Monday, November 27, 2017

Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam EP incl. A-Jay (SL), GBrown, Chris Gavin [SMD200]

Hitting a hugely impressive 200th release, Suffused Music’s continued longevity in a crowded and competitive industry has seen the label at the epicentre of the underground dance scene. Now revisiting Rick Pier O’Neil’s pulsating bass grooved gem, “Shimmer of Lights”, From late 2014, a pair of brand new remixes take “Kan Balam” on a new and vibrant journey with the original and Chris Gavin remix reprised just for good measure.

First up on the remix trail is Sri Lankan DJ and producer, A-JAY. An artist with a rich musical history and a penchant for the broad church of tech house, A-JAY has spent several years honing his craft and performing in front of crowds in the Colombo capital alongside the likes of Jeremy Olander, Above & Beyond and Jaytech. A regular in the Beatport Tech House charts with his distinctive sound, work for Egothermia, Occultech and Patent Skillz, is now joined by a third outing on Suffused Music after a pair of releases in late 2017. Remixing “Kan Balam”, A-JAY has kept the strong rhythmic and bass foundation of the original while adding a new running bass line and ticking percussive cadence. Building throughout with a series of melodic interludes and filtered arpeggio sequence, A-JAY has created a fresh and innovative rework.

Newcomer to the underground progressive house fraternity, US producer, Gary Brown has created quite a stir with his GBrown contraction alter-ego. Since a debut for Suffused Music in the shape of “This Is Who We Are” for the “Initializing” series in April 2016, GBrown has gone on to feature heavily on the label, not least through the original three-track “Open” EP that went on to spawn a host of remixes over the course of 2017. A remix of Monojoke’s “Paradisum” for Electronic Tree in September was a further notable highlight as GBrown now returns to Suffused Music with a delightful reworking of Rick Pier O’Neil. Building his remix around a subterranean bass groove that fills the lower frequencies, a collage of atmospheric effects reverberates in joyous harmony with rippling melodic sequences that span the stereo spectrum in forward and reverse direction. Reaching a rousing crescendo at the mid-point breakdown, rhythm and bass supply dance floor credentials in the third movement to hypnotic effect.

The final producer to make their mark is French producer, Chris Gavin. With an impressive production career that has spanned a ten-year period, work for Particles, Perspectives Digital and SexOnWax has seen the French producer’s sound supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. A debut appearance on Suffused Music saw Gavin remix “Kan Balam” in August 2015, as part of the “Shimmer of Lights Part 2” release, reprised here in all its pounding rhythmic glory. A chorus of melodic sequences and counterpoint motifs swirl across the left-right spectrum as Gavin reinvigorates O’Neil’s work in innovative fashion.

Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam (A-Jay SL Remix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam (GBrown Remix) [Suffused Music]
Rick Pier O'Neil - Kan Balam (Chris Gavin Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Pangea Mastering, Cid Inc mastering

Monday, November 20, 2017

Best of 2017 [SMDVA023]

Some of our favorite tracks from 2017. Thanks to all the artists for trusting their music with the label this year. We love you all.

Mario Puccio - Utopia [Suffused Music]
Cid Inc. - Obsidian [Suffused Music]
GBrown - This Is Who We Are (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - We're Good Together (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Subandrio Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Humble (Alex Vidal Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Till It Begins (Monojoke Remix) [Suffused Music]
Lian July & Chris Odium - Illumina [Suffused Music]
Steve Sai - Orbit (Wellenrausch pres. Kymatik 'Deep Matter' Remix) [Suffused Music]
DP-6 - Twistor Space (Espen Remix) [Suffused Music]

Monday, November 13, 2017

Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness EP incl. Division One, Forest Weed, Nightbob, Pavlin Petrov [SMD199]

The 199th release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of ‘Cocaine In Darkness’ by Andy Line & Deep Shepherd. Originally released in April of 2016 on the ‘Initializing, Vol. 9’ collection it's sinister moods and distinctive motifs were a standout on the compilation. Now as 2018 begins we see Suffused Music inviting Division One, Forest Weed, Nightbob and Pavlin Petrov to reinvent the track for the new year. 

Kicking the release off is Adam Weiss aka Division One who is making his label debut following strong releases on Electronic Tree and Nueva Dark. The Polish artist stays true to the vibe of the original and goes one step further with tough beats, dark electronics and spooky atmospherics. Not without emotive moments, the third act brings on a radiant finale with esoteric melodies and heartfelt chord changes.

The second interpretation of 'Cocaine In Darkness' is provided by Forest Weed who is also making his Suffused Music debut. Rafael Nebel aka Forest Weed hails from Brazil and has been pushing his unique blend of psychedelic progressive since 2014. Now presenting one of the most anticipated remixes of his career Forest takes 'Cocaine In Darkness' into driving peak time territory. Backed by a galloping groove, the framework quickly gets filled in with psychedelic designs and dark electronics. The main theme translates well, particularly during a stunning second act which is sure to captivate your dance floor.

The third interpretation of 'Cocaine In Darkness' is provided by Nightbob who is coming off a great remix for Morninglory Music. The Dutch artist makes his Suffused Music debut in style with an 'Intro' take on the track. Robotized vocals and moody bass swells set the stage as layers of drums build towards the eventual first beat. Electric yet fluid, it's a tripped out journey into synth vortexes and shifting atmospheres with the looping vocal keeping your attention locked. 

The fourth and final interpretation finds Pavlin Petrov returning to the label for his second appearance. The Bulgarian artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint in February of 2014 with 'Twilight' which he co wrote with sometime studio partner Hypnotic Progressions. Now making a long overdue return Pavlin brings a groovier approach to 'Cocaine In Darkness' with a swing heavy framework, new found vocal motif and mutoid modular storyboard. A superb way to cap off the release which looks set for plenty of play on the darker dance floors out there. 

Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness [Suffused Music]
Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness (Division One Remix) [Suffused Music]
Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness (Forest Weed Remix) [Suffused Music]
Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness (Nightbob Intro Mix) [Suffused Music]
Andy Line & Deep Shepherd - Cocaine in Darkness (Pavlin Petrov Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Release Promo (Mitch Alexander)
Mastered by Cid Inc., Pangea Mastering

Monday, November 6, 2017

BVSIC - Cassiopeia EP [SMD198]

The 198th release from Suffused Music welcomes BVSIC back to the label for his debut EP. The Polish artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint in July of this year with a contribution to the ‘Initializing’ Vol. 13 collection. Now fresh off an EP for Electronic Tree, BVSIC makes his much anticipated return to Suffused Music with a new EP entitled ‘Cassiopeia’.

Spread across three tracks the collection begins with the deep and hypnotic ‘Orion’. It’s punchy beats, buzzing bass stabs and drifting melodic qualities set the tone for the entire release. An effervescent arp tantalizes the senses as the first act gains momentum before cascading tones initiate the melodious storyboard. Coming to fruition during the second of two breaks, airy atmospheres lift the mood higher, gently accenting the tonal theme and ultimately setting up a timeless finale.

Continuing with ‘Voyager’ the EP takes a techier tone with tougher percussion at the outset. Evolving nicely with delicate keys and warm overlays it quickly moves into dulcet territory. Again powered by distinctive bass stabs it’s a groove destined for dance floor success. Hopeful and reflective as the second act begins, the narrative shifts towards astral territory with cosmic effects and waves of sonic dust carrying the journey home.

The release concludes with its title and showcase piece ‘Cassiopeia’. Coming down in tempo with a low slung groove and ethereal voices it’s a delight for the senses. Warm bass swells flow effortlessly through emotive chord changes before the main break takes things further into atmospheric territory. The one minute plus interlude proves to be the EP’s most dramatic yet heartfelt moment. As a waning tones rise, meandering synths swirl resulting in a euphoric vortex and exhilarating conclusion to the EP. A superb collection of music from BVSIC who now sits as someone to watch as 2018 moves closer.

BVSIC - Orion [Suffused Music]
BVSIC - Voyager [Suffused Music]
BVSIC - Cassiopeia [Suffused Music]

Eelke Kleijn
Nice one, Voyager for me!

Praveen Achary
Quite a lovely EP here
Text by Release Promo (Mitch Alexander)
Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Monday, October 30, 2017

Spacebeat - Winter Phase, Pt. 2 incl. LoQuai, Paul Sawyer, Stark & Sahin [SMD197]

The 197th release on Suffused Music finds the label presenting new interpretations of Spacebeat’s ‘Winter Phase’. Originally released in March of 2015 it showcased the Russian artist at his creative peak. It's deep grooves and enchanting atmospheres proved unforgettable and now two and a half years later it still holds a place in Spacebeat's Beatport Top 10 best sellers. As the year winds to a close Suffused Music now invites LoQuai, Paul Sawyer, Stark & Sahin and Spacebeat himself to reinvent the track for 2017.

First up Spacebeat provides a fresh update on the track with his 'Excursion Across Siberia Mix'. Incredibly detailed, it's atmospheric beginnings lead you on a journey of pulsating bass and devilish tones. Trippy keys and soulful chords adorn the break, creating a surreal vibe before ultimately shifting gears for a purring finale.

The second interpretation of 'Winter Phase' is provided by Loquai who is returning to the label for this 14th appearance. The Russian born, Germany based artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in November of 2016 with a remix of 'Humble' by Subconscious Tales. 2017 has seen Loquai rise to great heights once again, showcasing his music on Balkan Connection, Stellar Fountain and his own Refined Tunes imprint. Always a proficient remixer Loquai takes 'Winter Phase' into his own world of deep, progressive house. Backed by a thick, rolling groove the piece moves through dubby tones and distinct sonic artefacts before breaking down. The centrepiece is highlighted by a delicate melody, further shaping the storyboard before a floaty arp and classy build brings on an exhilarating conclusion.

The third interpretation of 'Winter Phase' is provided by Paul Sawyer who is returning to the label for his third appearance. The UK artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint with Simon Sinfield in November of 2015 when the duo contributed their 'I'm Falling' production to the label's 'Initializing' Vol. 7 collection. Now following releases on Green Martian and his own Krafted Music imprint, Paul makes his much anticipated return to Suffused Music with an excellent interpretation of 'Winter Phase'. With a nod to the old school, it's chugging groove and rolling rhythms set the piece in motion. Timely vocal gates and clustered claps adorn the hypnotic framework, building tension as the main break commences. A gaseous atmosphere comes over the centrepiece before getting washed away as trailing sonics and dramatic rolls reignite the groove for a powerful drop. 

The fourth and final interpretation of 'Winter Phase' is provided by Stark & Sahin who are making their label debut. This talented duo look set for great things and their rendition of 'Winter Phase' shows what an affinity they have for old school progressive house. Romping basslines, impactful hits and a fiery rhythmic core set the stage for an elephant like lead. Bold and distinctive in equal measure it makes for a dynamic third act finale and ultimately leaves you wondering what is next for this exciting new duo. 

Spacebeat - Winter Phase (Excursion Across Siberia Mix) [Suffused Music]
Spacebeat - Winter Phase (LoQuai Remix) [Suffused Music]
Spacebeat - Winter Phase (Paul Sawyer Remix) [Suffused Music]
Spacebeat - Winter Phase (Stark & Sahin Remix) [Suffused Music]

Chris Fortier
sounds good

Eelke Kleijn
Stark & Sahin remix - will try some time

Armin van Buuren

Paul's remix and the Spacebeat rework are my picks. Cheers

Dale Middleton
Loquai remix is working for me here, nice work!

Text by Release Promo (Mitch Alexander)
Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fernando Olaya - Gravity EP [SMD196]

The 196th release on Suffused Music welcomes Fernando Olaya to the label for his debut appearance. Long considered one of Colombia's most talented progressive house artists Fernando has showcased his music on Cid Inc's Replug Records, Manual Music, Movement Recordings and Traum. Now embarking on his first project for Suffused Music, Fernando presents his much anticipated 'Gravity' EP.

Fusing progressive, techno and deeper sounds is something that comes naturally to Fernando and it's given his discography a broad scope. The lead track 'Blooming Era' shows his versatility once again with its strong meditative qualities and linear techno sensibilities. Not lost in the infinite loops is musicality, as a gorgeous complement of chimes layers the pulsating framework with vocal refrains adding their own emotive charm.

The EP's second selection and also its title track 'Gravity' comes in quirky with a playful energy and mountains of funk. Backed by a romping, house inspired groove, it's a bouncy seven minute journey with oriental  motifs and stunning electronics. A spaced out break proves to be the high point with astral modulation and frayed sonics eventually delivering a magical drop.

Coming in as the most progressive minded of the three the release concludes with 'Mon Seir'. It's melancholic moods shift the energy of the EP into an esoteric emotional plane. Dark tones, mystical atmospheres and a buzzing tension run through the production, before a cavernous, cinematic break sends the beats further into the cosmos.

Three stunning productions from Fernando which make for one of his most well rounded and mature releases to date. 

Fernando Olaya - Blooming Era [Suffused Music]
Fernando Olaya - Gravity [Suffused Music]
Fernando Olaya - Mon Desir [Suffused Music]

Text by Release Promo (Mitch Alexander)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dofamine - Metropoliten EP incl. Altek, Loco-Volver, Pacco & Rudy B [SMD195]

The 195th release on Suffused Music welcomes Dofamine back to the label for a new single. The Russian artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in November of 2015 with a remix of ‘Neptune’ by Alfonso Muchacho. Now following releases on Balkan Connection’s BC2 and Bonzai Progressive Dofamine makes a welcome return to Suffused Music with ‘Metropoliten’ alongside remixes from Altek and Loco-Volver. 

Since making the transition from Reflection Soul, Dofamine’s sound has blossomed. His latest production ‘Metropoliten’ goes deep with soulful vocals and warm atmospherics. On a back bone of fuzzed out, rumbling bass runs a cascading motif and stunning effects. Smooth chord changes and wonky modulation make for a quirky yet highly emotive journey that might be the most creative work of Dofamine’s career.

The first interpretation of ‘Metropoliten’ is provided by Altek who is returning to the label for his fourth appearance. The Mexican born, US based artist is fresh off a remix of Ewan Rill’s ‘Celebration’ and also owns production credits on Green Martian and DrizzlyMusic. Always a proficient remixer, Altek puts his own unique twist on 'Metropoliten' taking the track into peak time territory. With the tempo and rhythmic core coming up several notches so too does it's grandiose flair. The main elements have been reprocessed to perfection as vocal phrases and synth overlays continue to lift the vibe higher. Sealing the tracks cosmic appeal is an astral break full of emotive moments capped by a fluid energy bridge and exhilarating finale. 

The second interpretation of 'Metropoliten' is provided by Loco-Volver who is making his fifth appearance on the label. The Swiss artist has been quiet this year with just two new productions making his remix here all the more anticipated. Clocking in a ten magical minutes it's a journey into luminous melodies and free flowing grooves. Drawing on trance sensibilities the synth work is gorgeous; smooth, emotive and ever changing, ultimately coming to a climax during an aquatic sounding break.

The third and final interpretation is provided by Pacco & Rudy B who are making their third appearance on the label. The Croatian duo last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in August of this year with a remix of 'We're Good Together' by Tim Robert. Subsequent releases on A Must Have, Balkan Connection and One Of A Kind have all been sensational keeping their mantra as one of the most talented duos in the progressive underground firmly intact. Here they take ‘Metropoliten’ into emotive territory for one of their most magical remixes of the year. It's liquid-like groove is immediately captivating, swinging softly with immaculate curves before a series of chord changes initiates the main break. The duos emotional touch is perfect once again as shifting tones radiate and a gentle wall of white noise provides an energy bridge to a gorgeous finale. A stunning remix from Pacco & Rudy B which caps off another well rounded release for Suffused Music.

Dofamine - Metropoliten [Suffused Music]
Dofamine - Metropoliten (Altek Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dofamine - Metropoliten (Loco-Volver Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dofamine - Metropoliten (Pacco & Rudy B's SUBway Mix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Release Promo (Mitch Alexander)
Mastered by Pangea Mastering, Rudy B