Saturday, August 22, 2015

Subconscious Tales - Till it Begins EP (Part2) incl. Ewan Rill, LoQuai, Soulfinder, Tuxedo [SMD107]

We had seen the first edition of Till It Begins EP last year which featured some great original productions of Latvian talent, Subconscious Tales. This year it’s time for part 2, marking remixes from some of the most talented artists such as Ewan Rill, LoQuai, Soulfinder & Tuxedo.

First we have Russian talent Ewan Rill bringing us his version of Become Aware. Built on slow grooves leading into a melodic bassline, the track carries an old skool house vibe with bass twangs and stabs. Perfectly arranged sounds with rapid riffs & claps progressing into a dancy breakdown with the impeccable synths which is the core of the track adding some dramatic mood before exploding with a powerful groove polished to perfection. 

Next we have Germany based talent LoQuai doing what he does best, giving the original version Humble a complete twist with dark soundscapes. Slow buildup, followed by hard beats along the hypnotic bassline swirling up and down is enough to keep your head spinning.  The track carries an addictive groove to it, along with some atmospheric pads in the background. A late night dancefloor hypnosis.

That’s right, Soulfinder approaches the original version of the track Aura in his own style. Moody, rhythmic synths and a striking warm bass, which keeps growing as the track progresses. The breakdown carries a nice drive with layered filters & slow tempo variations peaking up and then breaking back into the groove. Nice smooth transitions keeping the swing to it.   

Talented polish producer Tuxedo bringing us his version of Till it Begins. Swelling bassline with hard beats & kicks injects the track with techy grooves making your ear buzz. The chord progressions along the filter effects in the buildup with futuristic stabs enhances the track with fresh sounding synths, bringing an energetic vibe to the tune.

Overall great work by all the artists. The 4 tracks on the release are equally good & each one will give something different. Recommended!

Text by Sarah Mathews
Picture by Ken
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Hansgod - FDP LP [SMD106]

The 106th release on Suffused Music welcomes Hansgod back to the label for his debut EP. The French producer first appeared on the Lithuanian imprint with a contribution to the 'Initializing' series in January of this year. Appearances on Traum, Colorized and Enhanced have proved to be highlights in a year which has seen Hansgod's atmospheric take on techno music satisfying a broad spectrum of underground DJs. Now returning to Suffused Music Hansgod presents his debut LP for the label entitled 'FDP'.

Spread across seven new originals 'FDP' is sure to delight fans from all corners of the electronic music spectrum. Whether it be the driving, techno romp of the title cut or the spaced out, atmospheric composition 'Not Polluted', there are a bevy of interesting sound stories to get lost in here. The buzzy, vocal elements and growling hooks of 'Topia' might be some of the French producer's most compelling work to date, while the starker leanings of 'Watermelon' are sure to bring a dark, strobe filled room to life. The invigorating seven track journey aptly concludes with a flurry of synths and beats that make up 'Whales', an esoteric composition with melancholic chord changes and feathered motifs that provide a celestial conclusion to the release. For a producer who has earned much praise in the underground, Hansgod has out done himself on this seven track collection. A fabulous release from Suffused Music with an abundance of originality that's sure to win over even the most discerning electronic music fan.

Hansgod - FDP [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Gap [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Legomobyl [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Not Polluted [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Topia [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Watermelon (Plucky Edit) [Suffused Music]
Hansgod - Whales [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (microCastle)
Picture by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Kay-D - Eternal Sun EP incl. East Cafe, Reflection Soul, Adam-P [SMD105]

As Suffused Music moves into the next century of high quality releases, we celebrate the 105th edition with a stunning original from Hungarian producer, Kay-D, and a trio of remixes as “Eternal Sun” provides a warm glow.

From Ajka in eastern Hungary, Krisztian Kajdi has seen his Kay-D production soubriquet formed from classical influences. A brass instrument specialist, early work with his nephew saw considerable success in both the live and production arenas before Kay-D then became a regular on the Mistique Music imprint as three full-length albums passed into their catalogues combined with a plethora of original and remix material. A trio of remixes have found their way to Suffused Music thus far as “Eternal Sun” sees a smooth melodic flow and grooved bass line sit enticingly among a tide of textured pads. A freeform glassy riff makes its presence felt as the track evolves and subtle acid twinges through bass variation add a further layer of intrigue to an impressive work.

East Café is a name that needs no introduction to both the underground progressive community and the Suffused Music faithful. A man with a rare pedigree as both producer and live performer, Gabor Kaszas, is renowned for the level of intricate detail that he places within his productions for Mistique Music, Morphosis and LuPS. The East Café rework of “Eternal Sun” thus illustrates Kaszas’ production talent. A detailed and intelligent rhythm section makes an impressive bed for Kay-D’s original production elements to nestle alongside a host of new production material. In particular, a new bass variation adds further depth and a somewhat sinister edge to the East Café remix as a breakdown of elegance is a perfect pause for reflection.

From the Russian mining region of Kemerovo, Reflection Soul is a name with a strong association to the Balkan Connection imprint. 40 production credits have found their way to the label alongside further work for Bonzai Progressive and Tvardovsky’s Stereo Paradise imprint. With his sophomore offering for Suffused Music, the Reflection Soul remix is a study in emotive chord progressions and superb bass line programming. Taking the rich melodic elements of the Kay-D original, they are fused into a new collage of original production material to create a work of vibrancy and quality.

Final contributor sees fellow Ajika resident, Adam-P, illustrate the continued rich seem of talent stemming from Hungary. An artist relatively new to the underground progressive scene, a 2012 debut quickly lead to a fruitful relationship with Stellar Fountain with further work for OLD SQL and Elliptical Sun. 2013’s “Appreciable Depth” EP marked a high point for Adam-P’s contribution to Suffused Music as he now returns with a typically smooth remix full of hypnotic pads that bathe in golden sunlit glow beneath a groove-laden percussive section and delayed high-end clave style effects. Emotive melodic work provides a contemplative moment as Kay-D’s original elements are given new direction in a work of skill and intrigue.

A trio of remixes illustrates the light of “Eternal Sun” brightly represented by Kay-D.

Text by James Warren
Picture by Kevin Dooley 
Mastered by Cid Inc. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Christopher Hermann - Teardrops EP [SMD104]

The 104th release on Suffused Music welcomes Christopher Hermann back to the label for a new EP. The Hungarian producer made his debut on the Lithuanian imprint with a contribution to the labels 'Initializing Vol V' collection which was released in May of this year. Crosslink Music, System Recordings and Soundteller Records also appear in Christopher's discography and the second half of 2015 promises to be even better. Now embarking on his first EP for Suffused Music the Hungarian artist presents three of his latest studio creations which make up the 'Dancing Teardrops' EP. 

The first selection 'Coral' showcases Christopher's unique melodic capabilities. Driven by offset key structures and glistening textures while the meaty kicks and deep set groove takes you on the ultimate journey. The title and showcase piece 'Dancing Teardrops' comes in decidedly more techno inspired but with all the musicality that you come to expect from Christopher. The EP's closer 'Lust' goes deeper and more ethereal with spacey designs and breathy vocals adding an air of mystery. The one minute plus interlude sets the stage for an unforgettable finale where dancing electronics and swirling textures unite for the ultimate cosmic moment. A superb debut EP for Christopher Hermann on Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Christopher Hermann - Dancing Teardrops [Suffused Music]
Christopher Hermann - Lust [Suffused Music]
Christopher Hermann - Coral [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by Chicago Art Department
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rick Pier O'Neil - Shimmer Of Lights Part2 incl. Chris Gavin, Ewan Rill, Exoplanet, Spacebeat, Subconscious Tales [SMD103]

First hitting the Suffused Music catalogue back in November 2014, French superstar producer, Rick Pier O’Neil, saw his “Shimmer of Lights” EP combine the techno, progressive and tech house genres with consummate ease to create a winning EP. Returning once more, five exciting talents now take up the mantle with new interpretations.

Inspired by the old school house and techno sounds that permeated his consciousness a decade ago, Siberian born Spacebeat’s “Winter Phase” EP for Suffused Music in March 2015 marked a high point for the Russian. His remix of “Feel the Beat” combines the driving rhythmic energy of O’Neil’s original with a smattering of additional production that pushes its way to the fore in the second half of the track to dramatic effect. Vocal samples add a further layer of interest in a hypnotic rework.

Subconscious Tales has been a regular on the Suffused Music label over the past 12 months with further original work for the likes of Spring Tube and Mistique Music illustrating the Latvian’s credentials. A second remix of “Feel The Beat” provides a forceful and dynamic offering that evolves in smooth fashion with powerful rhythmic bed and distorted grooved bass line. Vocal samples from O’Neil’s original make their play combined with intelligent gated pads that swim enticingly across the stereo soundstage.

Former label manager for O’Neil’s RPO imprint, fellow Frenchman, Chris Gavin, has seen his work allied to such notable labels as SexOnWax, and Perspectives Digital. Gavin’s debut for Suffused Music, sees him take on “Kan Balam”. A strong techno offering, he takes O’Neil’s work in a fresh new direction while making intelligent use of original components working them into a new genre. Despite the new makeover, the original can clearly be heard in Gavin’s take on the track and the Frenchman’s skill is in full evidence.

With some 650 credits to his name and legion followers to boot, Ewan Rill’s production prowess is second to none. With well over a century of tracks signed to Balkan Connection and a host more to Mistique, Stripped and Spring Tube, the Russian’s work for Suffused Music has been equally impressive. Tackling “Onix Beat”, Rill’s trademark sound is quickly evident as he takes the dominant rhythmic force of the original and turns it into a funky, groove-laden affair with light melodic elements that swirl with shimmering joy to mesmerising effect. The resultant work is a joy to behold.

Musical legends are few and far between but Holland’s Exoplanet is one such figure with an acute ear for immaculate production and a winning formula based on vast experience and technical prowess. A regular on the Particles and Proton Music imprints, Exoplanet’s debut for Suffused Music sees him placing his own stamp on “Onix Beat” with trademark melodic ingenuity and ethereal soundscapes, married to a pounding, unrelenting beat that brings a dynamic energy to the Dutchman’s work. An acid-fuelled lead line adds further to the original vocal cuts to create a work of real skill and talent.

Text by James Warren
Picture by Peter Alfred Hess
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Audio Noir - Paris After Midnight EP incl. Florent Campana, Forerunners, Harmon Ikka [SMD102]

The australian Audio Noir returns back to Suffused Music after a pair of well acclaimed productions for the lithuanian label. 'Paris After Midnight' is a complex journey, with a soul healing intro part, filled with warm chords. The killer baseline joins the party after 2 and a half minutes, redirecting the energies up to the top, in combination with the melodies becomes a true progressive trip.

Harmon Ikka combined a variety of rising techno flavours with acid and carefully re-used themes from the original track. Florent Campana moved into a more chilling segment of house, with an overall relaxed feel topped with the main melody. Forerunners dreamed a pounding form, with a peak time attitude spiced with haunting elements.

Audio Noir - Paris After Midnight [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Paris After Midnight (Florent Campana Remix) [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Paris After Midnight (Forerunners Remix) [Suffused Music]
Audio Noir - Paris After Midnight (Harmon Ikka 'Acid Paris' Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Greyloop
Picture by Photophilde
Mastered by Cid Inc.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine - Lost Time EP incl. Alex Vidal, Phonic Scoupe, Tuxedo [SMD101]

The 101st release on Suffused Music welcomes Reflection Soul to the label for a brand new single. Robert aka Reflection Soul hails from Russia and first hit the scene with releases on Balkan Connection and Stripped Digital in 2011. Subsequent releases on Bonzai Records and Perfecto furthered Robert's unique sound and we now see him presenting a new alias. 'Dofamine' represents a new beginning for Robert and his debut single 'Lost Time' gets the moniker off to a great start.

The original mix gets underway with a tough techy framework and an underbelly of growling bass. Smooth chord changes then build anticipation for the introduction of a jangly guitar. Distorted lines and gleaming bells slowly encompass the groove and carry the track on an emotional ride to the break. The serene interlude builds on the guitar motifs with a sequence of pianos and harmonic refrain. It's a blissful moment and perhaps the most poignant of Reflection Soul's career. The euphoric build is subtle but calculated and the eventual payoff is sure to stick with your dance floor long after the night is over.

The first interpretation of 'Lost Time' is provided by Alex Vidal who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. The Spanish producer has been very busy this year with a long string of remix productions for Balkan Connection, Bonzai Records, Mistique Music and OLD SQL Recordings. He’s got a unique blend of progressive and trance which has lent itself quite well to the ‘Lost Time’ theme. With a more uptempo groove and driving rhythms Alex's version provides a jolt of energy. It's trailing effects and hooky synths make for a dynamic groove and the main break showcases the lead elements beautifully for a magical moment.

The second interpretation of 'Lost Time' is provided by Phonic Scoupe who are making their first appearance on Suffused Music. The Lithuanian production team were one of the most hyped groups in the underground all through 2014. In addition to being chosen as one of the winners of the Sound Avenue / Han Haak remix contest the production trio had a strong run of releases on Stripped Recordings, Soundteller Records and Fade Records. For their 'Lost Time' interpretation Phonic Scoupe have added their own unique brand of sonic funk. Bulging bass stabs carve out a killer groove which methodically builds though subtle modulation. The main theme from the original is portrayed in classic fashion with a grandiose moment during the main break. As the soulful plucks give way to the piano a classic drum roll begins which sets in motion a joyous climax that sits as one of Phonic Scoupe's all time best.

The third and final interpretation of 'Lost Time' is provided by Tuxedo who is also making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Polish producer and head of Electronic Tree has been having the best year of career, his original productions for 238*West and Pro-B-Tech have been outstanding along with remixes for Particles, Stripped Digital and Soundteller Records. For his Suffused Music debut Tuxedo has closed the release out in style with a brilliant interpretation of 'Lost Time'. In going with a deeper, dubbier and more mysterious take the Polish producer has complemented the previous, more traditional remixes quite well. From its acidic groove, timeless tones and techno soul it ends the release with a smooth rush of emotion that leaves you wanting more. Brilliant work from Tuxedo and another great release from Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine - Lost Time (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine - Lost Time (Alex Vidal Remix) [Suffused Music]
Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine - Lost Time (Phonic Scoupe Remix) [Suffused Music]
Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine - Lost Time (Tuxedo Remix) [Suffused Music]

Text by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo)
Picture by Francesca Cappa
Mastered by Cid Inc.