Saturday, December 1, 2018

Mario Puccio - Welcome to Utopia EP incl. Ewan Rill, Micah Paul Lukasewich [SMD235]

A century of production credits has found Mario Puccio at the vanguard of underground progressive house. An accomplished musician, an impressive DJ career has seen performances in Los Angeles, London and Budapest while production work has seen him sign his music to SexOnWax and Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden. A clutch of releases on Suffused Music now sees a swathe of melodic textures and fast-paced arpeggio sequences combine to create “Welcome to Utopia”. Strong beat and clever counterpoint motifs add to the track with the resulting innovative offering enhanced by a searing vibrato lead.

A prolific artist with some 1,500 production credits to his name across almost 100 different labels, Ewan Rill is a modern production whirlwind. 200 of those can be found on Balkan Connection while Rill has also been a regular on the likes of Spring Tube, Stellar Fountain and Clinique Recordings. A renowned DJ, performances across the globe have seen the St. Petersburg based artist perform across his native Russia, sharing the stage with a DJ elite that includes the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Dave Seaman and Jody Wisternoff. A regular on Suffused Music since his 2013 debut, Ewan Rill returns with a smooth remix that is fuelled by ticking percussive groove and metronomic bassline pattern. An intelligent use of Puccio’s components sees richly textured pad modulate gently across proceedings. The arpeggio sequence so central to the original makes its presence felt at the mid-point breakdown before the deep, multi-layered textures and a new stepped arpeggio sequence thrill in a glorious third movement.

Micah Paul Lukasewich is another artist requiring little in the way of introduction. An artist with an innate sense of rhythm and a wonderful ability to create filmic soundscapes and multi-dimensional tracks, Lukasewich’s early work saw him feature on Global Underground and as a resident artist on the website alongside Way Out West and Hybrid. A century of production credits has seen Micah’s music featured on the likes of Proton Music, Lost Language and Chris Fortier’s Fade Records and a September 2018 remix of Dimuth K marked an impressive debut for Suffused Music. Now returning, the Micah Paul Lukasewich remix is a glorious representation of the Canadian artist’s musical prowess. An intricately sculpted rhythmic section is accompanied by a strong kick to create an immaculate groove that lays the foundation for an array of musical components to fall neatly into place. Intelligent use of Puccio’s original components, then leads to a beautiful symphonic soundscape that waxes and wanes in sonic beauty before developing into something special post-breakdown. Reminiscent of early Jean-Michel Jarre, a bouncing new groove evolves, combining bass and delayed motif that extends Puccio’s work in scintillating new direction.

Mario Puccio - Welcome to Utopia [Suffused Music]
Mario Puccio - Welcome to Utopia (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music]
Mario Puccio - Welcome to Utopia (Micah Paul Lukasewich Remix) [Suffused Music]

Armin van Buuren

Nick Muir
Lukasewich remix sounds good here - thanks

a good pack!

Baunder (Soundexile)
Original mix for me, thanks!

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Solid release!

Praveen Achary
Top remixes by Ewan and Micah

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Cool release

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Nick Varon - Over & Out EP incl. EANP, Danny Lloyd, Nicolas Rada [SMD234]

An artist of global repute, Nick Varon’s celebrated DJ career has seen him at the forefront of the underground dance scene. Able to weave a magical spell with his expertly crafted sets, he has been lauded by the likes of Nick Warren and Sharam while regularly supporting fellow countryman, Hernan Cattaneo across the globe. A similarly impressive production career has seen Varon a regular on Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music with 2012’s “Shibuya” and 2017’s “Sky Ladder” making strong impressions. “Over & Out” is a typically strong progressive offering as heavy rolling beat and light ticking percussion form a foundation for textured pads to supply depth and emotion while a plucked motif adds substance and interest to the powerful groove.

Successful artists in their own rights. Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca have forged an impressive collaborative relationship under their EANP contraction. Working together since 2014, their inimitable style has seen a seamless blend of techno, progressive and deep house result in an array of memorable sets with the likes of Nick Warren and Nick Muir. Standing alongside, impressive production credentials have given the duo a clutch of high-profile original releases for the likes of Movement, Mirabilis and Paul Hazendonk’s MNL. EANP’s Suffused Music debut is thus an intelligent reworking of Varon’s original as a vocal cut repeats the track title while a hypnotic four/four beat and percussive groove lay the foundations for a chorus of pads and white noise to create a wonderful crescendo at the mid-point. A driving anthemic third movement full of bass and melodic prowess provides real intent.

Nicolas Rada is a name that requires little introduction. Regular collaborations with Nick Warren have seen the duo remix Eelke Kleijn’s “8 Bit Era” before joining forces for the four-track “Land of Dreams” on Warren’s own The Soundgarden imprint in June 2018. Some 300 production credits have seen Rada as a regular on the Balkan Connection label family and supported by a global elite; DJ performances across his Buenos Aries hometown and a Mexican tour with fellow countryman, Nicholas Van Orton, has seen his following swell. Creating a wonderfully charismatic reworking of “Over & Out”, a delicate beat and swirling arpeggio form a sumptuous opening that gradually evolves over its eight-minute voyage. Building gently, subtle vocal phrasing is introduced while clever use of Varon’s remix parts create an innovative new interpretation that blossoms through the breakdown and third movement.

Italian artist, Danny Lloyd, has been at the forefront of the progressive house genre for a number of years. An artist with a rich and varied production history, over a century of credits tell their own success story with music signed to Balkan Connection and Particles. Lloyd’s collaboration with Andrea Cassino under their Nocturna pseudonym has also provided considerable success on Proton Music. Returning to Suffused Music the Danny Lloyd remix takes “Over & Out” in an exciting new melodic direction as a swathe of additional production material, melded with Varon’s components, has created an original interpretation that drives relentlessly forward with dynamic bass groove and intricate percussive rhythms. A new chord progression adds further intrigue as does a searing breakdown full of melodic prowess.

Nick Varon - Over & Out [Suffused Music]
Nick Varon - Over & Out (EANP Remix) [Suffused Music]
Nick Varon - Over & Out (Danny Lloyd Remix) [Suffused Music]
Nick Varon - Over & Out (Nicolas Rada Remix) [Suffused Music]

Hernan Cattaneo
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original & EANP remix both gooood,thankss

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Quality EP all round, digging dannys remix here smooth stuff!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat EP incl. Morttagua, Vakabular, Exoplanet [SMD233]

Originally part of Suffused Music’s 65th release in November 2014, the “Shimmer of Lights” EP showcased Rick Pier O’Neil’s mature production sound. The diptych, “Onix Beat”, was a highlight of the EP, Part 1 reprised in all its driving glory, here with a trio of remixes.

Head honcho of the successful Timeless Moment imprint, award-winning DJ and producer, Morttagua, has carved out a sizeable reputation for himself through his own impressive production credentials. A number 1 in the Beatport Progressive House chart with the “Sith Planets” EP and support from the cream of the DJ community including Sasha, Dubfire and Pete Tong on his BBC radio 1 show, the Brazilian has featured on a host of high-profile labels including Black Hole, Armada and Outta Limits. Debuting on Suffused Music, the Morttagua remix takes “Onix Beat” on a blissful melodic voyage with eerie pads and rippling arpeggio providing the perfect foil for heavy beat and fast-paced bassline groove. Building impressively, a hypnotic stab makes its presence felt alongside a swathe of additional production material that cleverly retains the soul of O’Neil’s original.

Renowned DJ and producer, Vakabular, is a regular across the clubs of his Koh Pha-ngan home. An island famous for its party atmosphere and beach-club culture, the Thai artist has found himself well-respected by the packed venue audiences that come to witness his silky sets. A production career that began with the tech house “Wait EP” for Randomatic Records in October 2014, has since seen Vakabular weave his sonic magic on high-calibre labels that include Krafted, Outta Limits and his own Hollystone Records. February’s “Quarantine” and October 2018’s “Endless” EPs marked a successful year on Suffused Music as Vakabular now returns with a strong reworking of Rick Pier O’Neil. Using the same driving energy of the original, a reimagining of the bassline provides the platform for a series of melodic phrases and chord progressions to play off each other in coruscating fashion. Continuity is supplied via a simple lead motif, repeated pre and post-breakdown, while a fizzing percussive rhythm section is a dynamic addition.

Little by way of introduction is needed for production legend, Exoplanet, with the Dutch artist responsible for a host of innovative and highly-skilled productions, not least for the Proton Music and Particles imprints that have borne witness to well over a century of production credits. Exoplanet’s remix of “Onix Beat” is included here to show of the Dutchman’s exquisite melodies and intricately programmed percussion. The resultant remix bristles with a vibrant energy and rhythmic innovation rarely found in modern dance music.

Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Part 1) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Morttagua Remix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Vakabular Remix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Onix Beat (Exoplanet Remix) [Suffused Music]

Hernan Cattaneo
very good

Marcelo Vasami
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Praveen Achary
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Monday, October 1, 2018

Eze Ramirez - 3 De Enero EP [SMD232]

An artist inspired by the iconic sounds of Depeche Mode and Radiohead, Eze Ramirez returns to Suffused Music for their 232nd release with “3 De Enero”.

From the sprawling, cosmopolitan capital, Ezequiel Ramirez has carved out a sizeable niche for himself from his Buenos Aries studio. Testament to this success, over a century of production credits can be found next to the Eze Ramirez name as he continues to court success with each passing release. A regular in the Beatport genre charts for progressive house and techno, Ramirez weaves a magical aural tapestry with his unique and distinctive sound.

3rd Avenue, Forward Music and Crossfade Sounds have regularly featured the young Argentine’s music with the Balkan Connection family of labels also proving to be a successful home, not least in compatriot Nicholas Van Orton’s “South American” variant. Moreover, October 2018 saw the release of the highly anticipated three-track “G-Stereo” debut on Greek behemoth, Movement Recordings.

With over five years experience in the underground dance scene, Ramirez has found his music supported by a global DJ elite that includes the likes of Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur and Dave Seaman, while regularly finding his way into the sets and charts iconic fellow countryman, Hernan Cattaneo. Now following up on a remix of Spacebeat’s “Winter Phase” in March 2015, Eze Ramirez returns to Suffused Music with a brand-new original offering.

Characterised by flowing pads and richly textured soundscape, “3 De Enero” entices with its gently lilting arpeggio that filters into sonic range atop deep kick and shuffling percussive hi-hats. Evolving with ease over its near eight-minute voyage, intelligently effected vocal cuts provide a hint of tribal magic while a gated vocal synth provides further interest post-breakdown.

A more energised “Club Mix” is also included. Displaying the same fundamental characteristics as its stablemate, the arpeggio sequence so pivotal to the original bursts into life with extended range, to create a new head-shaking groove. Reaching its zenith at the mid-point breakdown with a chorus of pulsating pads and white noise, the third movement sees a renewal of melodic and rhythmic interplay to create an impressive new variation.

Eze Ramirez - 3 De Enero [Suffused Music]
Eze Ramirez - 3 De Enero (Club Mix) [Suffused Music]

Hernan Cattaneo

nice EP. like both versions... thanks !

Eelke Kleijn
Club mix for me

Dale Middleton
original mix is very good

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Momento de Baile - Simple EP [SMD231]

As Suffused Music celebrates its 231st release, a brand-new artist is welcomed into the fold as Momento de Baile provides a musical triptych in the shape of his “Simple” EP.

From the historic city of Medellin, famous for its universities, commerce and ever-growing festivals, Momento de Baile has created a unique and distinctive sound. A debut appearance on the “Initializing, Vol. 19” compilation in August 2017 saw the Colombian showcase his talents with the opening “Simple” track on the release.

Now returning to Suffused Music, “Simple” receives a full release accompanied by two further tracks that exemplify the modern underground progressive house sound. With its distinctive Georgio Moroder inspired bassline, the title track is reprised here in all its driving, Donna Summer, disco-tinged glory, redolent in pulsating white-noise effects and glittering octave-ranged arpeggio.

“Driving to Disco” picks up the baton with its similar driving beat and intelligent arpeggio work. Continuing apace over the course of its near eight-minute duration, a glorious bass groove lays the foundations for off-beat percussion to add texture and weight while clever use of a vocal cut makes its presence felt in gated, pulsing fashion. Exploding into the third movement in hypnotic fashion, the track is sure to appeal to dance floors across South America and beyond.

The final offering sees “Glüwein” characterised by rapid-fire bassline dominance that evolves in open-filtered splendour while a counterpoint arpeggio provides the perfect melodic accompaniment. A driving beat with sporadic reverb-drenched effects and perfectly placed drum fills, adds to the sonic evolution with a new melodic motif introduced at the mid-way point. Escalating impressively across its eight-minute timeframe, the track is an expertly crafted affair that is the very epitome of mesmerising tension, constantly evolving and progressing through expertly placed layers of percussion and production technique.

Momento de Baile - Simple [Suffused Music]
Momento de Baile - Driving To Disco [Suffused Music]
Momento de Baile - Glühwein [Suffused Music]

Petar Dundov

Anna Maria X
Simple is nice, thanks!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

GBrown - Another Perspective EP incl. Ewan Rill, Monojoke [SMD230]

Part of the “Open” triptych, “Another Perspective” saw New Orleans based artist, GBrown, open his Suffused Music account with a dark, tech-infused offering that created an unnerving feel with its pitched loquacious sample. Originally released in August 2016, the original is now reprised with remixes from Russian and Polish veterans.

Siberian born, Ewan Rill, is as prolific as he is talented. With 1,500 production credits to his name spread across some 70 record labels, the Russian artist has hit upon a consistent formula for success since an early debut on Balkan Connection in July 2011. A further double century of credits can be found on the Serbian imprint with a host of additional tracks for the likes of Clinique Recordings, Stellar Fountain and Spring Tube Limited. Now operating out of his St. Petersburg home, Rill is a regular across the clubs of his hometown with performances alongside Jerome Isma-Ae, Ronski Speed and Sander Van Doorn. 

A regular on Suffused Music with a range of original remix material, we are delighted to welcome back an old friend as he remixes “Another Perspective”. With a typically rich and dynamic offering, a running bassline makes its presence felt throughout the track, opening up in the third movement. Its roots in GBrown’s work, a strong beat and percussive cadence add extra layers of intrigue as the sample so central to the original also makes its presence felt throughout.

An iconic name in the progressive house and breaks genre, Krakow based artist, Monojoke, has shaped the underground sound with his dynamic work. A debut for FeralCode Records in January 2007 opened the door on a huge array of material finding its way on to a selection of some of the finest modern digital imprints. Over a decade of experience and production know-how has seen Monojoke become a regular on Spring Tube, Particles and Electronic Tree, the latter seeing a collaborative partnership with fellow countryman and label boss, Tuxedo (under the Fluente moniker) and releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat. Supported by a raft of A-list DJs including John Digweed, Nick Warren and Guy J, Monojoke has been a regular contributor to Suffused Music since a remix of Deng & Slavak in early 2014. 

Returning after a remix of Ewan Rill in July 2017, Monojoke remixes “Another Perspective” with typical aplomb. Taking the same dark, tech-house approach as the original, Monojoke adds an array of additional rhythmic layers that crunch, fizz and shake their way across the track. The vocal sample central to the original makes its presence felt throughout, waxing and waning in delayed patterns as a beautiful melodic chord progression creates a wonderful juxtaposition at the mid-point, reprised again in the final stages as an antidote to the driving rhythmic prowess.

GBrown - Another Perspective [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Another Perspective (Ewan Rill Remix) [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Another Perspective (Monojoke Remix) [Suffused Music]

Barry Jamieson
Cool stuff

Praveen Achary
Original and Monojoke mixes for me

Darin Epsilon
Did someone say Perspectives? ;)

Blake Jarrell
Where Yat G Brown Brah! hit me up!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Vakabular - Endless EP [SMD229]

Returning to Suffused Music for the label’s 229th release, Vakabular creates an “Endless” flow of music with three tracks of the highest quality.

Home to the “Full Moon Party” on Thailand’s south east coast, Vakabular has made a name for himself from his Koh Pha-ngan island home. With a renowned party culture running across the island’s beaches, Vakabular has regularly performed in front of packed club audiences at events including “Waterfall” and 360 Rooftop”, seeing his music consistently met with club approval. Curator of the successful “Hollystone Podcast Series” and Hollystone Records, the Thai producer has continually impressed with over a century of production credits to his name.

A regular on the likes of Krafted Records and Outta Limits, the six-track, “Floor Damage” EP for the Stan Kolev and Matan Caspi owned imprint was a worthy addition to the label. Making his debut for Suffused Music in February 2018, the twin-track “Quarantine” EP marked an impressive debut, while a remix of Dimuth K in September 2018 saw Vakabular produce an innovative interpretation of “Souq”.

As Vakabular returns to Suffused Music the triptych title track sees “Endless” characterised by driving techno beat and metronomic bassline. Building effortlessly, the addition of white-noise and pitched analogue effects paves the way for a vocal sample to find its way into the mix at the mid-point, before the pace picks up once again in the third movement. Rhythm and melody thus combine to create a dynamic dancefloor stormer.

Keeping the same energy, derived from chest-thumping kick and running bassline, “Star Gate” reveals a chorus of delay-panned synth effects and mesmeric arpeggio. Changing character at the mid-point a TB-303 style line makes a play across the mid-range, building to a satisfying denouement before returning to earlier rhythm and melody combination in the track’s second half.

The final track sees a subtle shift in character as a bouncing groove is found in “Desire” via intelligently placed bassline and percussive combination. A smooth melodic sequence is gradually revealed and supplies an absorbing freeform pattern that coruscates across the mid-range in fluid analogue phrasing. Full of clever pitched tape-delays, the track waxes and wanes in impressive fashion.

A new three-track EP from the mind of Vakabular sees a continued, “Endless” flow of success.

Vakabular - Endless [Suffused Music]
Vakabular - Star Gate [Suffused Music]
Vakabular - Desire [Suffused Music]

Eelke Kleijn
Desire for me

Dale Middleton
like desire here nice vibe! support

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