also sits quite well as a single. It's trippy sound design and meaty bass stabs should lay down a wicked vibe in any room and the ominous breakdown builds some worthy tension for a second half finale. It's a track that not only proves the breakbeat scene is alive and well but with a fresh complement of remixes from Advent's Rising, Digital Department and Dr. Avalance it looks to be one of Suffused Music's most unique and cutting edge releases to date. - Release Promo

Andrees and Yakoff - Suspense (Original Mix)
Andrees and Yakoff - Suspense (Advent's Rising Remix)
Andrees and Yakoff - Suspense (Digital Department Remix)
Andrees and Yakoff - Suspense (Dr. Avalance Remix)

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Kay-D Remix) Supported by Solarstone at Solaris International #400

Solarstone played Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Kay-D Remix) at Solaris International episode #400

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This remix is coming out soon with 3 more versions by Arctic Night, Faskil & Trukers

Elliott Duquai & No One - Specific F-Influencia EP [SMD035]

Elliott Duquai is not a new name in the progressive scene, as the 1976 born producer has a long list of labels he already collaborated with like Baroque, Stereofly, Groove Addict Records, Wagram Music, Audio Donor, De-Fused Recordings and Understated. This time Elliott teamed up with No One and delivered a two track EP on Suffused Music - as 35th release of the label - containing 'Influencia' and 'Specific F'.
'Influencia' is filled with cozy tribal & percussion elements, combining a dancefloor oriented, tech tasted vibe, with an easily recognizable chord progression and some comprehensive string manouvers in the breakdown.
'Specific F' going through a more melodic road, spiced with a hint of mystical flava in the synth section, while the tight textures setting the ideal pace

Elliott Duquai & No One - Influencia (Original Mix)
Elliott Duquai & No One - Specific F (Original Mix)

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida

Advent's Rising - Decisions Made EP incl. Antrim, Jairus Miller, T-Dallas remixes [SMD036]

The 36th release on Suffused Music sees the return of Advent's Rising to the label. The Greek producer has been a huge contributor to Suffused Music since his first appearance from June of 2013. He's delivered three singles along with a remix and a compilation appearance in that time. Advent's Rising's latest studio production 'Decisions Made' first appeared on the labels 'Initializing 2014' collection which was released in early January. It was one of the standout selections on the expansive compilation and it now sees it's official single release with brand new remixes. Clocking in at a compact length of 6:44 'Decisions Made' accomplishes a lot over the course of it's somewhat short running time. The charging grooves and delicate hypnotic sequences build endless energy but it's the melodic content which really stands out. Classically constructed chord changes and a glowing ambiance push your senses higher as the piece reaches a celestial sounding conclusion. A great return to Suffused Music for Advent's Rising and with a full complement of remixes from Antrim, Jarius Miller and T-Dallas this is another exceptional release that is sure to satisfy the progressive house underground. - Release Promo

Advent's Rising - Decisions Made (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Advent's Rising - Decisions Made (Antrim Remix) [Suffused Music]
Advent's Rising - Decisions Made (Jairus Miller Remix) [Suffused Music]
Advent's Rising - Decisions Made (T-Dallas Remix) [Suffused Music]

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida

Monday, March 10, 2014

JJ Grant - Negative Influences EP incl. Adam-P, Matteo Monero, Yuriy From Russia remixes [SMD034]

The 34th release on Suffused Music sees JJ Grant returning to the label for his third overall appearance. The US producer caught the attention of the entire progressive house underground last year when his initial releases on Mistique, Suffused and Clinique eventually dropped. JJ closed out the year just as strong with appearances on Bonzai and Green Martian. The driving, energetic brand of progressive house that JJ presented all throughout 2013 was quite refreshing as came during a time when music was becoming increasing deep. JJ's third appearance on Suffused Music finds the US producer delivering his first single for the label entitled 'Negative Influences'. JJ's well shaped kicks are unmistakeable; dynamic, powerful and with a wonderfully warm texture. They get the piece underway along with a nice complement of bass stabs and clattering drums. The soft atmospheric backdrop begins to rise and with that a cool collection of quirky synths begin to bounce of each other in perfect unison. As the break approaches an assortment of subtle melodic themes and washed out vocal pads create a near perfect harmonic state of bliss. The break is a short ambient interlude which serves to briefly relieve the musical tension. When the kick drops back in the production is remarkably stripped down and it lets those gorgeous synth elements breathe and rebuild to a beautiful finale. This would have to be considered one of JJ's best musical creations to date and with three complementary remixes from Adam-P, Matteo Monero and Yuriy From Russia you can't go wrong with this release! - Release Promo

JJ Grant - Negative Influences (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
JJ Grant - Negative Influences (Adam-P Remix) [Suffused Music]
JJ Grant - Negative Influences (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]
JJ Grant - Negative Influences (Matteo Monero Remix) [Suffused Music]

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida

Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Remixed EP) incl. Arctic Night, Faskil, Kay-D, Trukers mixes [SMD033]

The 12th release on Suffused Music was Kaan Koray's 'Heart of Africa'. It saw the Turkish producer deliver what many consider to be one of his best productions of 2013. The driving grooves and intoxicating atmospheres were magical on the dance floor and it furthered the great momentum that Suffused Music had been building as the fourth quarter of 2013 began. Seven months and 21 releases later Suffused Music now presents a brand new set of remixes for "Heart Of Africa'. The Lithuanian imprint is one of the best at melding progressive breaks and house together and this remix collection is a fine example of that. Faskil and Trukers both provide exceptional breaks interpretations with rock solid beats and a great complement of atmospheres and themes reworked from the original. Complementing the breakbeat remixes Kay-D returns to Suffused Music for his second appearance. The much loved Hungarian delivers a solid interpretation which delights the senses with an array of complex melodies and enchanting harmonics. Lastly Elliptical Sun headman Arctic Night provides a deeper, atmospheric rework which sits alongside the bigger breakbeat interpretations and Kay-D's musical masterpiece perfectly. A very worthy remix pack for one of the true highlights from Suffused Music's great catalog. - Release Promo

Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Arctic Night Remix) 
Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Faskil Breaks Mix) 
Kaan Koray - Heart Of Africa (Kay-D Remix) 
Kann Koray - Heart Of Africa (Trukers Tibetan Chant Breaks Remix)

Artwork by Michael Handsome Gaida