Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ewan Rill - Be a Water EP incl. Namatjira, GMJ [SMD124]

The 124th release on Suffused Music welcomes Ewan Rill back to the label for a brand new single. The Russian producer and Sever Records label boss was one of 2015's most prolific artists. His pendant for all things progressive and groovy made him one of the year's most in demand remixers. As a result original material from Ewan became scarce and each new project was met with great anticipation. Several impressive remixes again have kicked the new year off nicely for Ewan and now Suffused Music presents his first original material of 2016 with a new single entitled 'Be A Water' alongside remixes from GMJ and Namatjira

For as prolific as Ewan is he's also extremely diverse, the common dominator in all his productions though is a keen dance floor sensibility. 'Be a Water' is no different with its funky foundation, phasing vocals and shimmering hypnotics. It's smooth rhythmic cadence makes it immediately alluring while a bevy of subtle motifs further tantalizes the senses. An understated break plays well to the tracks delicate sensibility, allowing the impact of the groove to be felt on a subversive level upon return. Likely one of Ewan's most mature works to date which certainly sets a strong precedent for the remainder of 2016.

The first interpretation of 'Be a Water' is provided by GMJ who is making his debut appearance on Suffused Music. As one of 2015's brightest stars, the Aussie producer navigated his way from one impressive project to another, finding a home on Proton's Particles and Balkan Connection. With an intelligent approach that draws influences from the Aussie old school and progressive new school, GMJ has become one of the undergrounds most intriguing artists. His Suffused Music debut has been much anticipated and he delivers a strong interpretation of 'Be a Water' as a result. With a deeper, more ethereal vibe GMJ has opened the piece up to a broader range of floors while adding his own subtle, yet profoundly emotional twist. A band of trailing effects casts a dubby haze as a light tonal theme continues to lift the mood with each passing loop. A short but well executed break brings a euphoric rush before a third act of dubbed out chord changes takes you home. 

The second and final interpretation of 'Be a Water' is provided by Namatjira who is also making his first appearance on Suffused Music. 2015 was filled with many great accomplishments for the Dutch producer. His debut album on 3rd Avenue was met with praise from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren while an EP for Omid 16B's SexOnWax drew similar acclaim. Namatjira continued to build on that success to start the new year with a strong remix for Sound Avenue along with a hugely impressive 4 track EP for dPen's The Last Of Us Music. Now for his much anticipated Suffused Music debut Namatjira closes the release out with a great rendition of 'Be a Water'. Anchored by a subterranean groove and shifting designs it's a mix that proves impactful,  both for the dance floor and the mind. It's swirling motifs and trail of sonic decay make for an intoxicating journey while a stripped down second act sits as it's a gorgeous centrepiece. Beautiful remix from Namatjira and one of Suffused Music's all time best offerings. Don't miss it. 

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Carlos Gracia
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gibbon - Birth of Whales (Album) [SMD123]

The 123rd release on Suffused Music finds the label presenting its first ever artist album. It's a momentous occasion for the Lithuanian imprint which also sees the debut of Gibbon to the label. The Serbian artist has been crafting melodic shades of house and electronica for the last six years with appearances on Bonzai's Green Martian division being one of many highlights. Now as 2016 begins we see Gibbon presenting his long awaited debut LP entitled 'Birth Of Whales'.

In a journey which unfolds over ten pieces Gibbon explores various stylistic shifts with a common theme of melody and soul. Beginning with the playful piece 'Sea Turtles Migration' it immediately sets a tone of lighthearted and childlike motifs which the rest of the album explores so beautifully. The title selection 'Birth Of Whales' ups the tempo nicely, before a rush of textural warmth introduces a chain of aquatic motifs and cascading keys, which dominate the break. It's funky groove and whimsical romp are irresistible and make for an invigorating conclusion. This leads perfectly into the deeper, musical gem 'Caribbean Sunset' with its sax-like hooks and marimbas conjuring up a seaside atmosphere. Aptly coined 'Spring Awakening' brings visions of leaves changing colour and warm breezy days. It's kaleidoscopic keys and bouncy groove are perfect for signalling the beginning of a brighter moment in our existence. Now nearing the halfway point Gibbon shifts the mood into something a touch more minimalistic in 'Hunted Deer'. A charged groove provides the perfect foundation for its elaborate keys to work their magic and a piano led break lifts the emotion a notch or two higher before a flute motif seals its overall brilliance.

The aquatic themed journey continues with 'Underwater Caves', a spirited melodic composition with soft rhythmic tones, vibrant melodies and great flute themes once again. The albums seventh and perhaps darkest selection 'Enlightenment' brings the mood down nicely with some subversive themes and a spoken word sample which many may recognize from Hallucinogen's psychedelic trance classic 'LSD'. With the journey nearing its peak the album's eighth track 'Time' keeps things a touch more understated with a nice complement of flirtatious keys and sparkling electronics, all backed by another stupendous groove that's perfectly dialed in for the dance floor. Upping the tempo now Gibbon presents one of the album's most sincere creations 'Blizzard'. A magical presence is locked away in those mesmerizing keys and a perfectly executed break bring a rush of warm emotions into the third act. The album's closing piece, an ambient version of 'Spring Awakening' is perhaps its most poignant, and rightfully so. After the blissful journey which preceded it a delicate, calming approach seems to make perfect sense. It's broken beats, indistinct vocals and hypnotic melodies are all wrapped up in a textural haze of wildlife motifs, which end the album on a heartfelt note. A beautiful collection of music from Gibbon who you're no doubt going to be hearing a lot about in the near future. 

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Christopher Michel
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Amezquita - Perpetual EP incl. Dark Soul Project pres. Dancing With Myself, Anthony Yarranton [SMD122]

With a stream of quality music across Suffused Music in 2015, Colombian producer, Amezquita, now joins the label’s 2016 roster with “Perpetual”, complemented by a pair of remixes from Argentinean progressive flair and UK deep house mastery.

One of his country’s brightest emerging talents, Amezquita’s work since a 2013 debut for Sonnet Speciale has been impressive. Subsequent tracks for an array of impressive labels has seen the Bogota resident hit the heights with original work for Mirabilis, Wasabi and System Recordings to name but a few. Now debuting on Suffused Music, Amezquita and his “Perpetual” opens with a strong percussive groove as muted stabs play their part. Opening up into a full-blooded, beats laden work, textured layers and additional motifs add a further dimension to a work that evolves elegantly over the course of its seven-minute voyage.

Ivan Jaime needs little introduction through his Dark Soul Project soubriquet. An artist passionate about art in all its forms, his lifelong relationship with fine art has in turn seen the Argentinean become an accomplished pianist and guitarist. Production work has seen the Dark Soul Project name allied to a plethora of blue chip imprints as Baires, Mistique Music and Sudbeat have all borne witness to Jaime’s work. Further supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Sasha, an appearance on Nick Warren’s “Soundgarden” compilation was a notable career highlight for the South American producer. Debuting on Suffused Music, the ‘Dark Soul Project presents Dancing With Myself’ remix takes Amezquita’s original and turns “Perpetual” into a dark, driving, brooding affair full of menace and mystery. Using the original components to great effect, additional production in the way of pitched vocal cuts and hypnotic percussive cadence sit alongside a stereoscopic analogue lead that lacerates its way through the mix in impressive style.

UK producer, Anthony Yarranton, has been a force to be reckoned with over a hugely impressive career thus far. Originally finding favour with Armada through his track, “Bedlam” in 2010, his work for Particles and Proton Music has seen the iconic “Bag of Bells” and “Soul Tax” EPs hit the headlines. A regular on the Axon imprint with such releases as “Bohemian Groove” and “Tip Assist”, Yarranton has seen his work supported by Digweed, Warren and Seaman among others. A regularly touring DJ across the UK and Europe, an impressive ability to read his audiences has secured a growing reputation behind the decks. A third Suffused Music debutant, the Anthony Yarranton reworking of “Perpetual” is a mature offering that blends Amezquita’s original components and Yarranton’s own additional production material with eloquent ease. Deep house beats and chord stab flavours blend seamlessly into a coherent new version that is sure to find favour with club goers through its hypnotic flow and dynamic evolution.

Two remixes from Dark Soul Project and Anthony Yarranton have helped Amezquita demonstrate “Perpetual” success.

Text by James Warren
Picture by referencias proyectos
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch EP (Suffused Music Edition) incl. Kobb, Spacebeat [SMD121]

The 121st release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing the first of their 'Edition' series remix packages. The first instalment in the series features long time industry favourites Shiloh. The Canadian duo is part of progressive house royalty and both new and old fans of the genre look back on their discography quite fondly. Since beginning their career in 2003 Shiloh have appeared on Audio Therapy, Baroque Records, Global Underground and Hope Recordings. One of their most poignant creations over the years has undoubtedly been 'Landmine Hopscotch'. Released in 2009 courtesy of Proton Music the up-tempo progressive piece contained a bevy of Shiloh's trademarks hooks and blissful melodies. The original release also included the Hernan Cattaneo supported Cid Inc. interpretation and the track later went on to receive three additional remixes from Soundprank, Micah and Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union. Now over six years later Suffused Music has the distinct honour of resurrecting the classic with new interpretations from Kobb and Spacebeat.

The first interpretation of 'Landmine Hopscotch’ is provided by Kobb who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. Kobi Yitzhaki aka Kobb is a 31 year old Israeli producer who’s big break in electronic music came when he was announced as one of the finalists in Heineken’s Thirst competition. Kobb earned a slot alongside John Digweed at the final 5000 person event and since then has been focused on developing his own unique production style. Kobb’s initial studio creations (in 2010) for Plattenbank and Asymmetric Recordings were hugely impressive and some of his more recent work for Dopamine Music and E Sound Records has been equally inspiring. His much anticipated 'Landmine Hopscotch' interpretation might be his best and most sought after production yet; with its funky, melodic nature and buoyant beats leading the charge. Clever edits and some unique design make for a sensational first act before the piece breaks down revealing that classic lead melody from the original (albeit in a much more indistinct manner). The moments of bliss are merely teased as a rush of beats and drums bring those firing electronics and romping groove back for a sensational conclusion. Huge remix from Kobb and one you'll be hearing a lot over the first quarter of 2016.

The second and final interpretation of 'Landmine Hopscotch' is provided by Spacebeat who is making his sixth appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian artist has had several stand out productions this with original and remix work for 238 West and Stellar Fountain being just a few of the highlights. Aptly coined 'Electric Calm' Spacebeat has gone deep and dubby for his 'Landmine Hopscotch' interpretation. The Russian's smooth grooves and hypnotic rhythms are a delight for the senses and provide a wonderful late night vibe. It's a radical departure from the original and thus a great complement to the previous two versions here. It's bubbly textures and cascading tones are a match made in harmonic heaven, providing a smooth yet exhilarating finale. A top notch re-issue from Suffused Music with more to look forward to as 2016 moves forward. Don't miss it.

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Scott Swigart
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Modeplex - Spectrum EP [SMD120]

With futuristic soulful, sensual productions, we have Modeplex, aka Dave bringing us his EP out on Suffused Music. The release has 3 original tracks pierced with some delicious grooves and beats. 

First up, we have Spectrum, assembled on a slow dreamy downtempo house bassline. The track carries a nice progressive rhythm to it with some amusing triads and cascading synth lines leading to a nice vocal snipping in and out. The balanced tempo variation of highs and lows maintains a deep house swing, guarding the mood of the track. 

Visitation, wherein starts on a bouncy note. The moment you play you will know, it’s hard to not move while listening to it. The romping bassline drive slowly peaks into the buildup along melodic chords and strings crafted with some dramatic elements in the breakdown. This track can set the dancefloor into chaos.

What Ever You Need is my favorite from the release. The track takes a different route, kicking off with a deeper thump & fat sub-bass at the start. Streaming into some prodigious warped synths, chunky beats and snares of the sleazy synthesizer adding a susceptible groove to it. The alluring male vocal adds more mood to the track gliding smoother and deeper. Modeplex maintains the deep house essence throughout the track.

Overall a clear array of quality music production right here. Very balanced release with three distinct tracks, once again another fulfilling release and highly recommended.

Anthony Pappa
Best track here is “Whatever You Need” Thanks.

Spectrum is nice thanks

Text by Sarah Mathews
Picture by Nacho Pintos
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay EP incl. Rick Pier O'Neil, Killian's, Wes Straub [SMD119]

The 119th release on Suffused Music welcomes Elliott Duquai and No One back to the label for a new single. The French duo made their debut on the Lithuanian imprint in April of 2014 with 'Specific F-Influencia'. The EP featured two up-tempo productions which showcased the trancier spectrum of progressive house. Then almost exactly a year later the duo returned with a fresh approach and their newest studio creation 'Maschine' which was a contemporary take on progressive techno. The much loved duo has been quiet ever since and with a productive time in the studio the duo now emerge with 'Mosquito Bay' alongside remixes from Rick Pier O'Neil, Killian's and Wes Straub.

The release gets underway with the original mix and it shows that months locked away in the studio has been fruitful for Elliott and No One. The duos sound has evolved once again and 'Mosquito Bay' represents months of hard work. Anchored by a hook heavy, hypnotic groove it doesn't take long for this one to suck you in. As the piece builds layers of metallic synths, galloping rhythms, distinctive stabs and feathered electronics bring waves of momentum, which drive the track into an endless loop of infectious energy. Void of any real main break the duo keeps the groove locked with unique design and a relentless approach. A powerful production from Elliott Duquai and No One.

The first interpretation of 'Mosquito Bay' is provided by Rick Pier O'Neil who is returning to Suffused Music for his sixth appearance. The French producer and RPO Records label boss first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with 'Shimmer of Lights'. Released just over 12 months ago the two track EP was part of a career resurgence for Rick who has been quiet for several years prior. Rick has now re-established himself as a top producer in the underground and boasts a discography with releases on Armada, Baroque Records, Blackhole Records, Bonzai Records and more. He's certainly found a home on Suffused Music with several of his best productions coming courtesy of the Lithuanian imprint. His 'Mosquito Bay' interpretation is no different as he takes the great energy from the original and transforms it into his own new school progressive techno vision. Rick's distinctive designs always push the sonic envelope and in combination with a mean, hypnotic groove it makes for a dubbier, more dance floor ready version of the original. A deadly interpretation from Rick which you'll no doubt be hearing a lot in the coming months.

The second interpretation of 'Mosquito Bay' is provided by Killian's who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The French producer has an extensive discography highlighted by releases on 1605, Toolroom and his own Cobra Records. Having earned support from Umek, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler and more Killian has already notched his place in the underground. His club friendly fusion of Tech House and Techno has remained fresh and he's brought that vision once again with a great interpretation of 'Mosquito Bay'. Killian's percussive framework is backed with a rolling groove aimed squarely at the dance floor. Phasing tones and strong rhythmic elements drive the track into the main break. Here Killian drops a catchy vocal hook, propelling the track to even greater heights. The third act continues the storyboard with new found vocals along with the infectious swing which should make for dance floor devastation.

The third and final interpretation of 'Mosquito Bay' is provided by Wes Straub who is returning to Suffused Music for his second appearance. The Canadian born, now Mexico based producer first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with a contribution to the label Initializing Vol. V compilation from May of this year. Well known as a DJ, Wes has shared the decks with Markus Schulz, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Max Graham and Laidback Luke to name just a few. A pivotal moment in Wes’s production career came in 2013 when he was announced as the winner of the Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten (New World Punx) remix competition. He has since gone on to appear on a variety of top imprints including John OO Fleming’s JOOF Recordings, Kunai Records and Sound Avenue. His return to Suffused Music has been much anticipated and he's closed the release out with an excellent interpretation of 'Mosquito Bay'. Wes' energetic style complements the original really well as he takes a grander approach with cascading synth swells, bulging bass stabs and discernible hypnotic rhythm. The break builds tension with a bassy narrative and those epic lines seemingly reach a notch higher with each successive loop. It makes for a magical moment and one which closes the EP out on a high note. Huge remix from Wes and a quality offering from Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay [Suffused Music]
Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Suffused Music]
Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay (Killian's Remix) [Suffused Music]
Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay (Wes Straub Remix) [Suffused Music]

nice one!

Dale Middleton
original is very cool here, will play

Micah (Global Underground)
RPO mix for me

Fernando Ferreyra
Very Nice EP, Thanks

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
Picture by Natesh Ramasamy
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Josma - Signals EP [SMD118]

As 2016 opens its doors, Suffused Music looks to develop its reputation for breaking exciting new artists to the label and showcasing their impressive music in the process. To this end, Josma now joins the Suffused Music ranks with the three-track, “Signals”.

The product of the combined talents of friends, Jose Toledo and Maxi Montivero, Josma, enters the underground dance arena with notable credentials. Both hailing from the central Argentinean city of Codoba, Montivero, an accomplished pianist, has seen success under his own name. A clutch of productions over a four-year period has seen original music signed to Deepmentality and Balkan Connection, after a debut for Area Sur Records in 2010. Furthermore, “Remember” for the highly influential imprint Tulipa, on the Brendon Collins curated “Petal Four”, was a notable 2014 highlight.

Making his production debut, Jose Toledo, is another skilled musician, proficient in guitar and piano, and using his talent to perform in a rock band. Now moving into the dance music arena, his collaboration with Montivero has seen the ten-year long friends combine their respective talents. Working closely for more than a decade, the duo have produced music in a variety of genres but have, thus far, not ventured into a collaborative partnership. This is now rectified through their Josma production pseudonym and the striking “Signals” EP.

Opening track, “Dark Memories”, is an intelligently produced piece driven by cadenced hi-hat percussion that lilts atop dominant kick. Melodic flair is brought to the fore by a strong lead riff that plants a hook squarely in the listener’s subconscious. Evolving strongly throughout, rhythmic stabs and sustained bass line create an emotive whole.

Glimmer” is a hypnotic affair that revels in rhythm and bass glory. A house beat drives the track forward as it evolves delicately via filtered bass line warmth and percussive ingenuity. A vibrato melodic riff makes its presence felt from the mid point onwards, developing into stepped sequence glory post-breakdown and working in splendid synchronicity with rhythmic components in the third movement.

The title track itself continues the themes central to its EP counterparts as “Signals” makes a strong play through it ticking percussive rhythm. A plucked riff plays its part in rhythmic interest before a wonderful arpeggio lights up proceedings, laying the foundation for a delicate played riff to showcase Josma’s musicianship. A strong bass line and pulsating pads are final component in an impressive work.

An intelligent and homogenous offering, a brand new three-track EP from JosmaSignals” a stirring mark of intent.

Text by James Warren
Picture by Vern Southern
Mastered by Cid Inc.