Saturday, April 18, 2015

A+E - Cobra EP incl. Magnetic Brothers, Tommi Oskari [SMD091]

The 91st release on Suffused Music welcomes A+E to the label for their debut single entitled 'Cobra'. Adrian Butinar and Elton Smith hail from Melbourne, Australia and make up the A+E production team. Having met over a decade ago it wasn't until almost 2010 that their respective solo careers would become intertwined. Having both come from successful trance oriented production pasts the duos first collaboration as A+E was the deep progressive gem 'Mica'. Released by System Recordings and championed by Anthony Pappa the production had the whole progressive house underground wanting to hear more from this exciting new duo. It's been 12 long months since the release of 'Mica' but we now see Suffused Music presenting the second ever A+E production. The duos latest 'Cobra' looks to build on the mystery and intrigue of 'Mica' and also includes remixes from Magnetic Brothers and Tommi Oskari.

The dubby, glacial grooves which were explored on 'Mica' were quite fresh and on 'Cobra' we see more unique production work from A+E. Getting underway with a tribal infused groove and sultry sax hooks you're immediately drawn in by its quirkiness. As additional drum elements get worked into the mix the momentum rises monumentally though the first act. Fluttery synths add mightily to the sax storyboard and the addition of a ride picks up the pace even further. The track's live feel keeps it bright and exciting throughout and the main break is adorned with soulful lines which propel the track to an exhilarating finish.

The fist interpretation of 'Cobra' is provided by the Magnetic Brothers who are making their second appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian duo and literal brothers made their debut on Suffused Music last July with a remix of 'Reason To Live' by Ewan Rill & Anton Ttx. It was a fabulous interpretation in a long line of impressive production for the Magnetic Brothers in 2014. It was a year which saw the duo rise from a production slumber with key releases on Movement Recordings and Balkan Connection. For their 'Cobra' interpretation the Magnetic Brothers have gone deeper and dubbier with fantastic results. The duos layered beats and reinvention of the sax elements is smooth and sultry. The late night, back room feel is undeniably cool and the new effects storyboard along with a soulful break is monumentally stimulating. If it's funk, class and dance floor appeal you're looking for the Magnetic Brothers have come up with something fresh and exciting here. Don't miss it.

The second and final interpretation of 'Cobra' is provided by Tommi Oskari who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. Hailing from Finland Tommi exploded on to the scene in April of 2013 with a remix of Khen & Sonic Union's 'Introspection' which was released on Cid Inc's Replug Records. Subsequent appearances on Juicebox Music and Lowbit Records made Tommi one of the undergrounds most inspiring talents and he's gotten 2015 off to a great start with remixes for Majestic Family records and PHW Elements. Tommi's progressive techno hybrid has always sounded fresh and it's melded well with the 'Cobra' theme. Opting for a dubbier approach during the first act the Finnish producers powerful beats, driving groove and acidic rhythms push the track into the main break. The murky interlude is full of intrigue with the sax parts expertly reprocessed and teased in to great effect. The re-entry summons more of the main riff which takes off during the third act for a soulful finale. Another very strong production from Tommi which rounds out this excellent release from Suffused Music. Don't miss it.

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by xploitme
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Million Toys - Syntax EP [SMD090]

The 90th release on Suffused Music welcomes One Million Toys back to the label for his first artist EP. Sagy Amir aka One Million Toys hails from Israel and made his Suffused Music debut in June of last year with a remix of 'Cutting The Clouds' by Mark Found. The Israeli artist has found a unique place in the electronic music underground with his psychedelic designs and progressive minded sensibilities. The last calendar year has been the best on record for One Million Toys with remixes for Dave Seaman and Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic feat. Rick Pier O'Niel being two of the highlights. One Million Toys now presents his first ever artist EP for Suffused Music entitled 'Syntax', included on the project are three brand new original productions.

The release gets underway with the appropriately titled 'Fireworks'; a mid tempo, triptastic techno creation. If you're a fan of warped, druggy design and deep engaging grooves than this is one production you're sure to love. Beginning unassumingly with a plodding groove and chugging rhythms the piece slowly evolves into a laid back, melancholic epic. It's buzzing synths and electric haze highlight a riveting climax which leaves you wanting more. The EPs second selection 'Sunrise Over Ike' builds on the wonderful cadence created by 'Fireworks'. Fueled by another highly detailed and immaculately constructed groove it grabs your attention right away. A series of hypnotic motifs carries the piece with a floaty tempo into a well crafted main break. Highlighted by wonderfully textured bell tones and an escalating emotional theme the interlude peaks with the warm rush of beats and bass that carries the track into a poignant third act. The EPs third, final and also title selection 'Syntax' is next and offers some of One Million Toys most creative ideas to date. Once again the Israeli producer's design proves to be not only quite stimulating but also incredibly groovy. The tempo and energy are markedly up here as a series of esoteric vocal hooks and trippy narratives create an otherworldly vibe over the first act. As the track strips down towards the main break a light textural haze is already building mystery and intrigue, which the shimmering, twisted and oddly emotional conclusion is all the better for. A fabulous collection of music from one of the most creative producers out there and a great release for Suffused Music who continues to impress with its ever expanding music policy.

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by Steven Kay

Steve Sai - When the Lights Went Out EP [SMD089]

From fifteen years experience in dance music industry, Greek producer, Steve Sai has been at the forefront of the scene in his home country. Originally from the Athens capital; Sai has stood behind the decks of a swathe of the Greece’s most notable clubs, filling dance floors en route alongside luminaries such as Max Cooper and Dave Seaman.

Now following up the release of “When The Lights Went Out”, originally part of Suffused Music’s “VA Initializing 2014 Vol. III”, Steve Sai sees his “deep tech sound with dirty bass and fat synths” revitalised with remixes from a worldwide cast from Australia, Peru and Russia.

Australian producer, Rion Oidua’s work for Bonzai Progressive and Breaks has been supplemented by additional releases on Eyepatch, Wasabi and Complex Textures as a production career that only began at the end of 2013, now sees a strong tech house remix of “When The Lights Go Out”. A work full of smooth grooves and effervescent dance floor energy pays homage to Steve Sai’s original with careful placement of the original melodic phrasing to intelligent and impressive effect.

From the Western edge of South America, Peruvian artist, Mario M’s five year production career has seen his cross-genre work hit the catalogues of a variety of labels including the Jason Owen owned Evoked, Nick Lewis’ Emotional Content Recordings, as well as a track signed to the “Summer Particles 2014” compilation. Now following up “Attitude”, part of Suffused Music’s “Initializing Vol. IV” in January 2015, Mario M has taken Sai’s work and given it a stripped back, bass grooved makeover that sizzles with percussive intensity as melodic themes from the original weave an intricate path atop to create a richly textured offering.

Yuriy Kolomiytsev is no stranger to the modern underground music scene with his Yuriy From Russia moniker. A regular on the underground dance scene since 2010, almost 400 production credits sit proudly against his name as work for Stripped Digital, Avangardia and Baroque highlight Yuriy’s success in an ever-changing industry. Equally at home with original and remix work, Yuriy has been a regular on Suffused Music since 2013 with a string of impressive remixes. Returning now for a ninth outing, Yuriy From Russia has provided a deep progressive house offering that evolves effortlessly with smooth flowing melodies, shimmering arpeggio and rich bass line. A hypnotic vocal cut and easy percussion section add further to a rework of Steve Sai’s original that adds a strong additional flavour to the remix package.

A trio of remixes from across the globe have ensured that “When The Lights Went Out”, dance floors will be filled.

Jimmy Van M (Bedrock / Hope / Selador / Parquet / Tulipa / AlterImage)
Yuriy remix is good! Will support!

John Johnson (Bedrock, Avex, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole, Touche)
Great release....All mixes are nice...Thanx!


Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
cool tracks!

Ewan Rill (Sever)
Yuriy remix is cool, my pick here, thanks!

Digital Department (Frisky Radio,Welcome Music)
Excellent release. Every track is interesting in its own way.

Text by James Warren
Picture by T. Cowart
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Subconscious Tales - Arris EP [SMD088]

The 88th release on Suffused Music welcomes Subconscious Tales back to the label for a brand new three track EP. Latvian producer Ivars Tiliks debuted his new alias on the Lithuanian imprint in July of 2014. It saw a stylistic shift from the brighter melodic sounds of Tee-Ex to a deep, dubby and more techno inspired approach. This stirred up much hype in the progressive house underground and Subconscious Tales went on to release two EPs with Suffused Music as well as remix projects for BC2 and Mistique Music. Subconscious Tales now presents his latest EP entitled 'Arris' which includes three brand new original productions.

For all those electronic music fans that fell in love with Ivars' deep and mysterious creations the title track offers that and much more. Backed by a driving groove and rolling drums the tracks presence immediately strikes a chord. Following a short break the introduction of dubby stabs and undulating effects creates an amazing vortex of energy which drives the track into its second act. The main break furthers the late night appeal with shifty tones and a light granular haze which cooks some additional heat. A short build then summons the groove the back for an equally engaging conclusion. The second selection 'Edge' continues with the progressive techno fusion and the energy of EP rises even higher. Crisp beats along with a story board of effects and hypnotic motifs proves to be electrifying and the growling acid stabs may be the icing on the cake. The EPs third and final selection 'Ignition' carves out the funkiest groove on the release. Fueled by a multitude of rhythmic hooks and rippling bass waves the electricity rises high towards the heart of the track. A stripped down interlude adds further intrigue with rich textures and phasing soundscapes building tension for the ultimate apex. Three big productions from Subconscious Tales which should stand at the top of today's progressive techno sound.

Stephane K
nice pack !

Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
Arris & Ignition are both cool!

Ewan Rill (Sever)
I will try Edge and Ignition, thanks!

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by Tonamel
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Eugene Loner - Lonely Traveller EP [SMD087]

Lithuania's most promising artist Eugene Loner debuted on Suffused Music with his 'Dreamcatcher' EP in March 2014 [as SMD032], he is back with another, all around strong 4-tracker called 'Lonely Traveller'. Eugene's sound can be labeled as a fine balance between the deep and progressive segment of house with a hint to more relaxing themes.

'Crickets Outside' operates with a mystic arp melody, surrounded by some gentle textures. 'Lonely Traveller' starts with a marching beat & bass combo, then it goes in an emotional direction, with a melancholic synth-string collision. 'Lullaby' sound wise turns back to 'Crickets Outside', with a sentimental touch and heavenly harmonies. 'Sunny Day' is a pure deep house stuff, with a fluffy string theme, topped with an uplifting synth.

4Mal (GU / Armada / Baroque / Lost Language / FlipCube)
'Lullaby' for me, thank you! Evgeny / 4Mal

Danny Lloyd (Sudbeat | Lowbit | Proton | Particles)
Nice release! Thanks.

Kieran J (Baires, Asymmetric, Sound Avenue, Change Audio, Stripped, L3D.)
Good work, liking lullaby. thanks !

Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
all cool tracks here!

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure)
Nice release! will play some tunes for sure!

Laura Seh (friskyRadio, friskyRecords)
Great tracks here! some good stuff for my radio show :)

Jorgio Kioris (Replug /Bloque)
Lullaby working for me, thanks.

Text by Greyloop
Picture by McKay Savage
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Elliott Duquai & No One - Maschine EP incl. Alessandro Diga, Ewan Rill, Sean McClellan [SMD086]

The 86th release on Suffused Music features an exciting new collaboration from Elliott Duquai and No One. The French production duo began working together in 2011 but it wasn't until 2014 that the results of their studio efforts were revealed to the masses. An appearance on Baroque's WMC 2014 compilation along with EP's for Suffused Music, BQ Recordings and LuPS Records capped the year off and their newest offering for Suffused Music entitled 'Maschine' looks to get 2015 off to a great start.

Elliott and No One have gained a great following in the underground for their timeless production sensibilities. Their fusion of progressive house and techno was well received on the dance floor and proved successful in Beatport's sales charts. Their latest 'Maschine' begins with a long hypnotic intro reminiscent of a classic Sasha and Digweed set. With an amazing atmosphere already in place the beats drop in at the two minute mark which should prove to be a great moment if used as an intro. Smooth synth lines along with a pumping groove and raspy hooks lift the energy higher as the track transitions through its second act, while sweeping textures further tantalize the senses during an exhilarating conclusion.

The remixes included also offer something quite exciting. First up Alessandro Diga makes his Suffused Music debut following a long line of successful projects for Black Hole Recordings, Manual Music, Perspectives Digital and Moonbeam Digital. The Dutch producers unique take on progressive techno sounds fresh and inspired here with an outstanding rendition of 'Maschine'. The funkiness of the groove immediately stands out and makes the dance floor sensibility quite high, while the vocal stabs along with textural percs just add to the tracks bounce. A motif of shifting tones becomes fully realized during the main break and proves to be an amazing tension builder. A calculated build then summons the groove back for a tasteful re-entry along with a new found hypnotic theme which propels the track to a sleek and classy finale.

The second interpretation of ‘Maschine’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his eighth appearance on Suffused Music. The Russian producer has been busy thus far in 2015. The launch of his Sever Records imprint has been a huge success and remixes for Majestic Family, Microbios and Soundteller are already rocking the Beatport charts. For his 'Maschine' interpretation Ewan has crafted one of the funkiest creations of this career. Backed by a well carved groove with enormous swing and a playful theme of bleeps this is sure to garner attention on the dance floor. Developing over the first act, an atmospheric story board flows through the main break and sets up an even more powerful return, with a reinforced groove and complement of sparkling hats delivering a blissful finish.

The third and final interpretation of 'Maschine' is provided by Sean McClellan who is making his sixth appearance on Suffused Music. The US producer has a storied history in electronic music; his appearances on Bedrock Records, Baroque Records and System Recordings have stood the test of time remarkably well and he's closed the release out with a great remix of 'Maschine'. Sean's refined style sounds fabulous here with a smooth, hypnotic groove and great synth hooks leading the way. Layers of big bass swells lift the energy higher while a vortex of electronics pushes the track through the main break. The second half offers more aural candy with a set of rhythmic tones adding nicely to the groove for a rocking finale. Great remix from Sean and another spot on release from Suffused Music.

Jimmy Van M (Bedrock / Hope / Selador / Parquet / Tulipa / AlterImage):
Solid EP! McClellan remix is on point! Thanks :)

Kieran J (Baires, Asymmetric, Sound Avenue, Change Audio, Stripped, L3D.):
Wicked release all round, Alessandro\'s remix is excellent!

Danny Lloyd (Sudbeat | Lowbit | Proton | Particles)
Very nice release! i will play for sure! Thanks.

Kieran J (Baires, Asymmetric, Sound Avenue, Change Audio, Stripped, L3D.)
Wicked release all round, Alessandro's remix is excellent!

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Alessandro Diga killed it. What a fcking sick vibe.

Soulfire (Soulfire Downloads, Sound Avenue, Stripped))
Ewan Rill's remix is my favourite out of them all. Nice. Thanks!

Basil O'Glue (Saturate Audio, Coldharbour, Afterglow)
Ewan Rill rmx for me, thanks

Text by Mitch Alexander
Picture by Zach Dischner
Cid Inc Mastering

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ri Za - Far Boyond My Mind EP [SMD085]

Ri Za is one of the rising talents in the slovakian techno/house scene. He has build a very good repution with constant hard and effective work, which can be highlighted with releases on well renowned labels like Baroque Records and Traum. His works operating with a crystal clear sound - as a reference, as he is working as a mastering engineer too - crossing the fat, tech flavoured baseline and textures with housey vibes, and airy visions. The creative segment will ensure the power of ideas in his latest EP signed with Suffused Music - as the label's 85th piece - called 'Far Beyond My Mind'. This 3-tracker is the statement of Ri Za's sound, which is able to fascinate without additional remix works. The swirling synths flirts with sharp rhythm portions in 'Champions'. 'Far Beyond' drops more melodic ingredients on the energetic tone, while 'My Mind' is a love affair of glistering sound, laying on a fast evolving baseline, spiced with a charming female vocal.

Ri Za - Champions (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - Far Beyond (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
Ri Za - My Mind (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]

Pacco & Rudy B (Proton, B:Co, Monad)
My mind is nice, thx!

Dale Middleton (Sudbeat/Parquet/SexOnWax)
my mind is cool!

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure)
Very nice stuff from Ri Za!

Text by Greyloop
Picture by Zach Dischner
Cid Inc Mastering