Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bobby Deep - Space Hunter EP incl. Subandrio, Yuriy From Russia, Tabriz & Zuckermann [SMD162]

Greece is known to cultivate producers that create deep, soulful Progressive House, the ‘real’ kind of Progressive House, the timeless kind. Bobby Deep is one of these producers and our latest release form him on Suffused Music, Space Hunter, is a Progressive house lover’s dream. Included in the pack are powerful remakes of the original from Subandrio, Yuriy From Russia and Tabriz & Zuckermann. 

It’s been more than 25 years since Bobby Deep has immersed himself completely in music. At a young age, he was collecting records, mixing in clubs and working at a radio station. Despite the small scene at the time, Bobby managed to get himself established with a growing fan base. As of late, Booby has been producing his own music as well as hosting his own radio show on Frisky Radio, Deep Minds. If there was one word to describe his work, he says it best, “Call it DEEP!” 

The original mix of Space Hunter is no exception to the rule. Within the first few bars, you can feel the ever gradual, rising warmth and intensity of the track. Subtle and mesmerizing, the harmonic synths play a game of hide and seek with listeners, teasing them, drawing them in and releasing them with the melodic ebb and flow. The kick is soft, a compliment to the balmy sounds. Licks of delicate percussion, flirtatious as well. 

Well-known Sri Lankan producer, Subandrio, takes things higher, on an upbeat note, welcomed in by a glimpse of the impending gritty bassline. His kick, intricately crafted into a perfect round sound, keeps his remix moving with controlled, techy highs. There’s an angelic hint of hope, laced throughout the track and the progression is perfectly timed for ultimate emotional impact. 

As his name would suggest, Russian producer, Yuriy From Russia treats us to a groovy rendition of Space Hunter. The background ambience of his remix matched with its energetic mélange of foreground percussion is sure to make anyone get up and dance. Sunshine pours through the breakdown until the drop brings us back on our journey. The rolling bass keeps things fluid and the dreamy leads are like encouragement to keep moving.

Last but not least, no strangers to Suffused Music, Tabriz & Zuckermann deliver a deep, housier version of the original. Ethereal pads and a subtle sax lead blanket the techier kick and undulating bass. There’s a great intensity that builds as the track progresses and the breakdown brings you to a place where you just want release, and when it’s done stringing you as far as you can go playfully, it obliges, with style. 

The entire Space Hunter pack has a version for any Progressive Lover’s discerning ear, to be played any time of night, making it a must-have in your library. 

Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Subandrio Remix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Tabriz & Zuckermann Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Amber Long
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Volkan Erman - Labyrinth EP [SMD161]

The 161st release on Suffused Music welcomes Volkan Erman back to the label for a brand new EP. The Turkish born, Italy based artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in 2014 alongside sometime studio partner Hypnotic Progressions with their 'Expressions' single. Volkan's take on the traditional progressive house blueprint has been delighting old school lovers for years and now he steps up for perhaps the most anticipated EP of his career. 

Beginning with the title and showcase piece 'Labyrinth' the Turkish artist brings a tight groove and crunchy rhythms straight away. It's dark overtones and deliberate energy sound tailor made for the dance floor before a strong ride adds further fuel to the fire. Drifting hypnotics add a dreamy context to the narrative which carries into a tripped out yet emotive main break. A masterful build with gyrating rhythms and sweeping noise makes for a dynamic drop and suitably massive finale. A monster track from Volkan and one you're likely to be hearing all throughout the progressive underground over the coming months. 

The companion piece 'Thoughts' follows a similar sonic profile but with a slightly deeper delivery. Tough beats, rugged rhythms and ethereal motifs prove engaging before evolving soundscapes take you further into dreamland. As percussive waves intensify the atmosphere thickens with the main break commencing. Murky and mysterious in all the right ways, the track's centrepiece proves dramatic with a subtle build through the mystical air, before a crunchy drop lights up your dance floor. Another massive production from Volkan which rounds out a perfect peak time EP for Suffused Music. Don't miss it. 

John 00 Fleming 
Loving Labyrinth

Nick Varon (Sudbeat)
Thoughts for me !

4Mal (Russian Cybernetics / FlipCube)
'Thoughts' for me this time, thank you!

Tim Penner (Slideways, Sudbeat, Proton)
Both of these are great. Nice One.

Tash (Movement Recordings)
Labyrinnth. Will give it a play this weekend

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ewan Rill - Tower, Pt. 2 incl. Paul Hamilton, Jiminy Hop, Andrees & Yakoff [SMD160]

The latest release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting Ewan Rill's 'Tower' for a set of remixes. Originally released in May of 2016 as part of the 'Tower' EP, the track showcased the Russian artist at his finest with a production that pushed the boundaries of conventional progressive house. Now as 2017 begins Suffused Music invites Paul Hamilton, Jiminy Hop and Andrees & Yakoff to reinvent the track for the new year. 

The first interpretation of 'Tower' is provided by Paul Hamilton who is making his first appearance on the Suffused Music. Perhaps best known for a string of bombs on Baroque Records all through 2016, the Dubai based artist gets 2017 off to a great with a sensational remix of 'Tower'. The drifting atmospherics from the original play heavily here but with a chugging, techy groove sitting at the foundation it comes across in a much different context. Paul's productions always have a keen nose for the dance floor and the tightly wound framework along with shimmering hats and dulcet motifs are nothing short of brilliant. Excellent remix from Paul. 

The second interpretation of 'Tower' is provided by Jiminy Hop who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian artist first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in October of 2016 with a contribution to the label's 'Initializing, Vol. 11' collection. Now kicking off the new year in style Jiminy takes 'Tower' into driving, percussive territory with great results. Backed by a strong rhythmic core and pulsating bass stabs the energy of the piece is apparent straight away. Smooth chord changes and a subtle acid line converge for the ultimate textural contrast, before the third act rises higher as layers of luminous synths bring you into goosebump territory. 

The third and final interpretation of 'Tower' is provided by Andrees & Yakoff who are making their eighth appearance on Suffused Music. The Lithuanian duo have been a core part of the label's roster since first appearing in early 2014 on the first ever 'Initializing' compilation. Now following a quiet 2016 the much loved duo begins the year with an excellent rendition of 'Tower'. Brooding, moody and a touch paranoid it's a subversive mix which hits a variety of emotions. A cavernous break only adds to its dramatic depth, stretching more than a minute before a gentle rush reignites the hypnotics for a mesmerizing finale. A top notch interpretation from Andrees & Yakoff which rounds out an excellent remix pack from Suffused Music to begin the new year. 

Ewan Rill - Tower (Paul Hamilton Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ewan Rill - Tower (Jiminy Hop Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ewan Rill - Tower (Andrees & Yakoff Remix) [Suffused Music]

John 00 Fleming 
Jimmy Hop's remix hits the spot for me

Andrea Cassino (Sudbeat, Proton, Particles, Balkan Connection SA)
Paul Hamilton is my pick here..thanks!

Anthony Pappa 
The best mix is the "Paul Hamilton Remix" and l will support it. Thanks.

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tatsama - Oxidation EP [SMD159]

The 159th release on Suffused Music finds Tatsama returning for his debut EP. The Indian artist made his first appearance on the Lithuanian imprint in July of 2016 with a contribution to the label's Initializing, Vol. 10 collection. Additional discography highlights include an appearance on Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music and Spain's Good Stuff Recordings. Now making his second appearance on Suffused Music Tatsama presents his much anticipated 'Oxidation' EP. 

Noted for his deep progressive sounds, Tatsama looks set for the biggest year of his career and 'Isthmus' gets it off to a great start. Mystical textures backed with tough kicks and tribal infused drums bring a spiritual vibe as the journey begins. Organic designs and meditative motifs converge carrying a smooth yet exhilarating first act. Split up into three sub sections the main break flows through a myriad of electric hooks and radiant atmospheres. It's a heady trip yet one that's firmly rooted on the dance floor with its chuggy, progressive rhythms carrying you home. 

The companion piece 'Sivanjana' was one of the standouts from the aforementioned 'Initializing' Vol. 10 collection. It's classic progressive vibe is a nod to the old school with poignant pianos and acid rhythms fuelling the journey. Four short yet timely breaks enhance the narrative with dramatic tension and emotive moments, making for a unique sound story to captivate your mind and move your feet. A superb debut EP for Tatsama on Suffused Music and definitely an artist to keep a close eye on as 2017 moves forward. 

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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Monday, November 21, 2016

Subconscious Tales - Aura EP incl. Loco-Volver, Stage Van H, Soulfinder [SMD158]

Much like the name suggests, Subconscious Tales brings to us Aura, a beautiful four track EP, set to travel deep within us. With an ever-steadily growing repertoire, Subconscious Tales teams up with Loco-Volver, Soulfinder and Stage Van H on remix duties, creating an intensely melodic release that all true Prog lovers will embrace excitedly.

The original mix comes in with a strong start, a powerful kick with light pads that well until the track is ready to really take off. Lighthearted percussion and a deep, rolling bass make up the meat of this masterful piece. By the time the breakdown comes in, listeners have already been transported to a magical place of melodies and with a type of euphoria, the bass is welcomed back in after the perfectly timed drop. The original mix is perfect to warm up or cool down a floor and really get people tuned into their emotions.

Loco-Volver introduces the funky flavor to the EP with his upbeat and bassy remix. The bass is the stand out quality in this one. With a disco-esque roll and rumble, the bass plays peek-a-boo with the understated high hats that act as a compliment to the whole track, encouraging it along. The breakdown, a moment of mysticism, as listeners are left hanging, happily suspended until takeoff. Loco-Volver folds it all together harmoniously and has created a real gem perfect to incite introspective moments on the dance floor.

Stage Van H deepens things with his remix, noticeably, on the first note. The kick in this remix takes control of listeners with an authoritative and confident cadence and by the time the synths are introduced, anyone on the dance floor will be under this track’s complete control. The euphonic synth lead really plays a part in this remix by acting in comparison to the intensity of the kick. As if in a yin-yang partnership, all elements of Stage Van H’s remix stay tuned, locked and in absolute polyphony.

Soulfinder brings us the techiest of all versions. His percussion is center stage and he takes listeners on a different journey than the other 3 tracks on the EP. The beat is upfront, the pads and synths step back into the mix as an ambient, subconscious addition that listeners can process and feel good about but still move under the direction of the percussion. Very progressive in composition, Soulfinder’s remix continuously grows as it plays, until all sounds are upfront and ready for their moment to shine.

Hernan Cattaneo (Sudbeat, Perfecto, Rennaisance)
very good

Nick Warren (Way Out West | Hope Recordings)
excelelnt release

John 00 Fleming
Love this, fully support

Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug)
very good stuff, stage van h remix is very good, thanks

Micah (Global Underground, Ruhnsong)
Loco-Volver remix is ace!, thanks

Text by Amber Long
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Best of 2016 [SMDVA017]

Some of the most popular tracks over the course of 2016

Andrez - Can't Explain the Bang (Wellernausch Pres. Kymatik Remix) [Suffused Music]
Lian July & Chris Odium - Eronia [Suffused Music]
Steve Sai - Orbit (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Suffused Music]
GBrown - Another Perspective [Suffused Music]
KIDD Corp - We Have Work 2 Do [Suffused Music]
Ewan Rill - Be a Water [Suffused Music]
Vlada D'Shake - Spook On [Suffused Music]
Diego Ferran - Alliance [Suffused Music]
DP-6 - Eclipse (Desaturate 'Lone Star' Remix) [Suffused Music]
Elliott Duquai & No One - Mosquito Bay (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Suffused Music]
Tim Robert - Changes Fast (Subconscious Tales Remix) [Suffused Music]
Amezquita - Perpetual (Dark Soul Project Presents Dancing With Myself Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - Angry She Devils (Ghoeyash Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subconscious Tales - Ignition (Joy Marquez & Abdel Karim Remix) [Suffused Music]
Subandrio - Heroized Mortals (Nikko.Z Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Liquid Surface (Retroid Remix) [Suffused Music]
Smight - Sleeping (Tabriz & Zuckermann 'Burn' Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dr. Avalance & Goda Brother - Electronic Devices (Alex Vidal Remix) [Suffused Music]
Springa - Syllables (Namatjira Remix) [Suffused Music]
Guhus - Thirty Six Bells [Suffused Music]

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Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Audio Mill - Versatile EP [SMD157]

The 157th release on Suffused Music welcomes Audio Mill to the label for his debut EP. Arjan Molenaar aka Audio Mill hails from the Netherlands and has found a home on Baroque Records, MNL and Traum where his fresh take on house and techno has flourished. Now making his much anticipated debut on Suffused Music Audio Mill presents his brand new three track EP entitled 'Versatile'. 

The EP begins with 'Hangover Square' which finds Audio Mill crafting a funky, energetic piece aimed squarely at the dance floor. Mountainous bass stabs and strong rhythmic tones carve out an irresistible groove, before atmospheric overlays and esoteric vocals carry nicely into the break. Short and perfectly crafted the track's centrepiece builds tension as the funky hooks intensify and the hazy backdrop rises. A strong third act brings further fire as serene pads and a rising modular narrative converge for the ultimate finale. 

Up next 'Leaving My Trails' continues the brilliant mood with a smooth groove and strong themes. Waves of percussion add drive while a backdrop of atmospheric haze builds tension. Void of any major break, the piece never loses its momentous flow as the interwoven themes delight the senses throughout the six minute meditative journey. 

The EP concludes with the deeply musical 'Red Shoes'. Anchored by warm bass swells and strong melodic motifs it's poignant vibe immediately draws you in. Creamy keys and clustered trails carve out a wonderful storyboard which is both serene and exhilarating. A timely break allows the musical cascades to shine before a growling underbelly reignites the groove for a playful romp home. A pleasant end to a wonderful 3 track collection from Audio Mill. Don't miss it. 

Audio Mill - Hangover Square [Suffused Music]
Audio Mill - Leaving My Trails [Suffused Music]
Audio Mill - Red Shoes [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo | microCastle)
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Mastered by Cid Inc.