Sunday, June 26, 2016

Subconscious Tales - Arris Part2 incl. Third Personality, Mariano Santos, Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim [SMD141]

Part of May 2015’s release schedule on Suffused Music, the “Arris” EP showcased the production skills of Latvian producer, Ivars Tiliks and his Subconscious Tales moniker. Now, the three-track EP returns to the label as a trio of remixes extends the story further.

First up on the remix trail, Bulgarian, Andrez Nikolov returns to Suffused Music with his Third Personality alter-ego after a debut reworking of DP-6’s “Eclipse” at the start of 2016. An accomplished musician who graduated from “The State Academy of Music” in his country’s Sofia capital, a background as a rock musician stood Nikolov in good stead as he emerged onto the underground dance scene at the turn of the millennium. A part of the renowned InSound agency since 2009, DJ appearances across his homeland have propelled the Third Personality name into the limelight with his own unique style. A production career that has seen a quarter of a century of production credits for the BIT Records imprint has further been supplemented by work for Balkan Connection South America, 238W and Stellar Fountain. Reworking the title track, the Third Personality remix of “Arris” is a low-slung tech house interpretation that replaces the hard techno rhythms of the original with a rich bass groove and intricate percussive cadence. With exacting use of Subconscious Tales’ original components, the resultant work is sure to find success across the dancefloors of Europe and beyond.

Argentinean, Mariano Santos, is a man with over 25 years-experience in the world of dance music. A DJ with appearances across the globe in including Turkey, Egypt, Brazil and Chile, his inimitable tech house and techno style has enraptured dancefloors in addition to the regular, weekly “NightBeat” radio show syndicated to over seventy stations worldwide. A production career that has seen him set up a plethora of record labels, over a century of production credits have found their way on to his own Santos Recordings as remix and original production material has also featured on such celebrated imprints as Xela Digital, Cubek and Bonzai. Furthermore, an appearance on the front cover of the Greek, “Freeze MGZ” magazine saw 20,000 copies of his music published. Marking his debut for Suffused Music with a reworking of “Edge”, the thumping, techno energy of the original is fully correct and present in the Mariano Santos remix as he utilises a cornucopia of production techniques and effects to produce a pounding kick, supplemented by cadenced, intricate rhythm and subtle melodic riff in a work of skill and poise.

Mexican duo, Joy Marquez and Abdel Karim take up the mantle for the final offering. Regular collaborators, the pair have seen their work signed for a host of labels including Phunk Traxx, Komunale Music and Klexos Records. Recognised by “DJ Concept Magazine” as best DJ/producer for eight consecutive years, Marquez’s pedigree is undeniable touring across the globe with appearances in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Colombia. As a producer, his solo work has also featured on Rick Pier O’Neil’s RPO imprint as well as Nervous and Futura Groove with support from Judge Jules and Amin Van Buuren. First appearing on Suffused Music courtesy of “The Teacher” EP with Chriss Lerman, Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim’s debut remix is an intelligent tech house reworking of “Ignition”. Taking a stripped back approach to Subconscious Tales’ work, a dominant kick is soon paired with the instantly recognisable riff that plays such a key part of the original, while additional production via a shuffling, hi-hat percussive section provides dynamic energy and dance floor seduction.

Three new remixes sees “Arris” take on a new lease of life through Third Personality, Mariano Santos and Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim.

Subconscious Tales - Arris (Third Personality Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Edge (Mariano Santos Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Ignition (Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Picture by Eric Wüstenhagen
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Guhus - Buenos Aires EP [SMD140]

The latest release on Suffused Music welcomes Guhus back to the label for his first EP. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guhus first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with a contribution to the label's 'Initializing Volume 8' collection released in January of this year. The track 'Thirty Six Bells' came as the collection drew to a close and captivated the hearts and minds of electronic music fans around the globe. Now seven months later we see the track getting it's official release alongside two others as part of the 'Buenos Aires EP'.

The EP begins with the strong club minded cut 'Without You'. Anchored by thick slabs of rolling bass it's moves forward with great momentum while twinkly melodies and poignant tones provide some lovely emotional content. As the sparkling keys continue their unpredictable journey, cinematic swells add a dramatic flair before a sequence of chord changes initiates the main break. Sparkling and emotive at every turn, the serene interlude eventually peaks with a short build bringing the groove back for one final run while those kaleidoscopic keys continue to work their magic. A great start to the EP.

Continuing with the second selection 'Ying Yang', finds Guhus crafting a deep and groovy progressive cut. With a timeless sensibility, the warm, chunky groove powers forward as melodic motifs slowly make their way into the mix. As the tracks core energy grows angelic vocal pads drift over the framework while the melodies continue on a sequential journey for the ages. A solemn break proves to be the ideal centrepiece, pulling every last bit of emotive power from the foundation as the roiling beats return for what should be a magic moment on the dance floor.

The EP concludes with the aforementioned 'Thirty Six Bells' which proves just as fresh here as it did in January when anchoring the 'Initializing' collection. It's intricate inner workings immediately shine while a smooth rhythmic flow and descending chord changes bring an emotive environment. As bubbly synth textures cluster together subtle modulation hits exactly the right emotional receptors bringing the track to a tantalising break. Pixie like keys and angelic vocal pads lead the way here before an ethereal drop welcomes the warm beats and a rush of harmonious energy. A great way to round out the EP and a fabulous collection of music from Guhus. Definitely a name to keep a close eye on as 2016 moves forward. 

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Tim Robert - Changes Fast EP incl. Subconscious Tales, Wellenrausch, Silicon Syndicate [SMD139]

The 139th release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing Tim Robert's 'Changes Fast' with a brand new set of remixes. Originally released as part of the labels 'Initializing Vol. 8' collection in January of this year it proved to be a standout on the compilation. Tim's ability to craft compelling sound stories was never more evident as he showcased a journey through driving grooves, soulful vocals and mind bending acid lines. Seemingly coming to fruition during the main break, the vocal storyboard and rolling bass built both tension and euphoria before piercing electronics cut through the atmosphere, ultimately summoning the kick for that magic dance floor moment. It proved to be one of Tim's biggest party records to date and now gets a well deserved single release with new interpretations from Silicon Syndicate, Subconscious Tales and Wellenrausch. 

Hailing from New York, Silicon Syndicate are making their first appearance on Suffused Music. With roots in psychedelic trance the duo's fusion of techno sensibilities and progressive minded storyboards is quite intriguing and they've have created their own unique place in the underground as a result. Their uptempo, energetic style has melded wonderfully with Tim's distinctive motifs. Coming in more hypnotic, Silicon Syndicate build a kaleidoscope of keys and indistinct vocal elements around a full driving groove. It's fluid style carries it to the break with great momentum where a more emotive narrative ensues. Hazy melodies and drifting vocals make for a blissful interlude before a delicate build brings the groove back with that vortex of melody and fuller vocals leading the charge. Brilliant remix from Silicon Syndicate.

The second interpretation of 'Changes Fast' is provided by Suffused Music label artist Subconscious Tales who is making his 11th appearance. The Latvian artist took the progressive underground by storm 2 years ago when he coined the new alias and presented his first original material for Suffused Music. A recent remix of Derek Howell has been a discography highlight and he's quickly becoming one of the most in demand remixers in the underground. Here he takes 'Changes Fast' into deeper progressive territory with great results. With a markedly slower tempo and monumentally funked out groove the dance floor sensibility is quite high. Mounds of perfectly contoured bass and escalating synths make for an intense first act, leading to a spaced out break where the vocal makes its first appearance. Expertly executed, the break builds tension with electronics cutting through the atmosphere and a sheet of sonic decay making for a huge drop. Hernan Cattaneo has been the first to chime in with support as the storied DJ has been playing the track in all his recent sets, with several YouTube videos floating around demonstrating the tracks powerful dance floor presence. 

Closing the release out is Wellenrausch who are making their first appearance on Suffused Music. Torsten Fassbender and Markus Geisberger make up the Wellenrausch duo and boast a discography that includes some of the world's finest trance imprints from the well curated Afterglow label to large entities like Armada, Bonzai and Perfecto. Hailing from Berlin, their deep trance sound ranges from dark and mysterious to subversive and uplifting. Here they take 'Changes Fast' into deeper, emotive territory with a slower tempo, stripped down groove and a bevy of interesting designs. The vocal plays a nice role and sits wonderfully over the the tracks intricate inner workings. Airy melodic clusters drift over the framework with a blissful flair but what ultimately seals the tracks brilliance is it's effortless, hypnotic flow. A classy production from Wellenrausch which closes the release out in style. Another package full of emotion and talent from Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Tim Robert - Changes Fast (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - Changes Fast (Subconscious Tales Remix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - Changes Fast (Wellenrausch´s Deep Matter Mix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - Changes Fast (Silicon Syndicate Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo, microCastle)
Picture by Krystian Olszanski
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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Initializing vol 10 [SMDVA015]

As the summer season begins Suffused Music welcomes the warm weather with a new instalment of 'Initializing'. Conceptualized at the beginning of 2014 the series has methodically grown into one of the industry's best new music collections. With nine volumes under its belt the Lithuanian imprint is constantly hunting for just the right ingredients to complete the next edition in the series. With Volume 9 now three months on, Suffused Music has scoured the globe, and after countless hours of listening to hopeful demos the label is pleased to present Volume 10 amidst much anticipation. Again with a fresh and borderless approach the label explores a full spectrum of electronica, from house to techno and deeper progressive grooves. Wrapped up in this ten track journey is a veritable smorgasbord of beats and melodies that are sure to delight the senses.  Featured on the collection are: (in order of appearance) Emiliano Demarco, Deep Within, Tatsama, Evelynka, Jonnas B, Blue Cell, Cagri Yildirim, Naash, Valu Tios and Alberto Sainz. Another superb edition that belongs in every electronic music lovers collection. Don't miss it.

Emiliano Demarco - Illusion [Suffused Music]
Deep Within - The Outsider [Suffused Music]
Tatsama - Sivanjana [Suffused Music]
Evelynka - Lavender Whispers [Suffused Music]
Jonnas B - Voices From Nowhere [Suffused Music]
Blue Cell - Sun & Rainfall [Suffused Music]
Cagri Yildirim - Clue [Suffused Music]
Naash - Instinct [Suffused Music]
Valu Rios - Feeling Good [Suffused Music]
Alberto Sainz - Burning a Wish [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Peter & Ute Grahlmann
Mastered by Cid Inc, Andrea Cassino
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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fractal Architect - Minuteman EP [SMD138]

In a mass produced world where dance music is never more commonplace, UK producer, Daniel Watts, stands apart as he brings his own unique stamp of authority through his Fractal Architect production moniker. As Suffused Music continues to demonstrate a rising prominence within the underground dance industry, their 138th release brings the “Minuteman” EP to a strong and growing fan base.

Blurring the lines between genres with his vibrant “brand of melodic electronic dance music”, Fractal Architect combines the styles of techno and house in an unrivalled mastery of his craft that remains at the vanguard of the underground scene. A man at the cutting edge of sound design, a unique passion to derive emotion from the binary world of computer technology, has seen Watts tackle the paradox head on, ever-inspired by familial bonds. A DJ at the dawn of rave culture in the early 1990s, Watts became responsible for introducing the iconic sounds of Richie Hawtin and Joey Beltram to an unsuspecting public with his DJ performances alongside Nick Warren, and Carl Cox.

Over one-hundred-and-fifty production credits to his name, the Fractal Architect sound has seen itself allied to some of the finest modern imprints and supported by leading industry tastemakers that include Argentinean maestro, Hernan Cattaneo. A debut in the shape of the “Shadowlands” EP for always-impressive melodic techno imprint, Callote, marked an incipient production career that continued to spiral ever-skywards with a raft of original work for Mirabilis, Stripped Digital and the iconic Paul Hazendonk owned, Manual Music and MNL. Most recently, the three-track “Diorma” EP for Baroque in May 2016, continues to demonstrate an impressive and growing portfolio.

Now marking a debut for Suffused Music, Fractal Architect opens his account for the label with the twin-track, “Minuteman” EP. Opening proceedings, the title track is a brooding techno offering that drives relentlessly forward with trademark genre kick and off-beat hi-hat percussion. Belying early simplicity, complex melodic sequences cascade across the stereo spectrum in dizzying analogue glory, marking a coruscating path infused with Watts’ penchant for emotion and feeling. A rich bass line adds further depth and texture in a work of genuine skill and striking production technique.

Partner track, “The Routes We Choose” continues the themes of its predecessors as a nine minute plus voyage of melodic discovery quickly hits its stride. Strong in techno credentials, chord progressions provide genuine atmosphere and emotive textures as a bouncing bass line supplies dance floor dynamism. Displaying an array of production techniques that hallmark tracks of high quality, a vocoded vocal line adds further depth in a work that builds to a scintillating zenith in the third movement as counterpoint melodies converge in dazzling fashion.

A Suffused Music debutant, Fractal Architect explodes onto the underground scene with vibrant intensity through “Minuteman”.

Text by James Warren
Picture by Brett Jordan
Mastered by Cid Inc.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eugene Loner - Microcosmos EP incl. Aman Anand, Altek, Greg Tomaz [SMD137]

With the ability to scout talented artists within and beyond its Lithuanian borders, fellow countryman, Eugene Loner, once more returns to the label that saw his debut on the “Initializing 2014” compilation with “Microcosmos”. A pair of original EPs have subsequently followed and it is with great pleasure that Suffused Music now sees a third outing for the popular debut release, backed by a trio of exciting remixes.

Fans of Loner and “Microcosmos” will immediately recognize the clave percussion opening that pings across the stereo spectrum in dizzying fashion while a rich bass line provides a dark undertone. A chorus of additional production material in the shape of pads and effects add to the aural mélange as a searing acetylene lead punches its way to the fore backed by a subtle arpeggio riff.

Indian based, Greg Tomaz is first up on remix duties. Lofty ambitions to use music “as a way of bringing light into one’s consciousness” supply Tomaz’s musical raison d’être and with work featured on such celebrated imprints as Soundteller, Stripped and Balkan Connection South America, his approach to production has borne much fruit. Now remixing Eugene Loner, Tomaz’s approach immediately echoes the original with a stripped back treatment of the “Microcosmos” clave percussion, enriched by a shuffling, syncopated hi-hats that revel in a pounding beat and side-chained bass line. The dark energy of the original is omnipresent as an intelligent reworking of arpeggio treatment brings subtle emphasis shift to a work of poise.

Mexican producer, Altek, is a Suffused Music debutant imprint. A prolific producer since the last quarter of 2014, a half-century of Beatport productions credits have led the South American to a plethora of impressive labels that include Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive and Four Peas. An active 2016 now sees Altek impress with a downtempo approach to “Microcosmos”. Retaining the strong lead line of the original at regular intervals, a sensual bass line ripples through a near ten-minute voyage of texture and precise percussive cadence. Loner’s arpeggio sequence features post-breakdown adding a further layer in an interesting remix.

A final offering sees Singapore and Bangalore based, Aman Anand, return to Suffused Music for the first time since a remix of Ethereal Mist in 2014. An artist of considerable pedigree, the self-taught producer has found himself allied to some of the finest modern underground labels that include Balkan Connection, OLD SQL and the Indian based, Juice Box Music. Furthermore, a contribution to the “Sudbeats III” compilation via “Raikou” in 2015 stamped a hallmark of quality on a career with a rapidly rising upwards trajectory. Supported by such luminaries as Cattaneo, Pappa and Secret Cinema, the Aman Anand treatment of “Microcosmos” is a strong, shimmering reworking that captures the sentiments of Eugene Loner’s original through percussive echoes while adding a dominant beat and generous additional production material. Meandering melodic sequences wend their path with consummate ease and the resulting, skillful work epitomizes the ‘less is more’ mantra.

A trio of new remixes from Greg Tomaz, Altek and Aman Anand have illustrated that Eugene Loner’s “Microcosmos” is expanding at an exponential rate.

Eugene Loner - Microcosmos (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Eugene Loner - Microcosmos (Greg Tomaz Remix) [Suffused Music]
Eugene Loner - Microcosmos (Altek Remix) [Suffused Music]
Eugene Loner - Microcosmos (Aman Anand Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Picture by Zsolt Fila
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dr Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices EP incl. Alex Vidal, Bobby Deep, Zan Prevee [SMD136]

The 136th release on Suffused Music welcomes Dr. Avalance and Goda Brother to the label for a brand new single. Having appeared 15 times previously Dr. Avalance is a label veteran while Goda Brother is making his debut. This first time collaboration has yielded exceptional results in the form of 'Electronic Devices' alongside remixes from Alex Vidal, Bobby Deep and Zan Prevee.

The original mix kicks the release off and finds a magical place almost immediately as the duo's fusion of styles meets in a place of harmonic bliss. Backed by a warm, fluid groove Dr. Avalance and Goda Brother methodically build intriguing themes and a smooth rhythmic cadence. A magical main break showcases the duos strong musical motifs while a wispy backdrop takes you further into the heavens. It serves as the flawless prelude to a warm, exhilarating finale that's perfectly dialled for the summer season ahead.

The first interpretation is provided by Alex Vidal who is making his third appearance on the label. The Spanish artist has been pushing his unique brand of progressive trance since making his production debut in September of 2013. He calls Bonzai Records and JOOF Records home while also having a long line of productions on Mistique Music and Stellar Fountain. For his 'Electronic Devices' interpretation Alex takes the piece into deep trance territory all while keeping an emphasis on the dreamy qualities which made the original so alluring. Waves of synths descend over the pulsating framework all throughout a driving first act before an emotive break provides what is perhaps the releases most heartfelt moment. Coming off much more indistinct than the original, it's wispy, swirling collage of sonics is breathtaking and when the warmth of the groove returns it's game over.

The second interpenetration of 'Electronic Devices' is provided by Bobby Deep who is making his second appearance on the label. The Greek producer is a long time veteran of the progressive house underground with a discography of over 400 entries. Notable appearances on Movement Recordings and Mistique Music have highlighted Bobby storied career and he turns in a wonderful rework of 'Electronic Devices’ here. With a more house oriented approach the Greek artist has crafted the ultimate terrace tune. Gorgeous bells, wispy vocals and a funky low-end make for an energetic yet emotive journey and perhaps one of Bobbby's all time best remixes as well.

The third and final interpretation of 'Electronic Devices' comes from Zan Prevee who is returning to Suffused Music for his second appearance. The Greek producer has been a staple on BCSA, Majestic Family, Mistique Music and Stellar Fountain over the years. His lone appearance on Suffused Music came in January of 2015 with a remix of Net Son and Lucas Hache. For his 'Electronic Devices' interpretation Zan has gone deep and dubby with excellent results. With an emphasis on rhythm and groove the Greek producer has laid down a perfect late night rework. Hypnotic refrains and ethereal waves take you into the tracks emotional core, ultimately peaking following a near two minute break packed full of otherworldly moments. Wonderful remix from

Zan and a perfectly styled release from Suffused Music to kick off the spring and summer season. Don't miss it.

Dr. Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices (Alex Vidal Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices (Bobby Deep Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices (Zan Prevee Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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