Monday, December 7, 2020

Calzedon Guy - Nothing EP incl. Sapienta, Secretvision, Modular Gate [SMD243]

An artist influenced by 1980s icons Depeche Mode and The Cure, Peter Szabo has carved out an impressive name for himself under a variety of production monikers. Represented on his Suffused Music debut by his Calzedon Guy alter-ego, the Hungarian artist has continued to advance the underground house scene since an October 2017 debut for Techno Vinyls Records. Going on to feature on the likes of Stellar Fountain, Astrowave and Clinique, “Nothing” is characterised by a rich rhythmic framework that lilts hypnotically across the near 9-minute piece. Delayed stabs enter the fray at the second movement as a spoken sample adds intrigue. Subtle pads provide texture and depth as the track progresses into the second half in a stripped back offering of impressive creativity.

An artist with a growing portfolio of music to his name, Sapienta has ridden the crest of a wave over the course of 2020. Making his debut for Star Drive Records in February, an array of original and remix production material has gone on to feature for Stellar Fountain, Consapevole Recordings and the ever-impressive Suprematic in December. Another Suffused Music debutant, the Sapienta remix bristles with energy as a heavy beat, chugging percussive groove and growling bassline lay the foundations for new melodies to evolve out of the original. Echoing Calzedon Guy’s motifs at the breakdown, a swathe of original production material is wrapped around “Nothing” to create a unique and impressive interpretation that makes its mark in the third movement with evocative counterpoint phrasing.

Another 2020 entrant into the underground dance scene, Secretvision has impressed with an eclectic release portfolio that include progressive house, trance and techno offerings since a March debut for Techno Vinyls Records. Going on to feature for the likes of Astrowave, Puzzle Music Underground and LW Recordings, the Hungarian artist who had imagined a life as an electronic music producer from childhood, provides another unique remix of “Nothing”. Paying close attention to the melodic themes of the original, a sparkling arpeggio adds another layer of intrigue which develops further at the breakdown in reduced tempo phrasing that builds in energy into the third movement. A powerful beat and rapid-fire hi-hat percussion provide a more than capable rhythmic framework to carry the melodic elements in an intelligent and dynamic interpretation.

An accomplished DJ with over 130 mixes to his name for Hungarian radio’s, TopFM, Modular Gate is a name that has had a connection with music from the start of the millennium. Reflecting his “massive but melodic” style, a 2014 debut for SoundKeeK Records began a career that has gone on to see music released on Hot Cue Music, Astrowave and Trippy Code. Appearing on Suffused Music for the first time, the Hungarian’s remix retains the original’s melodic theme at its core, while adding a powerful randomly triggered arpeggio that creates forward momentum. Additional chord structure and a ‘wall of sound’ breakdown hit hard before continuing into the third movement. A distinctive dub cadence adds to the Modular Gate remix of “Nothing” in an interpretation that pays tribute to his “maximalism” approach to music.

Calzedon Guy’s “Nothing” is certainly something special with remixes from Sapienta, Secretvision and Modular Gate.

Text by James Warren

Monday, December 9, 2019

Rodskeez & Mars Monero - Ghost Limb / Rust in Oil, Bones in Soil EP [SMD241]

Returning after a brief hiatus, Suffused Music sees an Australian collaborative pairing making their debut on the label.

An artist with a considerable pedigree to his name, Rodskeez is a renowned name in the underground dance industry. A DJ from his early 20s, performances across his homeland have seen him perform at high-profile venues including headline slots at Chinese Laundry alongside the likes of Gui Boratto, Guy J and Henry Saiz. 

With over a decade’s experience and well over a century of production credits to his name, the Sydney based producer has found his music allied to some of the finest modern labels. A regular on the famous Australian, Vapour Recordings imprint, Mango Alley, Replug and Mesmeric have all played host to Rodskeez’s music, while 2011 saw a Sudbeat Music debut with “The Village EP” and remixes from label-owner, Hernan Cattaneo (alongside SoundExile) plus fellow countryman, Kasey Taylor.

Joining forces with fellow Sydney resident, Mars Monero, himself responsible for a clutch of releases on Sleazy Deep and Yes Yes Records, the duo saw a debut release on Mexican imprint, Sounds of Earth in September 2018 as part of the label’s 100th release, with “Chain and Anchor”. Now debuting on Suffused Music, “Ghost Limb” is a throbbing, soulful offering characterised by strong beat and rolling percussive groove that is enveloped in muted melodic phrasing and gently modulating pads. Evolving elegantly throughout with range of motifs and effects, a loquacious vocal line drenched in reverb and delay meanders impressively across proceedings with ease to add a strong dub vibe to the track.

Partner track, “Rust in Oil, Bones in Soil” continues the strong rhythmic cadence of its predecessor as an offbeat stab adds a touch of class to the head-shaking groove. A series of spot effects add depth and texture while a subtle vocal ping-pongs across the stereo spectrum in dizzying fashion. A dynamic bassline adds further to the dancefloor character in a track that is full of originality, technique and craftsmanship.

Two tracks from Rodskeez and Mars Monero find Australian talent fully represented on Suffused Music.

Rodskeez, Mars Monero - Ghost Limb [Suffused Music]
Rodskeez, Mars Monero - Rust in Oil, Bones in Soil [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Monday, August 26, 2019

Kay-D - Voyagers EP [SMD240]

Continuing a rich seam of impressive releases across over six years, Suffused Music sees Kay-D return to the label with a new and original twin-track EP as “Voyagers” becomes the 240th release on the label.

From the ancient city of Ajka in the east of his homeland, Krisztian Kajdi has overseen a decade-long career in the underground dance music scene with his Kay-D production moniker. Borne of classical influences and three years spent at the conservatoire specialising in the trumpet, the Hungarian artist was inspired by the explosion in dance music across Europe in the early 1990s. Working initially with his renowned nephew, Karanyi, and building an understanding of modern synthesis and computer production techniques, Kay-D’s nascent career began with the “Mysteries” EP on CLS Music in March 2008.

Almost 500 production credits later and the Kay-D name has been writ large a cross a host of blue-chip imprints that include almost a double century for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music and three full-length albums. Furthermore, Kay-D has been a regular on the likes of Stellar Fountain, PHW Elements and Majestic Family Records, while co-hosting the monthly “Mindfields” show on Frisky Radio and performing live across his native Hungary and nearby Czech Republic.

A remix of T-Dallas in September 2013 opened Kay-D’s account for Suffused Music before September 2015’s “Eternal Sun” saw a standout original track and remixes from Reflection Soul and East Café. Now returning with a pair of new original tracks, the “Voyagers” EP opens with the driving rhythms and machine-gun fire bassline of “Artificial Consciousness”. Full of progressive hallmarks, luscious pads and sumptuous vocal waves wash over the seven-minute track in trademark fashion. Building relentlessly, a scintillating arpeggio sequence is added at the mid-point alongside an angular motif to create a multi-faceted track that is sure to find favour across European clubs.

The more laid-back title track is a pulsating affair that luxuriates in side-chained pads and emotive chord progressions. A cadenced bassline adds to the depth and head-shaking groove while Kay-D’s penchant for melodic phrasing can be heard throughout the eight-minute piece. Filmic vocal samples that link to the “Voyagers” title add further depth to a heavily stratified and carefully programmed work that reaches its melodic height at the stripped back breakdown. Opening up again into the second half, a hypnotising rhythmic foundation is the perfect vehicle to showcase Kay-D’s impressive production credentials.

Returning to Suffused Music, Kay-D opens up a new pathway to success with his “Voyagers”.

Kay-D - Artificial Consciousness [Suffused Music]
Kay-D - Voyagers [Suffused Music]

John 00 Fleming
Love and support both!

my support for sure!

Lexicon Avenue
Voyagers for me guys

It's that tuned percussion that does it for me in Voyagers. Very hypnotic track and can't wait to play it out LOUD. Thanks! Awesome work.

Kris O'Neil
Nice drive to Artificial Consciousness!

Malandra Jr.

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Pangea Mastering

Monday, August 5, 2019

DP-6 - Sangria EP incl. Nicholas Van Orton [SMD239]

Comprising the combined Russian forces of Alexi Filin and Vadim Indigo, DP-6 have been at the vanguard of the underground house scene for two decades. Regulars on Suffused Music, it is an honour to welcome them back to the label with a brand-new track in "Sangria" and a world-class remix from an Argentinean icon.

With almost 500 production credits to their name across a plethora of blue-chip labels dating back to mid-2005, DP-6 have seen no let-up in their ability to craft high quality underground dance music. Inspiring fans across their Russian homeland with spell-binding DJ sets to captivated audiences, the duo have used the opportunity to play out an array of their own unique production material. As such, Clinique, Superordinate Music and Naked Lunch have all played host to the DP-6 name with a further 300 credits featuring on their own DP-6 Records. January 2016's "Eclipse" saw a debut on Suffused Music, while the twin-track "Synesthesia" in May that year went on to see a number of rereleases with remixes from the likes of Espen and Matteo Monero.

Now returning, “Sangria” is a typically deep affair that bristles with rapid-fire percussive hats and deep bass before a sumptuous grooved chord adds head-shaking energy. Building with ease, an almost imperceptible inclusion of additional production elements across the near 7-minute piece, has created a hypnotic and vibrant track. Also included, a stripped back “Dub Mix” provides an even deeper affair, revelling in cavernous bassline, 808 percussion and muted melodic phrasing.

Nicholas Van Orton needs little introduction to the dance music cognoscenti. An artist with over 15 years experience of the underground industry, Van Orton has risen through the ranks of the Argentinian production fraternity. DJ performances across the cosmopolitan Buenos Aries capital have kept him engaged with a faithful and adoring fan base, while production work has seen him reach some 600 credits with a raft of music signed to Perfecto Records, Superordinate Music and over 250 appearances on the Balkan Connection family of labels. Moreover, a double century of those have featured on the South America variant which has thrived under his stewardship.

A single remix of Munbraze’s “Peractorum” in October 2017 represents Nicholas Van Orton's debut outing for Suffused Music as he returns once again to the label to take on DP-6 with suitable aplomb. Using the deep house credentials of the original to maximum effect, a huge offbeat percussive pattern combines with rich rolling groove to create a subtle new variation of “Sangria” that revels in a dynamic new dancefloor urgency. Using the original components to impressive effect, a new open-filtered repetitive note adds energy to the jam-packed groove, while a host of new production material and subtle melodic flourishes creates a masterclass of production prowess from the Nicholas Van Orton production studio.

DP-6 - Sangria [Suffused Music]
DP-6 - Sangria (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) [Suffused Music]
DP-6 - Sangria (Dub Mix) [Suffused Music]

good pack

Nick Muir
Original mix nice

Petar Dundov
Cool stuff

Baunder (Soundexile)
NVO remix for me, thanks!

Nice release. Proper original, Orton stands out. thanks!

Malandra Jr.
i will test!

Text by James Warren
Mastered by DP-6, Pangea Mastering

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ivan Nikusev - Obelisk EP incl. Ioan Gamboa, Vakabular [SMD238]

Welcoming a new artist to the roster, Suffused Music shines a spotlight on Macedonian, Ivan Nikusev, an artist who has appeared on some of the finest underground imprints with his classic progressive house sound. 

With his work featured on Perfecto, Mistique Music and John 00 Fleming’s JOOF and supported by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo and Fleming himself, Nikusev has created a body of work that finds him firmly at the industry’s top table. Moreover, as the artist responsible for founding OLD SQL, one of the leading underground labels, Nikusev has created a blue-chip vehicle for a century of his own production credits plus an artist roster that reads like the ‘Who’s Who’ of underground dance over the past 8 years. Now debuting on Suffused Music, “Obelisk” immediately hits the listener with its chest-thumping kick and off-beat percussion. Adding a bass that locks tightly to the rhythmic section, a glorious array of pads and textures filter into sonic range in perfect harmony. Building effortlessly, a glorious array of arpeggios supply dynamism into the breakdown before lifting the energy into the third movement with a flair and brio that is characteristic of Nikusev’s work.

Spanish born but now firmly ensconced in his adopted Berlin home, Ioan Gamboa has made a sizeable impression operating out of his studio in the German capital. Previously working under a number of aliases, his debut under the Ioan Gamboa moniker saw him release the “Spiral / Hope” EP on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat in May 2011 before going on to feature on Cid Inc’s Replug, Henry Saiz’s Natura Sonoris and his own Madberlin imprint. Some 50 production credits for Particles tells a further story of the Spaniard’s success. Another Suffused Music debutant, the Ioan Gamboa remix takes “Obelisk” on a bouncing bassline voyage with a shuffling percussive hats and heavy beat adding dynamism. Exploding into life at the mid-point, a searing lead cuts through the mix like an acetylene torch, while a glittering arpeggio at the breakdown resonates with Nikusev’s original before a softer reprise provides the perfect antidote for the closing movement.

A successful DJ in his home in Ko Pha-ngan off the Gulf of Thailand, Vakabular’s production career has seen over a century of production credits find favour with Stan Kolev and Matan Caspi’s Outta Limits, Nikusev’s OLD SQL and his own Hollystone Records, plus a plethora of other imprints. A regular on Suffused Music over 2018, February’s “Quarantine” EP marked a strong debut while October’s “Endless” continued with a striking triptych. A pair of remixes for Dimuth K and Rick Pier O’Neil is now followed by a third as Vakabular immediately takes on the themes of “Obelisk” by recreating the central “Blade Runner” arpeggio as a dynamic and rolling bassline that serves as a foundation for a shimmering array of white-noise effects as incidental motifs. Appearing at a higher octave, the central arpeggio makes its play again at the mid-point to create a strong tie to Nikusev’s original. Vakabular’s skill is to create a new and vibrant take on the track original.

Ivan Nikusev’s “Obelisk” has created a strong foundation from which Ioan Gamboa and Vakabular have created a new monument.

Ivan Nikusev - Obelisk [Suffused Music]
Ivan Nikusev - Obelisk (Ioan Gamboa Remix) [Suffused Music]
Ivan Nikusev - Obelisk (Vakabular Remix) [Suffused Music]

Baunder (Soundexile) 
Ioan Gamboa remix for me, thanks!

Darin Epsilon 
Great sound in Ioan Gamboa's remix and good to see him working together with Ivan Nikusev :)

Matan Caspi

Text by James Warren
Mastered Pangea Mastering, Ioan Gamboa

Monday, January 21, 2019

Futur-E - Hydra EP [SMD237]

Hailing from Eleusis, site of the “Eleusinian Mysteries”, home to the most famous secret religious rites of ancient Greece, Stavros Karavasilis has been involved in electronic music for a number of years. Under his Futur-E soubriquet the Greek producer returns to Suffused Music with his twin-track “Hydra EP”.

With a background in studying music theory, keyboard and harmonium, Karavasilis’ first foray into electronic music saw him work alongside DJ M92 under the Midnight Pulse pseudonym. Gradually finding his own musical path under various alter-egos until 2007, 2008 saw the birth of his Futur-E moniker with a debut release on Future Lovers in April 2011 and the “Anatomy” EP. Some 200 production credits later and the Futur-E name has found itself writ large across the underground dance scene with a potent blend of techno, progressive and tech house releases to his name.

Work for Traum, Manual Music and the globally renowned Tulipa Recordings has found Futur-E at the vanguard of the melodic techno sound that has become so prominent in the current dance music scene. Indeed, it is with the latter, that Futur-E has had a string of impressive releases including 2017’s “Cosmos” and “Chromosome” EPs.

August 2015 marked the Futur-E debut for Suffused Music with a standout remix of Oovation. Now returning with a debut original EP, the title track is a carefully constructed gem that delights with its angular rhythmic framework and cavernous bass pattern. Building in seamless fashion, rapid-fire percussion and carefully placed melodic motifs provide the basis for an automated vocal phrase to lament the over-population of earth and a solution to the problem from “Hydra, a new artificial intelligence character”. With a distinct science-fiction flavor to proceedings the introduction of a slightly unnerving arpeggio phrase creates the perfect narrative for the “Hydra” story.

Similarly, “Electrician” contains the Futur-E sonic hallmarks as a beautifully shimmering offering revels in a collage of melodies and intelligently placed motifs. A rich bass groove adds substance and delayed plucks add a subtle incongruity as they build in intensity to create a truly unique flavor post-breakdown. Backed by a framework of rolling groove and head-shaking rhythmic flow, the result is an innovative and original work.

Rising from the deep with a power and purpose, Futur-E is out to take on the world with “Hydra”.

Futur-E - Hydra [Suffused Music]
Futur-E - Electrician [Suffused Music]

Text by James Warren
Mastered Pangea Mastering

Monday, January 14, 2019

Fernando Olaya - Gravity EP incl. Ejaz Ahamed, Placebo Efx, Momento De Baile [SMD236]

Originally part of a three-track EP December 2017, Fernando Olaya’s “Gravity” showcased a growing talent. Now returning to the title track, a trio of new remixes provide a new spin on the Colombian’s work.

A successful DJ with residencies across the Middle East at Trilogy and Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Ejaz Ahamed’s credentials are in little doubt. Plying alongside such iconic names as John Digweed, Sasha an Adam Beyer, Ahamed’s career behind the decks has been followed by burgeoning production work. Making his debut for PHW Elements in March 2017, Ahamed has gone on to feature for Kontact, Particles and the Visceral compilation series. Making his Suffused Music debut, the Ejaz Ahamed remix retains the percussive flair of “Gravity” while adding a host of new production material including a running bassline with its roots firmly in Olaya’s original. Simultaneously, a new rhythmic arpeggio and rich synth lines combine seamlessly with original components in an exciting new approach.

Los Angeles act, Placebo eFx are 2018 newcomers to the underground dance scene. Describing themselves under the broad banner of “Progressive/Melodic Techno duo”, they quickly found themselves allied to the Krafted Underground imprint. A trio of releases have thus hit the label: September 2018’s twin-track “And Then” was followed by November’s “Lo-Fi” and the track “Are We” featured on December’s “Deep Tech Los Angeles, Vol. 3, Pt. 1” album. Making their Suffused Music debut, Placebo eFx immediately hit their stride with a pounding beat and intricate rhythm before a complex bass pattern provides subtle variation. Building effortlessly, a smooth melodic lead comes into play at the mid-point to add depth and interest. Rising and falling throughout the second half, combined with a delayed and effected vocal component, the Placebo eFx is an innovative new interpretation of “Gravity”.

Momento de Baile is the final artist to take up the remix mantle. Another 2018 debutant to the underground music fraternity, the Colombian artist with a raison d’être to make “serious music for funny people”, has found a home on Suffused Music after an initial appearance on “Initializing, vol. 19” in August with “Simple”, followed by a full release of the track alongside “Driving to Disco” and “Glüwein” in October. Now the Medellin resident returns to the label with an outstanding reworking of “Gravity” that makes full use of the percussive components to create a new Latin-infused cadence and strong beat. Backed by a intelligent new groove that combines the core themes of the original while layering a swathe of new melodies and phrases, a multi-textured sound is created rooted in the sonic themes found in Olaya’s work. Reaching a stripped back breakdown, an intermittent pitched vocal cut adds greater depth before a second half erupts with a full complement of dancefloor rhythms and melodic effervescence.

Fernando Olaya - Gravity [Suffused Music]
Fernando Olaya - Gravity (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) [Suffused Music]
Fernando Olaya - Gravity (Placebo eFx Remix) [Suffused Music]
Fernando Olaya - Gravity (Momento de Baile Remix) [Suffused Music]

John 00 Fleming
Ejaz remix is amazing :)

Nick Warren
Cool mix from Ejaz

solid ep , will play

Cid Inc
original is great,thanks

Darin Epsilon
Really strong remix by Ejaz Ahamed!

Original's great! Full of Latin flavour ... Placebo eFx remix is a great darker workout. Support

very good one!! will play it!!

Matt Rowan
Loving all of these mixes but the Placebo eFx is my favourite

James Monro
Placebo eFx remix is spot on! thnx

Jos & Eli
well done here great work by all - good luck !!

Mike Griego
Great stuff!

Nice music here! Placebo remix for us! thanks!

Text by James Warren
Mastered Pangea Mastering