Friday, April 22, 2016

Untold Stories - Prologue Part2 incl. Dr. Avalance, Isaak Escamilla, Hernan Serrao, Alejandro Manso, Ryan Luciano [SMD133]

The 133rd release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Untold Stories 'Prologue EP'. Originally released in February of 2015 the five track EP showcased the Argentine's diverse studio skills. Still shrouded in mystery Untold Stories has released just one production since, a remix of Bruno Caro's 'Arpegio en Cinco' (also for Suffused Music) in March of this year. Now we see Suffused calling up Dr. Avalance, Isaak Escamilla, Hernan Serrao, Alejandro Manso and Ryan Luciano to update the 'Prologue EP' for 2016. 

First up we see Dr. Avalance returning to the label for his 15th appearance and reworking 'Broken Tusk'. The Spanish artist goes deep and mystical with compelling atmospheres and quirky electronics. Always one for a mammoth groove, Dr. Avalance lays down another one here with warm, mounds of bass driving the framework. Smooth chord changes and an evolving melodic theme make for a smooth first act, perfectly setting up an emotive break in Dr. Avalance's own inimitable style. Gorgeous work from the Spanish producer which is sure to be a highlight in his discography for years to come. 

Next up Isaak Escamilla makes his Suffused Music debut and takes 'Shornhelm' into tougher, melodic territory.  The Mexican artist has earned a following for his distinctive progressive sound. His deep and atmospheric ways are much loved and he's worked more of his magic on 'Shornhelm'. It's tough groove carries a great cadence while feathered synths and wavering textures converge for a compelling storyboard. Smooth hypnotic elements carry the track nicely into the break before a more distinctive tonal theme sucks even more emotion out of the track. It proves to be the perfect prelude to an epic conclusion of spiralling synths and gorgeous soundscapes. Wonderful remix from Isaak.
Hernan Serrao returns to Suffused Music for his second appearance following a remix of Alejando Manso's 'XVII' in July of last year. The Buenos Aires based artist takes 'Darkshore' into playful progressive territory with catchy hooks and a driving groove. Phasing synths create a wonderful hypnotic layer before a stripped down section brings a darker mood. Indistinct vocals and a brooding groove change the landscape of the track momentarily before a rush of pads brings the emotional tone back to the forefront. A subtle but gorgeous moment which sets up a suitable epic finale that's sure to play well on the dance floor. Great remix from Hernan.

Next up Alejandro Manso returns to Suffused Music for his third appearance and provides a great interpretation of 'Skyshard'. The Mexican artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in March of last year with his 'Memories Of Space EP'. Releases on Movement Recordings and Lowbit Records got the year off to a great start and that momentum continues as Alejandro takes 'Skyshard' into funky tech house territory. Backed by a chunky foundation and phasing electronics it doesn't take long for a strong groove to form. The Mexican's pendant for hypnotic refrains shines through here once again with a hooky overlay leading the track into a dramatic break. Complete with a mammoth build and sweeping noise it makes for an amazing drop where the stripped down groove dominates what is sure to be a great moment on the dance floor. Excellent remix from Alejandro.

Closing the release out is Ryan Luciano who returns to the label for his second appearance. The UK artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint with a remix of Alejandro Manso's 'HD33564' released in July of last year. Although Ryan has a meticulous discography he's perhaps best known for his bootleg creations which earn routine play from Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. A recent rework of Slacker's 'See The World' is the most recent to be played and charted by Hernan and his rework of 'Wayshrine' looks set for a similar fate. Ryan's club friendly sound has worked wonders on the progressive minded production and the end result is a creation full of funky grooves and soulful vibes. Waves of drums add nicely to the swing heavy framework as hypnotic motifs carry the track into the break. A lone buzzing synth adds tension while a tasteful drop keeps the track on the right side of cool. Wonderful remix from Ryan which rounds out an excellent remix pack from Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

7:40 - Wrong Mantra EP [SMD132]

This release has the young Russian talent, Alexander Golovan better known as 7:4O bringing us his latest EP on the label. With three original tracks, the music is sure set to get you grooving. 

Starting with Wrong Mantra, the track carries a slow sensual groovy bassline, that catches momentum as the buildup progresses along bouncy rhythmic beats. The breakdown has a nice feel to it, creating more of a moody atmosphere with melodic riffs that delve the track deeper into a darker mode. Not to forget, the track still retains its progressive hold to it. Loving it!

Next we have Drunk Solo. The track is set more on a bouncy bassline and groovy beats, swirling along well blended thuds & pulsating beats. About half way though, the percussion really kicks off sliming through the chugging groove. The highlight of the track is that it has a minimal yet progressive appeal to it. A perfect tease, sure to uplift your mood. 

Like its name, Limbus is an edgy tune that kicks off with harmonic sounds. Pitched in with some deep house claps and beats along the synths keeps you hooked along its balanced high and low tempo variations. There track has a nice emotional drive to It, along impeccable pads the lush tones, sweeping synths and mellow breakbeats which is sure to make your soul dance.

Overall, amidst so many great music this release in particular is very impressive.  Recommended!

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Chris Sterio & Sean McClellan - Alternate Avenues EP incl. Yuriy From Russia, Ian Dillon [SMD131]

The 131st release on Suffused Music welcomes Chris Sterio & Sean McClellan back to the label for a brand new single. Hailing from Isle of Man and the USA respectively, Chris and Sean have collaborated in the past with exceptional results. The duo's 'New Dawn' proved to be a standout on Suffused Music's 'Initializing Vol 3' Collection while one off productions for Chris' Soundscapes Digital and PolyTechnic Recordings have also stood the test of time quite nicely. The latest from Chris and Sean is entitled 'Alternate Avenues' and comes alongside remixes from Yuriy From Russia and Ian Dillon. 

Having both spent over two decades in the electronic music underground there's always been something quite timeless about Chris and Sean's productions. When the two get together for a collaboration it tends to be quite memorable and that is certainly true of 'Alternate Avenues'. Beginning with a deep, spacious groove the duo slowly unleashes catchy vocal hooks and spacey electronics. Harmonious stabs and shakers then elevate the mood further and the dance floor sensibility rises as a result. Guitar strums and additional vocal elements add a touch of soul, ultimately leading to an elegant yet dramatic break. Short and impactful the beats soon drop with a gorgeous synth overlay for what should be a magic moment on the floor. Gorgeous work from Chris and Sean.

The first interpretation of 'Alternate Avenues' is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is making his 12th appearance on Suffused Music. The ever consistent and always prolific producer now residing in the USA takes 'Alternate Avenues' into pure progressive house territory. Anchored by a smooth, pumping groove and tonal rhythms it doesn't take long to get drawn into its energy. Gated vocals, although indistinct setup and bevy of melodic motifs as guitar elements trail off in the distance and the main break commences. Reaching a delicate moment the beats then drop as a third act of warm atmospheric swells and guitar strums take you home.

The second and final interpretation of 'Alternate Avenues' is provided by Ian Dillon who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The UK artist and Decoded Magazine radioshow host has built an incredible discography over his nearly 4 year career, highlighted by appearances on 238W, Hydrogen and Pro-B Tech Records. As one of the more versatile producers in the underground, electronic music fans have seen Ian explore various stylistic blueprints, including techno, deep house and electronica, all with a progressive state of mind. For his 'Alternate Avenues' interpretation Ian has put an energetic twist on the piece with a tough, momentous groove and a bevy of hypnotic lines. Again the effects storyboard plays a huge part in the tracks brilliance with gated vocals and trailing motifs flowing through the framework with a dramatic flair. Quality remix from Ian which rounds out another great offering from Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

Lexicon Avenue (Lexicon Avenue, Forensic)
good stuff guys

East Cafe (Proton Music, Particles, Perfecto, Dopamine, Per-Vurt, Balkan Co)
nice ep!!

Dynamic Illusion (Suffused Music / Deep Dive)
Always good to see Sean in action! ;) Like a lot, espetially the remixes. Will support for sure.

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Ewan Rill - Tower EP [SMD130]

Russian talent Ivan Romanovskiy better known as Ewan Rill is one of the rising talent in provincial parts of Russia. This time he brings us his latest EP on Suffused Music. The release has two original tracks to grab your attention, he slays this in his own style.

Thank You opens up on a bubbly beat kicking in with a padded but groovy bass overlaying it.  The funk level is maintained nicely with bongo sound percussions, along with some nice scratchy synths. There’s a nice harmonic chord swinging into the track before a mellowed breakdown which halts the track slightly, along the swooshing sfx and filters, leading back again to the progressive frame of the track.

Wherein Tower, is set on a techy start along a bouncy bassline. As the track progresses the bass keeps growing leading to a breakdown, which has a nice suspenseful spacey atmosphere that pushes your mood deeper into the groove.  The layered stabs create a nice murmuring, techy rhythm urging you to listen further.

Honestly, just the sound you may be missing. Less is More, thoroughly satisfying listen. More please! 

Text by Sarah Mathews
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Smight - First Light Pt.2 incl. Alfonso Muchacho, Andromedha, Ghoeyash, Phalguna Somraj, Tabriz & Zuckermann [SMD129]

The 129th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Smight's 'First Light EP'. Originally released in September of 2014, the five track EP saw a welcome return for US producer Herbert Berkley. A prominent figure in the golden era and still delivering magic in the studio 15 years later. Suffused Music now presents the much anticipated remix EP which finds Tabriz & Zuckerman, Phalguna Somraj, Alfonso Muchacho, Ghoeyash and Andromedha reinventing the tracks for 2016.

The release gets under way with Tabriz & Zuckerman who are making their sixth appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian duo have continued to push their old school sound to the underground masses and turn in a wonderful interpretation of 'Sleeping' here. Beginning with a rough underbelly, tantalizing arps and airy atmospherics the track flows through a variety of guitar motifs. A warm bass line is then unleashed and the soulful journey takes off from there as spacey electronics swirl in kaleidoscopic delight. Ultimately it's the guitar elements which bring the soul of the record out, particularly during a spacious break which you absolutely get lost in. Gorgeous work from Tabriz & Zuckerman. 

Next up Phalguna Somraj makes his label debut following a great release on Massive Harmony to end 2015. The Indian producer takes 'Un Vato' into melodic territory with excellent results. Warm bass swells, offset electronics and wispy vocal trails make for a gorgeous beginning before the main musical narrative begins to form. Cascading keys and long sweeps carry the track through a blissful first act initiating the main break. Filled with drifting vocals the soul drenched interlude proves to be the tracks highlight, proceeding an equally gorgeous conclusion set for many magical dance floor moments. 

The third interpretation on the release finds Alfonso Muchacho remodelled 'What You Want' into a slice of dance floor magic. The UK based artist is making his sixth appearance on the Lithuanian imprint which follows exceptional work for 3rd Avenue and Superordinate Music. Alfonso's interpretation of 'What You Want' is set to be a stand out in his discography for years to come with its strong grooves and emotive themes. Hypnotic beginnings lead to soft tonal overlays which are the framework for a truly blissful slice of progressive house. Hopeful atmospheres wash over the framework as indistinct acid hooks lock the groove down one more notch. A warm, summery break only adds to its emotive drawl and lays the framework for an unforgettable conclusion. Easily one of Alfonso's most heart warming creations to date and one you'll likely be hearing a lot in the coming months.

Next up Ghoeyash makes his Suffused Music debut and takes 'Angry She Devils' into a driving territory. The Hungarian artist has become known for his deep and sultry grooves but here he takes things a few notches higher with a peak time interpretation. Led by the same vocal narrative which made the original so distinctive, Ghoeyash's beat layering and spacey, hypnotic hooks become truly mesmerizing. It's boundless energy is undeniable and a short, trippy and well timed break only adds to the tracks storming appeal. A wonderful interpretation and certainly the largest of Ghoeyash's career.

The release concludes with Andromedha's interpretation of 'I've Travelled' which was no doubt one of the favourite's on the original EP. Best known for his Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz supported trance productions Andromedha comes up with another melodic beauty here. Anchored by a driving groove and waves of cascading keys there's a certain hypnotic charm locked in this one. As indistinct vocals slowly fade into the mix the breakdown commences and you're carried away into a field of sonic dust and ethereal beauty. A stripped down return brings even more energy as Andromedha's uniquely tailored beats continue to work their magic. A methodical build into a harmonious haze makes for a stellar third act and also a fitting end to an epic release. Five brilliant updates on Smight's unique originals and a great notch on the Suffused Music discography.

Smight - Sleeping (Tabriz & Zuckermann 'Burn' Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - Un Vato (Phalguna Somraj Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - What You Want (Alfonso Muchacho Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - Angry She Devils (Ghoeyash Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - I've Travelled (Andromedha Travelling at Sunrise Remix) [Suffused Music]

Ivan Pica 

Nick Varon (Sudbeat)
nice one here !

Dynamic Illusion (Suffused Music / Deep Dive)
excellent selection! pure progression

East Cafe (Proton Music, Particles, Perfecto, Dopamine, Per-Vurt, Balkan Co)
great ep!!!thanks!

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Very Good Pack, thanks

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Overloque - Perpetuum EP [SMD128]

As Suffused Music continues its assault on the underground music industry with a barrage of stunning, high-calibre releases, we now turn to Overloque with the brand new “Perpetuum” EP.

From the historic city of Kursk, a city which played such a prominent role in World War II in the West of the country, Russian producer, Danill Kolotovchenko, has found his own unique place within the music industry under his Overloque soubriquet.

An artist unbound by modern conventions and simply replicating audio styles and fashions, the Overloque concept has been concerned with finding its own niche which “focuses on the various sub-genres of techno”, from dark to melodious. 

With over a century of Beatport production credits to his name Kolotovchenko has found a sizeable platform from which to reach his burgeoning Overloque fanbase. MoonShake Records, BQ Recordings and Crosslink Music have all played their part in furthering the Overloque sound with an impressive collection of original material that is rare to find in such numbers given the prevalence of the ubiquitous dance music remix. A debut on Spring Tube with the innovative track, “Tundra” has been a March 2016 highlight while July 2015’s three-track, “Trip” EP, for Suffused Music is now supplemented by a sophomore offering through, “Perpetuum”.

The title track itself is a nine-and-a-half-minute tour de force that builds effortlessly through hypnotic arpeggio sequences that rise and fall in filtered glory. As the track evolves, a series of counterpoint melodies meld with beat repeat intensity in the second movement. Post-breakdown, a series or new melodic textures emerge in emotive fashion before stuttered audio damage once again springs to the fore. A strong techno beat forms rhythmic foundations with consummate ease throughout in a track that is a work of impressive quality.

Partner piece, “Bubble” immediately grabs attention through its distorted siren opening before cleverly settling down in to a strong, grooved bass pattern that sits neatly within techno kick and strident hi-hat pattern. As the track progresses, a series of searing, delayed counterpoint melodies coruscate across the upper frequency spectrum, grabbing listener attention through dissonance delay tails. Driving relentlessly towards a satisfying denouement, Overloque’s work continues to impress in unique fashion.

With a pair of new original tracks to his name, Overloque’s success looks set to continue in “Perpetuum”.

Lexicon Avenue (Lexicon Avenue, Forensic)
strong release

Anthony Pappa
Best track here is “Bubbles” Thanks.

Oliver Schories (SOSO / Hamburg)
i like "bubbles", thanks for sending

Tim Penner (Slideways, Sudbeat, Proton)
Perpetuum is nice.. really nice.

East Cafe (Proton Music, Particles, Perfecto, Dopamine, Per-Vurt, Balkan Co)
Bubbles is really nice! Thanks

Tash (Movement Recordings)
perpetuum for me, thnx!

Text by James Warren
Picture by Torley
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Initializing vol. 9 [SMDVA014]

The latest offering on Suffused Music finds the label presenting the newest in its 'Initializing' series. Beginning in January of 2014 the exclusives compilations quickly became one of the Lithuanian imprints most loved and also anticipated releases. The series has introduced electronic music fans to a wealth of undiscovered talent, while supplying music from some of the industry's most trusted names as well. Time after time it's shown how truly global our scene is as it brings together producers from all four corners of the globe. As the second quarter of 2016 is set to begin we find the label embarking on its first 'Initializing' collection of the year and ninth volume overall. As Suffused Music has grown it's shifts into other genres have held true in the 'Initializing' series as well. What was once thought of as a progressive oriented series now showcases a broad spectrum of the electronic music envelope. Featured on the ninth instalment are Diego Ferran, Adrian Butinar, Felipe Michan, Cryss, Claque Choc, GBrown, Deep Shepherd & Andy Line, David Salazar, Niccolo B and DJ Emmo. It's a diverse collection of music that you're going want to listen to several times over, as you continually discover new things about each and every selection. Enjoy!

Diego Ferran - Alliance [Suffused Music]
Adrian Butinar - Limerence [Suffused Music]
Felipe Michan - Arbolito [Suffused Music]
Cryss - Another Chance [Suffused Music]
Claque Choc - Le Vieux Vicieux [Suffused Music]
GBrown - This Is Who We Are [Suffused Music]
Deep Shepherd & Andy Line - Cocaine in Darkness [Suffused Music]
David Salazar - Good Vibes Only [Suffused Music]
Niccolò B - Safari [Suffused Music]
Dj Emmo - Translational Symmetry Part I Reentry [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by bm.iphone
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