Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pacco & Rudy B - Krk EP incl. Lian July, Yuriy From Russia [SMD168]

The 168th release on Suffused Music welcomes Pacco & Rudy B to the label for their debut single. The Croatian duo have enjoyed immense success over the course of their now 10 year production career. Releases on A Must Have, Proton Music and Spring Tube have all been outstanding, earning support from a wide range of top DJs including Hernan Cattaneo. Now making their much anticipated Suffused Music debut Pacco and Rudy present their new single entitled 'Krk' alongside remixes from Lian July and Yuriy From Russia. 

The original version gets the release off to a strong start with tough kicks, warm atmospheres and a very funky groove. Delicate pianos and panning effects adorn the framework as the first act begins to take shape. A soulful wail transitions the piece through a short break where a bubbly line drops in to lock the groove down a notch further. The main break brings an evolution in the arp for one of many magic moments and continued progression on through to an epic finale. 

The first interpretation of 'Krk' is provided by Lian July who is making her second appearance on Suffused Music. The Israeli artist first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with her 'Illumina' EP (co-produced with Chris Odium) which was released in November of 2016. Here Lian brings her distinct vision to 'Krk' taking the track into driving, old school territory. It's galloping groove, clattering percussion and emotive chord changes are immediately infectious. An energetic first act is met with a wave of claps, initiating a timely and well constructed break. Rising atmospheres and subtle melodies converge for a magic moment before the driving groove drops back in for a smooth third act conclusion.

The second and final interpretation of 'Krk' is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is making his 14th appearance on the label. The Russian born but now USA based artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with a remix of Bobby Deep's 'Space Hunter' from January of this year. Now fresh off a remix for PHW Elements Yuriy brings his revamped sounds to 'Krk'. With a tech house inspired approach the Russian artist magically weaves kaleidoscopic motifs and haunting melodies into an irresistible cosmic swirl. Burly bass stabs and plucky rhythms keep the focus nicely on the dance floor as warm tones and spacey sweeps push the piece to an exhilarating conclusion. Marvellous remix from Yuriy and another brilliant release from Suffused Music that's not to be missed. 

Pacco & Rudy B - Krk [Suffused Music]
Pacco & Rudy B - Krk (Lian July Remix) [Suffused Music]
Pacco & Rudy B - Krk (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mario Puccio - Utopia EP [SMD167]

The 167th release on Suffused Music welcomes Mario Puccio back to the label for his debut EP. The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint in February of this year with a remix of One Million Toys's 'Sunrise Over Ike'. Now making his second appearance Mario presents his much anticipated three track EP entitled 'Utopia'.

The progressive music hotbed of Argentina has produced some of the genre's most creative talents and Mario has quickly risen to the top of that list. In a 2016 which saw releases on Alola Records, Sound Avenue and Soundteller Records the Argentine received steady support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. His distinct musical vision stands out and the lead piece here 'See You Soon Utopia' showcases that wonderfully. It finds Mario exploring voluptuous grooves and quirky melodies, where elements of chance and adventure are at a premium. It's elastic-like foundation and strong rhythmic core sets a great dance floor sensibility but it's the thematics of the piece which are perhaps most compelling. Syncopated lines and sax-like riffs converge for an unconventional and uniquely satisfying musical storyboard.

The EP's second selection and also its title cut 'Utopia' comes in warm, funky and again with a great nose for the dance floor. It's mountainous groove and strong tonal theme carries sizable swing while another unique melodic section captivates both your heart and mind. Soulful lines evolve with an effortless elegance as moments of brightness carry through the main break. A funky drop makes for a groovier third act while radiant atmospheres lift the piece to a tasteful finale.

The release concludes with the aptly titled 'Goodbye Utopia' which finds Mario dropping the tempo for a laid back yet funky close to the EP. It's seaside vibes are undeniable, building across rippling waves of bass and clustered melodies. Tasteful chord changes highlight the apex while an earthy break brings further intrigue, leading to a reflective conclusion which rounds out the piece on a heartfelt note. Three unique and emotionally driven creations from Mario who is certainly an artist to keep a close eye on as 2017 moves forward. Highly Recommended.

Mario Puccio - See You Soon Utopia [Suffused Music]
Mario Puccio - Utopia [Suffused Music]
Mario Puccio - Goodbye Utopia [Suffused Music]

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi - Tour & Taxi EP [SMD166]

The 166th release on Suffused Music welcomes Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from France, Roddy Reynaert is perhaps best known for his work on Anjunadeep where he released two artist EPs in 2010. More recently the French producer has found a home on Armada's burgeoning Thrice imprint where his big room sound has flourished. Phi Phi meanwhile also hails from France but now calls Belgium home. A long time staple of the Bonzai Records roster, Phi Phi's unique take on progressive house has become a favourite of DJs like John OO Fleming. Having been friends and occasional studio partners for years this is not the first time Roddy and Phi Phi have worked together. The inception of their collaborative work dates back to 2014 where the duo released an EP courtesy of Roddy's own Ifonika Records imprint. Now stepping up for their first and much anticipated Suffused Music release the duo presents their 'Tour & Taxi' EP.

The EP begins with the crisp and vibrant 'Corossol'. Loaded with funk and drive, the groove pushes forward with a boundless energy as cutting edge designs quickly surround the framework. Razor sharp stabs and a strong rhythmic core take it with ease into the main break where a more melodic narrative ensues. Bubbly synths and a dreamy arp emerge from the dispersing sonics for a magic moment before the charged groove drops for a big final act. 

The EP concludes with its title and showcase piece 'Tour & Taxi' which finds the duo stripping things back slightly for a more heady and delightfully percussive journey. It's techno sensibility is undeniable with hypnotic rhythms, grating designs and mesmerizing vocal hooks converging for the ultimate sonic vortex. A sure fire winner at peak time and also likely to cross genres with ease. A monster track to round out a hugely impressive debut EP for Roddy and Phi Phi on Suffused Music. Highly Recoemmended.

Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi - Corossol [Suffused Music]
Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi - Tour & Taxi [Suffused Music]

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Monday, January 23, 2017

AudioStorm - Killing Instict EP [SMD165]

From the Montenegrin city of Podgorica, Ognjen Vukovic has hit upon a formula for success with his AudioStorm soubriquet that has seen him find triump, not only in his home country, but far beyond its borders. Now that success is epitomised once again on Suffused Music’s 165th release as AudioStorm presents his “Killing Instinct” EP.

Always driven by a passion and fascination for music in a variety of genres, Vukovic’s love of an eclectic mix of music from Pink Floyd and The Doors to The Cure and Depeche Mode, opened a gateway into the world of electronic music. During the dance music boom of the 1990s, he turned his attentions towards the world of Goa and Psy-Trance with a logical progression into the sphere of underground house and icons of the DJ industry that included Digweed, Cattaneo, Warren and Emerson.

A prolific producer with over 550 Beatport production credits to his name, AudioStorm’s output has been universally recognised since March 2012’s debut for Underground City Music. A regular on the likes LuPS Records, Bonzai Progressive and Balkan Connection, the AudioStorm name has been a fountain of inventiveness in both original and remix production material. Supported by the leading tastemakers within the industry, Dave Seaman, Marco Carola and Guy J have all played witness to the AudioStorm sound as have Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren.

Now returning, to Suffused Music for the first time since his “Differences” EP that went on to see remixes from Faskil, Ewan Rill and D-Eye, AudioStorm hits the mark with the exhilarating “Killing Instinct”.

Opener, “Above the Ground”, stamps its authority with dominant kick and ticking shakers before the whole gamut of percussive sounds can heard in relentless, hypnotic fashion. Subtle melodic phrasing filters into listener consciousness in rich and dynamic layers, establishing itself further in the third movement with a deliciously twinkling arpeggio and bouncing bass line that is reminiscent of early Underworld, circa 1994.

The title track immediately tantalises with its melodic refrains and early 1990s references. Full of sumptuous delays and 303-style squelches, a four-to-the-floor kick and rolling percussive groove extend “Killing Instinct” into a 21st century underground progressive house jewel. Pausing for a dramatic, stripped back breakdown, the convergence of rhythm, melody and bass in the second half, create a well-balanced, invigorating work.

With a wealth of production skill and knowledge to his name, AudioStorm is in no danger of ‘killing’ his audio ‘instinct’.

Text by James Warren
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Monday, January 16, 2017

One Million Toys - Syntax, Pt 2 incl. Third Personality, Mario Puccio, Isaak Escamilla [SMD164]

The 164th release on Suffused Music finds the label revisiting One Million Toys' 'Syntax' EP for a new set of remixes. Originally released in June of 2015 it found the Israeli artist at his creative peak with three tracks that stretched the boundaries of traditional progressive house; melding  psychedelic, deep and tech influences making for one of the year's most intriguing EPs. Now more than a year and a half later we see Suffused Music inviting Third Personality, Mario Puccio and Isaak Escamilla to reinterpret the track for 2017. 

Third Personality is no stranger to Suffused Music having appeared on the label twice previously. The Bulgarian producer is perhaps best known for his Andrez alias where he has accumulated close to 200 releases since 2007. Third Personality was born in 2012 as an outlet for Andrez to explore different stylistic blueprints which he has done with great success. Releases on ICONYC and Balkan Connection South America have been sensational. Now making his much anticipated return to Suffused Music he provides an amazing interpretation of 'Fireworks'. Built around funk and drive the piece carries a great dance floor sensibility straight away. Pulsating bass, grating electronics and a dramatic air make for a great first act. The main break provides the most tension perhaps, with sonic decay building anticipation, leading to a tasteful drop where warm bass swells carry you home.  

The second interpretation finds Mario Puccio making his label debut. Regarded as one of his country's top progressive house prospects, the Argentinean artist owns a discography with appearances on Alola Records,  Sound Avenue and Soundteller Records. Now he brings his creative vision to Suffused Music with a cutting edge rework of 'Sunrise Over Ike'. Irresistibly groovy, it's chugging foundation moves forward in rippling waves. Electric synths fire through the framework before a hopeful pad initiates the main break. A soulful centrepiece, it's cross-cultural motifs and dulcet pianos shift the mood before a smooth build leads to a magical dance floor moment.

The release concludes with Isaak Escamilla returning to the label for his third appearance. The Mexican artist made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint in May of last year with a remix of 'Shornhelm' by Untold Stories. Now making his much anticipated return Isaak takes 'Syntax' into emotive territory with amazing results. Anchored by warm bass swells, the foundation flows through emotive chord changes while a sparkling arp and iridescent pads add further cosmic delight. Poignant chords bring a unique flair, particularly during the tracks centrepiece, before dispersing for a driving conclusion. An amazing interpretation from Isaak and perhaps the most heartfelt production of his career. It rounds out another can't miss release from Suffused Music full of variety and talent. Highly Recommended. 

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Jiminy Hop - Le Mans EP [SMD163]

The 163rd release on Suffused Music welcomes Jiminy Hop back to the label for his debut EP. The Russian artist last appeared on the Lithuanian imprint to begin the year with a remix of Ewan Rill's 'Tower'. Now returning for his third appearance Jiminy presents his much anticipated three track EP entitled 'Le Mans'.

The lush, melodic sounds of 'Squared' get the EP underway on a strong note. Preceded by a gorgeous intro, the piece picks up momentum with funky tones and electric synth lines. A classically styled groove makes it a lock for the dance floor with gyrating rhythms and pulsating beats leading the charge. The highlight though is perhaps a vocal storyboard, played out over a well crafted break, culminating in a massive drop with the spinning groove powering forward for a huge finale.

The EP's second selection 'Le Mans' finds Jiminy exploring the deeper side of his studio repertoire. Darker in tone at the outset, mesmerising lines bring a vibrancy as the piece builds with wispy pads and ethereal motifs moulding the emotive core. Vocal trails and meandering melodies lead nicely into the break where otherworldly soundscapes take you further into the cosmos. A delicate drop proves poignant and shows once again you don't need a sledgehammer to crack open an egg. Deep and wonderful music from Jiminy.

The release concludes with the mystical 'Memories Tunnel' which once again showcases Jiminy's progressive minded rhythms. Tough kicks, thick slabs of bass and a strong percussive complement provide the framework for a bevy of electronic delights. Sharp stabs and mystical atmospheres surround the framework before a timely break builds tension and a lone vocal wail summons the groove back for a stellar conclusion. Three incredible productions Jiminy and another great notch in the Suffused Music discography. Highly Recommended.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bobby Deep - Space Hunter EP incl. Subandrio, Yuriy From Russia, Tabriz & Zuckermann [SMD162]

Greece is known to cultivate producers that create deep, soulful Progressive House, the ‘real’ kind of Progressive House, the timeless kind. Bobby Deep is one of these producers and our latest release form him on Suffused Music, Space Hunter, is a Progressive house lover’s dream. Included in the pack are powerful remakes of the original from Subandrio, Yuriy From Russia and Tabriz & Zuckermann. 

It’s been more than 25 years since Bobby Deep has immersed himself completely in music. At a young age, he was collecting records, mixing in clubs and working at a radio station. Despite the small scene at the time, Bobby managed to get himself established with a growing fan base. As of late, Booby has been producing his own music as well as hosting his own radio show on Frisky Radio, Deep Minds. If there was one word to describe his work, he says it best, “Call it DEEP!” 

The original mix of Space Hunter is no exception to the rule. Within the first few bars, you can feel the ever gradual, rising warmth and intensity of the track. Subtle and mesmerizing, the harmonic synths play a game of hide and seek with listeners, teasing them, drawing them in and releasing them with the melodic ebb and flow. The kick is soft, a compliment to the balmy sounds. Licks of delicate percussion, flirtatious as well. 

Well-known Sri Lankan producer, Subandrio, takes things higher, on an upbeat note, welcomed in by a glimpse of the impending gritty bassline. His kick, intricately crafted into a perfect round sound, keeps his remix moving with controlled, techy highs. There’s an angelic hint of hope, laced throughout the track and the progression is perfectly timed for ultimate emotional impact. 

As his name would suggest, Russian producer, Yuriy From Russia treats us to a groovy rendition of Space Hunter. The background ambience of his remix matched with its energetic mélange of foreground percussion is sure to make anyone get up and dance. Sunshine pours through the breakdown until the drop brings us back on our journey. The rolling bass keeps things fluid and the dreamy leads are like encouragement to keep moving.

Last but not least, no strangers to Suffused Music, Tabriz & Zuckermann deliver a deep, housier version of the original. Ethereal pads and a subtle sax lead blanket the techier kick and undulating bass. There’s a great intensity that builds as the track progresses and the breakdown brings you to a place where you just want release, and when it’s done stringing you as far as you can go playfully, it obliges, with style. 

The entire Space Hunter pack has a version for any Progressive Lover’s discerning ear, to be played any time of night, making it a must-have in your library. 

Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Subandrio Remix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]
Bobby Deep - Space Hunter (Tabriz & Zuckermann Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Amber Long
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