Monday, August 15, 2016

Andrez - Can't Explaint the Bang EP incl. Wellenrausch, Hot TuneiK, Amezquita [SMD147]

The 147th release on Suffused Music welcomes Andrez back to the label for a brand new single. The Bulgarian artist is making his sixth appearance on the Lithuanian imprint which follows his remix of Alfonso Muchacho's 'Neptune' from November of last year. Hugely prolific in the early stages of his career Andrez owns a discography with just under 200 credits while also recording under his Third Personality alias as well. A quieter 2016 has made new music from the Bulgarian all the more anticipated and his latest entitled 'Can't Explain the Bang' comes at precisely the right time. 

Beginning with a tough kick and mysterious vocal samples the allure of the track immediately draws you in. Waves of wobbly bass bring a hypnotic flair as dark drums slowly encompass the framework.  Gaseous stabs light up the atmosphere as cymbal rides push the momentum into the break. Perhaps a highlight, the tracks centrepiece slowly strips to a wall of white noise leaving just a solemn pad as the groove begins to rumble off in the distance. Years behind the decks have given Andrez that distinct dance floor vision which a moment of silence and killer drop proves in spades. Massive work from one of Bulgaria's finest talents.

A star studded remixer cast only adds to the tracks brilliance with Amezquita, Hot TuneiK and Wellenrausch all turning in superb renditions. First up Colombian artist Amezquita makes his second appearance on the label and puts his own unique twist on the track with a slightly deeper appeal. Clever beat patterns and pulsating bass tones give the piece an elusive cadence before a short break brings in a band of growling synths. A touch cinematic, the tracks second act proves both striking and emotive with broken beats, melancholic pads and reprocessed vocals leading to an uplifting conclusion. Brilliant remix from Amezquita.

The second interpretation is provided by one of Mexico's fastest rising stars Hot TuneiK who makes his debut on the label. The Hookah Records boss takes the track into deeper territory with great results. Hot TuneiK has been noted for his distinctive design before and well tailored percussion and perfectly contoured bass tones show that once again. Much dubbier than the previous two versions it works on a more subversive level and a well crafted break sets up a third act where those distinctive bass tones really shine. Gorgeous remix from Hot TuneiK.

Closing the release out are the much loved Wellenrausch duo who return for their second appearance on Suffused Music. The Berlin based pair recently remixed 'Changes Fast' by Tim Robert which was recognised by Beatport with a banner feature in the progressive house section. Their sound which sits somewhere between deep trance and progressive house remains one of the most unique hybrids in the underground and they've proven that once again with a stellar interpretation of 'Can’t Explain the Bang' to close the release out. It's chugging groove and mystical presence are irresistible as the piece begins. Waves of synths weave their way through the atmosphere developing a deep, meditative pulse before an emotive break delivers one of those magic moments you dream about as an electronic music fan.  Its melancholic leanings, modern design and ultra smooth flow are out of this world and it would be hard to argue that's it's not the duo's career best work. A stellar end to another superb collection of music from Suffused Music. Highly Recommended. 

Andrez - Can't Explain the Bang (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Andrez - Can't Explain the Bang (Wellenausch Pres. Kymatik Remix) [Suffused Music]
Andrez - Can't Explain the Bang (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Suffused Music]
Andrez - Can't Explain the Bang (Amezquita Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Munbraze - Invenire EP [SMD146]

The 146th release on Suffused Music welcomes Munbraze back to the label for a new single. Hailing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Daniel Muntean aka Munbraze has been a regular contributor to the Lithuanian imprint over the years. His old school sound which draws influences from the Sasha & Digweed led early 2000's also bridges a gap to progressive trance on occasion. What's locked inside though is something of great intrigue for both your mind and feet. It's what has allowed Munbraze to quietly grow into one of Romania's freshest electronic music talents. His 'Decem Mensium' single, released courtesy Suffused Music in September of 2014 remains a career highlight. Now stepping back into the spotlight nearly two years later Muzbraze presents his much anticipated 'Invenire' single across three separate versions.

Beginning with the original mix Munbraze showcases his freshest electronics to date. Anchored by waves of rolling bass and rugged synth stabs it's a mix that exudes character from the outset. Airy pads and delicate tones add a sense of hope to the dark foundation, ultimately carrying the track into a cavernous break. As the stabs continue to build tension above the stripped back groove, a wave of sonic dust brings the track to its atmospheric core, with gleaming keys and alien-like transmissions taking the listener into a meditative state. It's a special moment and one which foreshadows a goosebump worthy conclusion. 

Moving forward the 'Dark Afternoon' mix sees Munbraze rework the elements into a trippy state of mind with a lazier groove leading the way. More spacious in design, the acidic warbles and effects storyboard play heavily into the tracks late night appeal, while a carefully executed break delivers the most emotive moment on the release. Wrapped around those meaty kicks and mountainous basslines is wondrous atmospheric presence which appropriately gets a moment to shine as the release concludes with the 'Ambient' version. Gleaming delays, panning hits and perfectly contoured sonics highlight the mix, which leave you wanting to hear more from the mind of Munbraze. Certainly the crowning achievement of his career with all three versions sure to find a home in the appropriate boxes. The future looks bright for the Romanian talent and 'Invenire' is an important part of the story. Don't miss it. 

Munbraze - Invenire (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Munbraze - Invenire (Dark Afternoon Mix) [Suffused Music]
Munbraze - Invenire (Ambient Mix) [Suffused Music]

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface EP incl. Retroid, Following Light, KIDD Corp, Push'n'Ball [SMD145]

Veteran of the scene for a decade, Daniel Gyarmati has placed a significant stamp on the progressive breaks and house movement under his Dynamic Illusion guise. A regular on the Spring Tube and Morphosis labels, a clutch of productions for Suffused Music have centred around 2015’s “Runaway” EP. Now returning to the label, Dynamic Illusion discovers a “Liquid Surface”.

The original is a fast-paced track, filled with dynamic urgency courtesy of a running bass line and pounding beat. Hi-hat rhythms and percussive intricacy add to the action as a series of textured pads add delightful nuance, washing over the upper frequency range providing an intelligent musical paradox.

Ukrainian producer, Guk Kirill, is first to take up the remix reins with his Following Light moniker. With an academic background in fine arts to his name and the successful Inmost Records under his auspices, a pair of remixes for Suffused Music is now supplemented by a third. Taking the central themes of the original and placing them into a chunky rhythmic case, the Following Light remix adds a sinister, darker edge to proceedings through a series of dramatic effects and additional production.

Using a new creative guise to showcase his skills Gabor Darnoci, Krisztian Kovacs and Imre Szegedi, join forces with Dynamic Illusion to create the acronym infused KIDD Corp outfit. With lofty ambitions to “cultivate the real values of the progressive legacy…from a true human viewpoint”, the quartet now follows up a blissful rework of “Run Away” for Suffused Music, with a grittier new interpretation of “Liquid Surface”. The bass line now growls menacingly across the 9-minute journey, wreaking lower frequency havoc before a sumptuous breakdown turns the third movement into a lilting, eerie variation and a distinctive overall sound.

Hungarian duo, Push’n’Ball are next up on the remix trail. Regular DJ performances across their homeland have cemented a reputation for a distinctive sound that remained dormant in the production arena after a 2011 debut for CLS Music. Returning in 2015 with a pair of remixes and original contributions to the “X-Massive” compilation for BeMassive Records, Push’n’Ball debut on Suffused Music with a truly liquid offering that emphasises a softer melodic interpretation, redolent in cool shimmering pads and pulsating backdrops. New motifs can be heard in the back as themes gently evolve in a work of impressive skill and technique.

Adam Husz?r needs little introduction to the progressive breaks community. Under his Retroid production soubriquet, the Hungarian producer has shaped a genre with his huge rolling break beat grooves and razor sharp production skills. Responsible for the long-running and successful Morphosis imprint, a career highlight saw him asked to remix Hybrid’s “Original Sin” for Distinctive in 2011. A very welcome debut for Suffused Music thus sees a trademark broken rhythm and emotive, sustained bass line rip through the first half of the track with silky pads and filtered running arpeggio. A textured and stripped back breakdown then lays the foundation for an aural assault to continue in the third movement as evocative additional melodies showcase Retroid’s talent in no uncertain terms.

Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (Following Light Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (KIDD Corp 'Seahawk' Mix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (Push'n'Ball Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (Retroid Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Monday, July 25, 2016

GBrown - Open EP [SMD144]

The 144th release on Suffused Music welcomes GBrown back to the label for his debut EP. The US artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with a remix of 'Run Away' by Dynamic Illusion and Kelly Noland. Released in June it saw the New Orleans resident take the piece into progressive minded territory with great results. Now we see GBrown returning for this much anticipated debut EP entitled 'Open'. 

The release begins with 'Another Perspective', a deeply engaging, percussive number. From it's dubby, mystical beginnings to offset rhythmic structures and drummy clusters it's a joy for both the mind and feet. As the piece picks up momentum, sweeping effects pierce the air, with solemn atmospheres leading into the main break. Here a spoken word narrative takes centre-stage, it's druggy connotations meld perfectly with the psychedelic audio collage which surrounds it, before a smooth build drops the groove for what should be a delight on the dance floor. Great start to the EP.

Continuing with 'Believe by Two Hemispheres' GBrown explores deep atmospheric themes backed by a chugging, floor friendly groove. It's slow methodical build makes for a captivating first act as each electronic accent pushes the vibe higher, culminating with a release of tension as the main break commences. Again vocals play a large role in the tracks centrepiece, with cross cultural chants and spoken words elevating the dramatic appeal, as the beats drop for another magic moment. 

The release concludes with the deep and dark 'This Is Who We Are'. As the most menacing of the three it's rugged character and sinister themes immediately electrify the mind. Amidst a storm of beats and drums again sits an ominous vocal, perfectly processed with psychedelic flair it leads the piece into a deadly break. Perhaps GBrown's most inspired moment as he crafts a tension filled interlude with undulating bass and a wave of vocal effects. Definitely a moment to lose yourself in and with an even more haunting conclusion it rounds out the EP with you wanting more. Three stunning productions from GBrown which make for a perfect debut EP on Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

GBrown - Another Perspective [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Believe by Two Hemispheres [Suffused Music]
GBrown - This Is Who We Are [Suffused Music]

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Monday, July 11, 2016

KIDD Corp - Timelapse EP [SMD143]

The latest release on Suffused Music welcomes KIDD Corp back to the label for their debut EP. The newly formed quartet of Gabor Darnoci, Daniel Gyarmati (aka. Dynamic Illusion), Krisztian Kovacs and Imre Szegedi made their label debut with a gorgeous interpretation of 'Runaway' by Dynamic Illusion & Kelly Noland in June of this year. Now set to present their first original material the KIDD Corp returns with the much anticipated 'Timelapse EP'. 

The ethos of the KIDD Corp project is rooted in the legacy of progressive minded sounds with a look forward into the future. That certainly holds true on the EP's opener 'Timelapse' with it's deep, sultry grooves and heart warming vocals. Anchored by a laid back groove, the quartet expertly accents the framework with dreamy motifs and intricate electronics. As the vocal storyboard unfolds in the main break the emotive qualities rise. The drop is both delicate and poignant with an airy flair ultimately leading to a wondrous finale. 

Continuing with the EP's second offering, 'We Have Work 2 Do' comes with a more traditional progressive mentality. Lead by a chunky groove, raspy stabs and indistinct vocal trails it's a delight for the both the mind and feet. Rolling rhythms continue to bring the momentum up before a timely break reveals a spoken word vocal, resetting the groove into driving, dubby territory. One final break brings further dramatic tension before a fading silence gets broken with vocal gates and a rush of beats and drums. A standout production from KIDD Corp.

The EP concludes with 'Back to Moon' which finds the quartet bringing a smooth, effortless and deeply hypnotic journey. Galloping beats, gaseous atmospheres and a lovely arp lead the charge, eventually revealing a classically styled main break. Again highlighted by a spoken word, sci-fi themed vocal the emotive energy expands as waves of white noise swirl around the numerical countdown. It makes for a gorgeous apex and foreshadows a poignant third act which creates a hopeful and reflective vibe to the end the release on. A superb debut offering from KIDD Corp and another exceptional release from Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

KIDD Corp - Timelapse [Suffused Music]
KIDD Corp - We Have Work 2 Do [Suffused Music]
KIDD Corp - Back to Moon [Suffused Music]

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Monday, July 4, 2016

DJ Yoko - Daydream EP [SMD142]

The latest release on Suffused Music welcomes DJ Yoko to the label for his debut EP. The Japanese artist made his first steps into electronic music in 2008 with a string of releases on the Galaxy Recz imprint based out of Yokohama. His party oriented sound progressed quickly, refined and sculpted into something timeless and melodic. It attracted the attention of well known Japanese imprint Hypnotic Room where his future work earned praise from Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin. A pivotal moment in Yoko's career came in 2014 when his 'Sky Drive' production was played by Hernan Cattaneo on his hugely popular 'Resident' podcast. The spacy, melodic gem paved the way for new things which have lead to his much anticipated debut EP for Suffused Music entitled 'Daydream'.

The aptly titled 'Daydream' begins with a cluster of melodies accented with sparse yet poignant piano's. As the swirling harmonics rise the kick eventually drops with a hopeful pad pulling in more emotive energy. Dynamic claps and percussive waves bring further drive while a timeless band of chord changes complement the glowing arps perfectly. Void of any major break, it's steady, methodical build just adds to its heartwarming moods and ultimately makes for an exhilarating seven minute journey.

The companion piece 'Nostalgia' comes with similar design profiles and a lovely melodic storyboard. Again aptly titled, the piece is a nod to the classic sounds from the late nineties. Comparison's to Humate's 'Love Stimulation' could certainly be made and the emotive energy is perhaps just as poignant, with its wistful qualities casting a reflective tone. A beautiful piece of music from DJ Yoko and a fitting conclusion to his Suffused Music debut. Don't miss it. 

DJ Yoko - Daydream (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
DJ Yoko - Nostalgia (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Subconscious Tales - Arris Part2 incl. Third Personality, Mariano Santos, Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim [SMD141]

Part of May 2015’s release schedule on Suffused Music, the “Arris” EP showcased the production skills of Latvian producer, Ivars Tiliks and his Subconscious Tales moniker. Now, the three-track EP returns to the label as a trio of remixes extends the story further.

First up on the remix trail, Bulgarian, Andrez Nikolov returns to Suffused Music with his Third Personality alter-ego after a debut reworking of DP-6’s “Eclipse” at the start of 2016. An accomplished musician who graduated from “The State Academy of Music” in his country’s Sofia capital, a background as a rock musician stood Nikolov in good stead as he emerged onto the underground dance scene at the turn of the millennium. A part of the renowned InSound agency since 2009, DJ appearances across his homeland have propelled the Third Personality name into the limelight with his own unique style. A production career that has seen a quarter of a century of production credits for the BIT Records imprint has further been supplemented by work for Balkan Connection South America, 238W and Stellar Fountain. Reworking the title track, the Third Personality remix of “Arris” is a low-slung tech house interpretation that replaces the hard techno rhythms of the original with a rich bass groove and intricate percussive cadence. With exacting use of Subconscious Tales’ original components, the resultant work is sure to find success across the dancefloors of Europe and beyond.

Argentinean, Mariano Santos, is a man with over 25 years-experience in the world of dance music. A DJ with appearances across the globe in including Turkey, Egypt, Brazil and Chile, his inimitable tech house and techno style has enraptured dancefloors in addition to the regular, weekly “NightBeat” radio show syndicated to over seventy stations worldwide. A production career that has seen him set up a plethora of record labels, over a century of production credits have found their way on to his own Santos Recordings as remix and original production material has also featured on such celebrated imprints as Xela Digital, Cubek and Bonzai. Furthermore, an appearance on the front cover of the Greek, “Freeze MGZ” magazine saw 20,000 copies of his music published. Marking his debut for Suffused Music with a reworking of “Edge”, the thumping, techno energy of the original is fully correct and present in the Mariano Santos remix as he utilises a cornucopia of production techniques and effects to produce a pounding kick, supplemented by cadenced, intricate rhythm and subtle melodic riff in a work of skill and poise.

Mexican duo, Joy Marquez and Abdel Karim take up the mantle for the final offering. Regular collaborators, the pair have seen their work signed for a host of labels including Phunk Traxx, Komunale Music and Klexos Records. Recognised by “DJ Concept Magazine” as best DJ/producer for eight consecutive years, Marquez’s pedigree is undeniable touring across the globe with appearances in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Colombia. As a producer, his solo work has also featured on Rick Pier O’Neil’s RPO imprint as well as Nervous and Futura Groove with support from Judge Jules and Amin Van Buuren. First appearing on Suffused Music courtesy of “The Teacher” EP with Chriss Lerman, Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim’s debut remix is an intelligent tech house reworking of “Ignition”. Taking a stripped back approach to Subconscious Tales’ work, a dominant kick is soon paired with the instantly recognisable riff that plays such a key part of the original, while additional production via a shuffling, hi-hat percussive section provides dynamic energy and dance floor seduction.

Three new remixes sees “Arris” take on a new lease of life through Third Personality, Mariano Santos and Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim.

Subconscious Tales - Arris (Third Personality Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Edge (Mariano Santos Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Ignition (Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim Remix) [Suffused Music]

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