Monday, May 15, 2017

Napalm & d-phrag - Turmoil EP [SMD178]

Collaborative pairings are commonplace in the world of dance music and few are more deserving of attention within the underground scene than the combined output of Napalm & d-phrag. As the pair come together once more, Suffused Music is delighted to announce the release of their highly charged, “Turmoil EP”.

Joining forces from their homes in Hungary and Bulgaria, Pál Nánai and Ivan Filipov have been involved in the music industry for several years, creating a sizeable niche for themselves with their unique brand of techno and progressive house under their Napalm & d-phrag production monikers. With Napalm took a creative path that has centred primarily on the techniques of music production, eschewing the more traditional route as a DJ, d-phrag found himself heavily influenced by the iconic Global Underground mix series and Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 “Essential Mix”, before reaching a critical mass himself through his monthly “Immersed” show on Frisky Radio.

First working together as a collaborative, creative force, Napalm & d-phrag hit the headlines with a debut for LuPS Records in 2012 with the “43” EP. Since then a galaxy of production credits has hit a plethora of high-calibre underground imprints. Indeed, the Balkan Connection family of labels have been responsible for almost a century of these credits with a striking collection of original and remix material, including January 2017’s “Inner Fierce” EP for BC2. Further releases for the likes of Stellar Fountain, Mistique Music and OLD SQL have continued to highlight the duo’s sound, supported by the DJ elite including Aeron Aether, East Café and iconic Argentinean superstar, Hernan Cattaneo.

The electronica sounds of twin-track, “You Give Me Strength” EP, hit Suffused Polarities in December 2015, while a remix of DJ Borra & Britt, for Suffused Music in June 2014, is now joined by a very welcome debut original EP in the shape of “Turmoil”. Opening with the aptly named, “Heavy”, a huge kick and low-lung house groove combine with a throbbing bass line that pulses in time with the seismic kick drum. Building hypnotically, a glistening lead line is juxtaposed against the lower frequencies, pausing in a stripped back breakdown that sees an elegant melody evolve before the undulating bass line and syncopated rhythms dominate once more in the second half.

The title track itself is a lighter affair with a scintillating lead line of middle eastern flavour, rippling across the upper frequency spectrum in stirring fashion. Combined with a strong four-to-the-floor rhythmic foundation and dynamic shaker-driven percussive cadence, the mid-point breakdown sees the evolution of the central melody in emotive manner, combined with a striking bass groove. Hitting its stride again in the third movement with a combination of intricately programmed rhythm and melody, “Turmoil” maintains dance-floor intrigue.

A pair of new tracks from Napalm & d-phrag have illustrated perfect clarity and purpose within their “Turmoil”.

Napalm & d-phrag - Heavy [Suffused Music]
Napalm & d-phrag - Turmoil [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
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Monday, May 8, 2017

GBrown - This Is Who We Are EP incl. Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi, Third Personality [SMD177]

The 177th release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of GBrown's 'This Is Who We Are’. Originally released as part of the label's 'Initializing, Vol. 9' collection in April of 2016 the track then went on to anchor the US artist's 'Open' EP released in August. Deep and dark with rugged character and sinister themes it definitely struck a chord with the progressive house underground. Now coming back for the 2017 summer season Suffused Music unveils two brand new interpretations from Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi and Third Personality.

The first interpretation of 'This Is Who We Are' is provided by Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi. The French duo are frequent studio partners and no stranger to Suffused Music having released their 'Tour & Taxi' EP on the label in February of this year. Now returning for their first remix they bring their own unique vision to 'This Is Who We Are'. Groovy, spacious and full of immense swing, it's dance floor sensibility is high from the outset. As layers of percussion and rolling rhythms collide the energy grows exponentially, ultimately leading to a dramatic break. The distinctive vocal sample which no doubt resonated in people's minds from the original gets showcased to great effect here. Following a collage of spaced out sonics the dark message is conveyed before hypnotic arps and muted beats lead to the ultimate drop. 

The second and final interpretation of 'This Is Who We Are' is provided by Third Personality who is returning to the label for his fourth appearance.  The Bulgarian producer is perhaps best known for his Andrez alias where he has accumulated close to 200 releases since 2007. Third Personality was born in 2012 as an outlet for Andrez to explore different stylistic blueprints which he has done with great success. Releases on ICONYC and Balkan Connection South America have been sensational and his tenure with Suffused Music has been highlighted with three excellent remixes. Keeping that fine string intact Third Personality closes the release out with a fresh take on 'This Is Who We Are'. Stripping the track to its core and focusing on the vocal motifs makes for a club friendly, seven minute journey. As the vocal comes up from its sinister depths percussive waves and hypnotic motifs converge around the framework. Two timely breaks bring just the right dramatic effect before the final act seals it's brilliance. An incredible interpretation from Third Personality and another excellent offering from Suffused Music that's not to be missed.

GBrown - This Is Who We Are [Suffused Music]
GBrown - This Is Who We Are (Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi Remix) [Suffused Music]
GBrown - This Is Who We Are (Third Personality Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca - Eternal Starfields EP [SMD176]

The 176th release on Suffused Music welcomes Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile to the label for their debut EP. The Argentinian duo have been frequent studio partners in recent years showcasing key releases on Dopamine Music, MNL, Sound Avenue and Soundteller records. Now making their much anticipated debut on Suffused Music Nicolas & Ezequiel present their two track EP entitled 'Eternal Starfields'.

Already known for their journey-esque tracks Nicolas and Ezequiel present another supreme sonic story with the title and showcase piece 'Eternal Starfields'. Deep, driving and a touch dark the DJ friendly intro perfectly sets the stage for what's to come. Fizzing noise fades in the distance as percussive details fill out the framework. It's tribal tinged drums are both beefy and rhythmic leading to the first of several energy bridges. Brighter motifs bring the top end alive, intensifying at timely moments over the near eleven minute duration, ultimately peaking for a spectacular third act finale.

The companion piece 'Adimensional Feelings' comes in tougher, crunchier and sits as a perfect complement to 'Eternal Starfields'. Rugged rhythms, phasing vocal hooks and clattering percussion lead the charge here. Again clocking in at over ten minutes the Argentinean duo craft a journey with a multitude of twists and turns. Squelchy synths flow through an unpredictable modular storyboard while several timely breaks add more fuel to the progressive fire. Definitely one for the peak times slots and a great way to round out a long overdue debut for Nicolas and Ezequiel on Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile - Eternal Starfields [Suffused Music]
Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile - Adimensional Feelings [Suffused Music]

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Dynamic Illusion - Inside ALBUM [SMD175]

As a primary fixture of the progressive house scene Dynamic Illusion carved out his place in the underground long ago. With a career stretching over a decade the Hungarian artist has showcased his unique talents on a variety of quality imprints, including Silk Music and Spring Tube. A primary home was also found on Lithuania's Suffused Music where his vocal productions and classic progressive sound has flourished. It seems only fitting that after eleven years and 150 discography credits that Dynamic Illusion releases his much anticipated debut album through Suffused Music. A ten year project built on passion for the music with the end result being the ten track sound story 'Inside'.

Beginning with the mid-tempo piece 'Clear Blue Sky' it's an expansive and deeply emotional journey. Meditative lines and ghostly vocals converge for eight minutes of auditory nirvana before getting closer to the dance floor with 'Take Me Away'. With a nod to the deep trance pioneers of yesteryear Dynamic Illusion melts creamy melodies into your subconscious, as a rigorous beat bridges energy to other dimensions.

The vocal narrative beams brighter on 'Desert Rain' as a sonic swirl of colour paints a gorgeous atmospheric backdrop. The creative then tone shifts with 'Essence of Hungary' as a punchier, muted character takes a hold of the sequential storyboard. Airy harmonics, tribal infused drums and a string of cinematic breaks make for a ten minute microcosm of all things spiritual. Preceded by an organ led intro 'Rise Up' moves through broken rhythmic structures before kicking into full swing as rugged synths and delicate pianos provide the ultimate sonic contrast. Perhaps a hint of Paul Van Dyk at his creative peak and an ideal transition into the rougher, peak time 'Abrak a Hajnalban'. Meaty beats come in waves, charged with old school charm before a two minute centrepiece brings mysticism through spoken word and velvety harmonies.

The mood shifts yet again with the playful 'Impossible Is Nothing' as cosmic synths and spacey effects pave the way to a heartfelt centrepiece, as piano delays and wispy vocals get thrust into a euphoric finale. 'Love Story' meanwhile focuses on a more traditional vocal theme. Revealing, sentimental and with a touch of melancholia it sits as the album's showcase song so to speak and will certainly sit with you for a long while after. Going more subversive Dynamic Illusion shifts mood and tempo with the deep and housey 'Gravity'. The vocal narrative however continues, although in a much less distinct fashion, wispy and dubby at times before opening up during an interlude of warm breakbeats and radiant textures. The journey concludes with 'World Wide', with an appropriate tempo shift into laid back beats and luminous melodies. Childhood motifs only add to its playful nature and perhaps present some of the LP's most humanistic qualities, which in turn resonate deepest at its reflective conclusion. A brilliant collection of music from an artist who has certainly cemented his place in progressive house history.

Dynamic Illusion - Clear Blue Sky [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Take Me Away [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Desert Rain [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Essence of Hungary [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Rise Up [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Abrak a Hajnalban [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Impossible Is Nothing [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Love Story [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Gravity [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - World Wide [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Jonatan Ramonda & Ivan Svara - Lost in the Sky EP [SMD174]

Suffused Music is pleased to present the ‘Lost in the Sky’ EP featuring Jonatan Ramonda and Ivan Svara from Argentina teaming up for the first time to create the 174th release for the label. Jonaton has numerous releases under his belt with Balkan Connection, Stellar Fountain, 3rd Avenue, LuPS Records and Mistique Music along with many others. Jonatan is well regarded in the progressive underground for his trademark deep and dark vibe coupled with lush and evolving pads. Ivan, with releases on Bullfinch, Massive Harmony, Liquid Grooves and Deep, brings his hypnotic techno flavor to the collaboration. The two combine for this release to concoct a rich sonic excursion with three stellar tunes, each unique in construction and emotion.

‘Background Noises’ leads the EP featuring a bouncing sub bass, quirky swirling synths and subdued pads. The tune drives on - soon picking up the pace with a long drawn out sub bassline that evolves into a melancholy melody backed by lilting arpeggios and melodic bell sounds.

The title track ‘Lost in the Sky’ follows with driving rhythmic backbone leading into a dub infused dive into progressive darkness filled with interesting percussion, haunting drones and tension filled progressions.

‘Uncreated Love’ finishes up the EP boasting driving percussion and a staggered pounding bassline that offer up a groovy yet intense vibe. Dramatic fills and change-ups sustain this energetic track while intricately modulated FM style synth leads interject at opportune times. This tune will definitely put the smack down on the dancefloor.

In all, the ‘Lost in the Sky’ EP adds yet another fantastic release to Suffused Music’s arsenal of underground dance music.

Jonatan Ramonda & Ivan Svara - Background Noises [Suffused Music]
Jonatan Ramonda & Ivan Svara - Lost in the Sky [Suffused Music]
Jonatan Ramonda & Ivan Svara - Uncreated Love [Suffused Music]

Text by Bryan Elsloo
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