Monday, October 2, 2017

GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres EP incl. A-Jay (SL), Bobby Deep, Volkan Erman [SMD193]

The 193rd release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of GBrown's 'Believe by Two Hemispheres'. Originally released in August of 2016 as part of the 'Open' EP it found the US artist exploring deep atmospheric themes backed by a chugging, floor friendly groove. The track quickly became a standout in his discography and now Suffused Music calls upon A-Jay, Bobby Deep and Volkan Erman to reinterpret the track.

The first interpretation is provided by A-Jay who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. The Sri Lankan artist is much loved for his unique blend of house, techno and progressive, making him one of his regions most well known talents. Here he brings this approach to 'Believe by Two Hemispheres' taking the track into mystical territory. Tough beats, clanky percussion and rugged rhythms carve out a solid framework as the first act takes shape. A cross-cultural vocal lifts the vibe higher, particularity during an expansive break, ultimately setting up a spiritual finale.

The second interpretation of 'Believe by Two Hemispheres' is provided by Bobby Deep who is returning to the label for his fifth appearance. The Greek artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in January of 2017 with his 'Space Hunter' single. As a 25 year veteran of the progressive house scene Bobby has also appeared on Movement Recordings and Bonzai Records. Well known for his diversity Bobby is adept at crafting everything from deep, late night house to peak time progressive. On his 'Believe by Two Hemispheres' interpretation he opts for the former with a laid back, atmospheric version that sits as one of his career best remixes. The vocal narrative is stunning, reaching your darkest memories and conjuring a mystical vibe in the process, all while the dubby framework pushes forward with an effortless flow. 

The third and final interpretation of 'Believe by Two Hemispheres' is provided by Volkan Erman who is making his third appearance on the label. The Turkish born, Italy based artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in January of 2017 with his 'Labyrinth' EP. Now following releases on Stellar Fountain's Astrowave and Massive Harmony Records Volkan returns to Suffused Music for his most anticipated remix production of the year. Closing the release out in style, the Turkish artist brings a dark, sinister vibe to the piece with tough beats, grinding grooves and spooky electronics, all blanketed by an expansive vocal narrative which ultimately seals it's brilliance. 

GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres (A-Jay (SL) Remix) [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres (Bobby Deep Remix) [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres (Volkan Erman Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Mastered by Cid Inc., Pangea Mastering

Monday, September 25, 2017

Initializing, Vol 15 [SMDVA022]

The latest offering on Suffused Music finds the label presenting the latest installment in its 'Initializing' series. Beginning in January of 2014 the exclusives compilations quickly became one of the Lithuanian imprints most loved and also anticipated releases. The series has introduced electronic music fans to a wealth of undiscovered talent, while supplying music from some of the industry's most trusted names as well. Time after time it's shown how truly global our scene is as it brings together producers from all four corners of the planet. As 2017 winds to a close we find the label embarking on its fifteenth edition of the series. Once again stepping outside of traditional genre barriers Suffused Music touches on something far more vast than it's progressive minded roots. Featured on the fifteenth instalment are (in order of appearance) Ucròs, Kade B, ACIID BEATZ, Weird Sounding Dude, rAin (MU), Tomin Tomovic, LazySofa and Sherif Seddik, Pedro Nazer, GBS & Köschk, Leonardo Roth and Ogun Celik. A wonderful collection of music that you're going want to listen to several times over. Enjoy!

Ucròs - Patagonia [Suffused Music]
Kade B - Azazel [Suffused Music]
ACIID BEATZ - Beyond [Suffused Music]
Weird Sounding Dude - Hidden Lights [Suffused Music]
rAin (MU) - Queen of My Life [Suffused Music]
Tomin Tomovic, LazySofa, and Sherif Seddik - Sunset Vibez [Suffused Music]
Pedro Nazer - Heisenberg [Suffused Music]
GBS & Köschk - Zulu [Suffused Music]
Leonardo Roth - Chac [Suffused Music]
Ogun Celik - Rain Drops [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Mastered by Pangea Mastering, and others

Monday, September 18, 2017

Kymatik - Find and Loose EP [SMD192]

The 192nd release on Suffused Music welcomes Kymatik back to the label for his debut EP. The Berlin based artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint in September of 2016 with a remix of 'Can't Explain The Bang' by Andrez. Subsequent releases on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music and Germany's Afterglow Records have been received amidst much praise. Now making a welcome return to Suffused Music Kymatik presents his first EP for the label entitled 'Find and Loose'.

Since debuting the Kymatik alias, Torsten Fassbender of Wellenrausch fame has found a unique sonic space, one where emotion and groove is at a premium. The lead track 'The Moment I Saw You' showcases that wonderfully with a contoured low end and melancholic motifs. Musically distinct, it's sombre themes and lazy rhythms connect with squelchy stabs and glistening cascades. A timely break adds drama, keeping the classy vibe intact before percussive waves and icy pads lead the track to a heavenly finale.

The companion piece 'When Memories Blur' follows suit with a similarly laid back vibe and sombre narrative. Growling bass tones add depth and character as drifting atmospheres and esoteric electronics delight the senses. A charming lead and impassioned chord changes intersect for several magic moments across the nine minute journey while a well crafted break just adds to the mysterious mood. Two unique and inspired productions from Kymatik, who once again shows that creativity and musicality is at a premium when he steps into the studio.

Kymatik - The Moment I Saw You [Suffused Music]
Kymatik - When Memories Blur [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Monday, September 11, 2017

Evelynka - Lavender Whispers EP incl. DP-6, Dynamic Illusion, Volkan Erman [SMD191]

First appearing on the inspiring “Initializing, Vol. 10” back in July 2017, Evelynka and her brightly coloured “Lavender Whispers”, shone with its rich bass groove and haunting vocal phrasing. Replete with carefully crafted melodic sequences, Suffused Music now returns to the track with a trio of new remixes from Russia, Hungary and Turkey, with Evelynka’s original work standing tall amongst them.

Founded in 2000, the DP-6 project has seen considerable success in the live and production arenas. Also hosts of their own “DP-6 Presents Russian Minds” on Pure FM, Alexy Filin and Vadim Indigo have seen a plethora of tracks hit a host of high-calibre imprints. With over a double-century of those hitting the duo’s DP-6 Records, success has been a constant companion to the DP-6 name. Additional work for System Recordings and Black Hole has ensured their music has been well supported by the global DJ elite. Regulars on Suffused Music since a January 2016 debut, both “Eclipse” and “Twistor Space” have seen a host of remixes on the label. Remixing “Lavender Whispers”, the relaxed, swung groove and deep bass pattern immediately pays homage to the original as a delayed percussive hi-hat ripples from the mid-right. Elements of Evelynka’s vocal are reprised in lingering fashion from the mid-point onwards in a work that evolves delicately across its journey.

Enveloped in music from an early age and influenced by the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk, Daniel Gyarmati then went on to perform in local orchestras before discovering the world of electronic music in his teens. Going on to form the Dynamic Illusion moniker, Gyarmati became a strong protagonist of the progressive house and breaks scene. Early work in 2006 saw his music feature on the Retroid’s Morphosis Records as well as Toes in the Sands and Silk Music. Latterly, full-length albums for Welcome Music and Spring Tube then went on to see the ten-track “Inside” feature on Suffused Music in July 2017. A regular on the label since late 2013 with a panoply of original and remix material, the Dynamic Illusion remix is a beautifully warm offering, full of the trademark melodic motifs and driving beat that has been a staple of the Hungarian’s sound. Using a dynamic new bassline and Evelynka’s vocal to anchor the remix to the original, “Lavender Whispers” takes on a new and emotive path with multi-faceted layers of additional production elements.

Turkish producer, Volkan Erman, began his music production journey at the turn of the decade. Mastering his craft within the broad church of progressive house fused with elements of deep and tech house, Erman has garnered over 500 Beatport production credits to his name in a short five-year timespan. Entirely self-taught and honing his skills across his numerous releases in his spare time, Erman’s impressive portfolio has seen him become a resident on such high-profile labels as Balkan Connection and Iconyc. Finding himself allied to Suffused Music in March 2014 with “Expressions”, in collaboration with Hypnotic Progressions, January 2017’s twin-track “Labyrinth” EP was a notable highlight in January 2017. Now remixing Evelynka, the Volkan Erman remix of “Lavender Whispers” takes its own unique path with a raft of additional production material. Watermarked by a distinctive running bass line, the loquacious vocal sits atop as pulsating pads pulsate gently in waves across the stereo spectrum. A new lead line makes its presence felt in the third movement to create a unique new interpretation.

Evelynka sees “Lavender Whispers” take on a distinctive new hue with a trio of new remixes from DP-6, Dynamic Illusion and Volkan Erman.

Evelynka - Lavender Whispers (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Evelynka - Lavender Whispers (DP-6 Remix) [Suffused Music]
Evelynka - Lavender Whispers (Dynamic Illusion Remix) [Suffused Music]
Evelynka - Lavender Whispers (Volkan Erman Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc., Pangea Mastering

Monday, September 4, 2017

Abity - Electribe EP [SMD190]

The 190th release on Suffused Music welcomes Abity to the label for their debut EP. The Argentinean duo have been long time favourites of Nick Warren, having their tracks showcased in his sets and also playing at the legendary DJ’s Soundgarden parties. Now following releases on Stellar Fountain and Soundteller Records, Abity step up for their debut EP on Suffused Music entitled 'Electribe'. 

Getting underway with 'Fragments', Abity showcase their penchant for deep, emotive sounds. Set over a bed of warm, fluid bass tones the storyboard begins with playful rhythmic themes and airy atmospheres. Vibrant percussion provides momentum as subtle arps and wispy effects tantalize the senses.  Clocking in at a minute in length, the main break drifts further into never land with twinkly melodies and gentle synth swells leading to a gorgeous finale. 

Distinct and creative in equal measure, the EP's second selection 'Electribe' is a nine minute journey into the cosmos. It's stripped, punchy framework sets the perfect foundation for an array of astral effects and frayed melodies. Bulbous bass tones add dramatic space before a pulsating second act builds anticipation, setting up an even trippier finale. It's no doubt the showcase piece on the collection and a perfect segue into the closer 'Amazing Flow'. Reflective and quirky, waves of emotion run throughout with a playful, funky groove carrying the impassioned journey. Aquatic design highlights a delightful second act, leaving hopeful feelings and positive vibes as the EP rounds to a close. A superb Suffused Music debut for Abity, further solidifying them as one of Argentina's premier progressive house duos. 

Abity - Fragments [Suffused Music]
Abity - Electribe [Suffused Music]
Abity - Amazing Flow [Suffused Music]

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Ewan Rill - Celebration EP incl. Mario Puccio, Altek [SMD189]

As prolific as he is talented, Ewan Rill has been making tidal waves in the underground dance arena for a number of years. As he now returns to Suffused Music, “Celebration” marks another landmark moment including a pair of remixes from South America.

A Russian artist of prodigious talent, over 1,200 production credits tell their own story of Ewan Rill’s success in the dance arena. A renowned DJ in his native Siberia as well as the cosmopolitan cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Rill has quickly and easily translated his musical craft into the world of production. A 2011 debut for Balkan Connection quickly led to additional releases signed to the likes of Clinique, Stripped Digital and OLD SQL. Moreover, Ewan Rill’s music has been a staple on the Suffused Music imprint with a host of original and remix production credits to his name. Through “Celebration” Rill’s hallmark rhythmic sensibilities are brought fully to the fore as an intricate percussive groove and squelching bassline provide depth and substance. Evolving in silky smooth waves across the eight-minute narrative, delayed melodies coruscate across the mid-range, complementing the chunky groove. With numerous layers of sounds and textures delicately placed across the sonic sphere, “Celebration” is a joy to behold.

A classically trained musician and one of his country’s leading organists, Argentine, Mario Puccio, has an impressive set of musical credentials to his name. Influenced by classic rock acts, Puccio’s sideways step into the world of dance music has seen impressive results. Characterised by the layering of melodies, percussion and harmonies, Puccio’s sound has seen him feature on a host of well-established labels. Thus, Alola Records, SexOnWax and Stellar Fountain have all borne witness to the Mario Puccio sound, supported by such leading lights as Nick Warren, Henry Saiz and Robert Babicz, and charted on several occasions by Hernan Cattaneo on his monthly Resident show. Following up on March 2017’s “Utopia” EP for Suffused Music, the Mario Puccio remix is a deliciously lilting affair that evolves elegantly across its nine-minute path with strong beat and laidback rhythmic cadence. Carefully interpreting Ewan Rill’s melodic structure with stripped back precision and craft, a glorious chord change, provides an added air of intrigue and depth to an impressive work.

Mexican born Altek, is another South American talent. Heavily influenced by rock acts that include Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, a move into electronic music in 2005, would ultimately lead to a broad church of musical interests. With cross-genre appeal, Altek began a career behind the decks a year later as he honed his craft into the spheres of techno, deep and progressive house. Plying his trade in Austin, Texas, regular appearances in clubs across his adopted hometown sees mainstays of the underground dance scene flow from his fingertips. Trained in piano and music theory, a growing production portfolio since 2014’s debut for Beatamin Recordings, finds labels including Green Martian, Bonzai Progressive and Four Peas Recordings featuring his work. A pair of 2016 remixes for Suffused Music are now complemented by a third which sees Altek take a carefully constructed path that intelligently pays homage to the themes resonant in Ewan Rill’s original. Layers of additional production material and counterpoint melodies thus meander across the key melodic components of “Celebration”. Building to a rousing crescendo, the Altek remix explodes post-breakdown with purpose and intent.

Ewan Rill - Celebration [Suffused Music]
Ewan Rill - Celebration (Mario Puccio Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ewan Rill - Celebration (Altek Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc., Pangea Mastering

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hassan Rassmy - Harper EP [SMD188]

The 188th release on Suffused Music welcomes Hassan Rassmy to the label for his debut EP. The Egyptian artist has a long history in progressive music, dating back nearly a decade to his first release from the summer of 2008. Hassan's timeless approach to the genre has seen his music showcased on a variety of well known imprints, most notably Baroque Records and Mistique Music. Now making his much anticipated Suffused Music debut Hassan presents his latest EP entitled 'Harper'.

Beginning with the title and showcase piece 'Harper' we see Hassan exploring deep, sultry grooves and smooth radiant textures. Over a bed of finely tuned beats and rolling bass tones runs a stunning effects storyboard. Astral in design it leads to a strong rhythmic core and poignant centrepiece. Monumentally captivating, the break sends emotive pulses through the air before a wave of hazy atmospheres lifts the journey into a stunning third act finale.

The companion piece 'Go Deeper' serves as an ideal complement with its chunkier sensibility. Aptly titled the piece does go a touch deeper while still retaining amazing atmospheric qualities, not to mention great hooks. Quirky synths make for a lovely rhythmic flow, playing off vibrant chord stabs and ethereal vocals all the way to an exhilarating conclusion. Two gorgeous creations from Hassan making for a superb Suffused Music debut. Highly Recommended. 

Text by Release Promo
Mastered by Pangea Mastering