Thursday, March 19, 2015

Elliott Duquai & No One - Maschine EP incl. Alessandro Diga, Ewan Rill, Sean McClellan [SMD086]

The 86th release on Suffused Music features an exciting new collaboration from Elliott Duquai and No One. The French production duo began working together in 2011 but it wasn't until 2014 that the results of their studio efforts were revealed to the masses. An appearance on Baroque's WMC 2014 compilation along with EP's for Suffused Music, BQ Recordings and LuPS Records capped the year off and their newest offering for Suffused Music entitled 'Maschine' looks to get 2015 off to a great start.

Elliott and No One have gained a great following in the underground for their timeless production sensibilities. Their fusion of progressive house and techno was well received on the dance floor and proved successful in Beatport's sales charts. Their latest 'Maschine' begins with a long hypnotic intro reminiscent of a classic Sasha and Digweed set. With an amazing atmosphere already in place the beats drop in at the two minute mark which should prove to be a great moment if used as an intro. Smooth synth lines along with a pumping groove and raspy hooks lift the energy higher as the track transitions through its second act, while sweeping textures further tantalize the senses during an exhilarating conclusion.

The remixes included also offer something quite exciting. First up Alessandro Diga makes his Suffused Music debut following a long line of successful projects for Black Hole Recordings, Manual Music, Perspectives Digital and Moonbeam Digital. The Dutch producers unique take on progressive techno sounds fresh and inspired here with an outstanding rendition of 'Maschine'. The funkiness of the groove immediately stands out and makes the dance floor sensibility quite high, while the vocal stabs along with textural percs just add to the tracks bounce. A motif of shifting tones becomes fully realized during the main break and proves to be an amazing tension builder. A calculated build then summons the groove back for a tasteful re-entry along with a new found hypnotic theme which propels the track to a sleek and classy finale.

The second interpretation of ‘Maschine’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his eighth appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian producer has been busy thus far in 2015. The launch of his Sever Records imprint has been a huge success and remixes for Majestic Family, Microbios and Soundteller are already rocking the Beatport charts. For his 'Maschine' interpretation Ewan has crafted one of the funkiest creations of this career. Backed by a well carved groove with enormous swing and a playful theme of bleeps this is sure to garner attention on the dance floor. Developing over the first act, an atmospheric story board flows through the main break and sets up an even more powerful return, with a reinforced groove and complement of sparkling hats delivering a blissful finish.

The third and final interpretation of 'Maschine' is provided by Sean McClellan who is making his sixth appearance on Suffused Music. The US producer has a storied history in electronic music; his appearances on Bedrock Records, Baroque Records and System Recordings have stood the test of time remarkably well and he's closed the release out with a great remix of 'Maschine'. Sean's refined style sounds fabulous here with a smooth, hypnotic groove and great synth hooks leading the way. Layers of big bass swells lift the energy higher while a vortex of electronics pushes the track through the main break. The second half offers more aural candy with a set of rhythmic tones adding nicely to the groove for a rocking finale. Great remix from Sean and another spot on release from Suffused Music.

Jimmy Van M (Bedrock / Hope / Selador / Parquet / Tulipa / AlterImage):
Solid EP! McClellan remix is on point! Thanks :)

Kieran J (Baires, Asymmetric, Sound Avenue, Change Audio, Stripped, L3D.):
Wicked release all round, Alessandro\'s remix is excellent!

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by Zach Dischner
Cid Inc Mastering

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ri Za - Far Boyond My Mind EP [SMD085]

Ri Za is one of the rising talents in the slovakian techno/house scene. He has build a very good repution with constant hard and effective work, which can be highlighted with releases on well renowned labels like Baroque Records and Traum. His works operating with a crystal clear sound - as a reference, as he is working as a mastering engineer too - crossing the fat, tech flavoured baseline and textures with housey vibes, and airy visions. The creative segment will ensure the power of ideas in his latest EP signed with Suffused Music - as the label's 85th piece - called 'Far Beyond My Mind'. This 3-tracker is the statement of Ri Za's sound, which is able to fascinate without additional remix works. The swirling synths flirts with sharp rhythm portions in 'Champions'. 'Far Beyond' drops more melodic ingredients on the energetic tone, while 'My Mind' is a love affair of glistering sound, laying on a fast evolving baseline, spiced with a charming female vocal.

Ri Za - Champions (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - Far Beyond (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - My Mind (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Greyloop
Picture by Zach Dischner
Cid Inc Mastering

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Josel - Consequences EP incl. Audio Noir, Rikki Sawyer, Springa [SMD084]

Ioannis Selimas better known as Josel currently based in London is an upcoming producer in the scene today. He is back on the label with Consequences EP. Preserving his consistency with sounds and style, Josel has given the original track a nice leisurely start with tribal tones, slowly infusing into a dreamy atmospheric pad with a driving bassline. Heading into a swirling techy pitch of ramping chords the tune is combined with sensibility bringing together a perfect display of sounds. The release has three remixes from Audio Noir, Rikki Sawyer and Springa.

The first remix is from Adelaide based producer Audio Noir. He approaches the original with a very interesting technique; he breaks the tune cleverly along two breakdown starting with tribal beats & tones, progressing into a peaky breakdown with a slow wobbly bassline teamed with hard beats and groove to later surprising us with a more heavy fastidious techish end. This one is sure to keep you moving.

Next we have Rikki Sawyer, bringing us his version of the tune. Built on slow progressive swelling bassline, eclectic grooves the tune keeps growing beat after beat with dispersing weaving sfx, giving it a more prime feel. The bouncy analogue synths bring in that extra techno flavor to it. Sublime.

Lastly we have Inkfish producer Mattias Lindblom's aka Springa giving the tune a nice vibe. His version starts with a nice dramatic bassline perched with synth arps and intricate elements. The bass introduces a nice mood, along the percussions which is relentlessly unstoppable. The nice oldskool layered synths sound great, giving the tune a great atmosphere.

Overall a great package & prominent work of good production.

Moonbeam (Black Hole/Proton/Traum)
Springa mix for us. Thanks.

Rikki's remix for me!!

Stephane K 
thanks !! rikki mix !

Airwave (JOOF, Bonzai Progressive, LCD Recordings)

Progress Inn (Vapour Recordings, Lowbit, Sound Avenue)
Rikki Sawyer remix is wicked!

Rikki and Springa remix my fav. here!

Magnetic Brothers (Deep Blue Eyes • MAG.LAB on DI.FM)
liking all EP, original, Rikki Sawyer and Springa are the picks, thank you

Ewan Rill (Deep Dusk)
Already picked Audio Noir remix, I think I will try Rikki remix too)) thanks!

Pete Mccarthey (Cocoon,Vapour,Proton)
Springa rmx for me. thnx

Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio)
springa remix!

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Rikki's & Springa's remixes work really well for me.

Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
rikki and springa's remixes are both very cool!

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
Springa remix for me here, good remix!

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Very Nice EP, Original Mix for me, thanks

Text by Sarah Mathews
Picture by Jan
Cid Inc Mastering