Monday, January 29, 2018

Dynamic Illusion - Siren EP incl. Chris Odium, Clyde Rouge, Kay-D [SMD208]

Part of the “Run Away” EP in late 2015, “Siren” epitomised a dedication to a craft of which Dynamic Illusion has become so renowned. A gloriously up-tempo offering with its joyous melodies and driving beat, the Hungarian producer created a subtly evolving track that glittered and shimmered across a nine-minute timeframe with vocal contribution that conjured images of sun-soaked Ibiza beaches. Now “Siren” receives a full release, courtesy of a trio of new remixes.

A DJ with over a decade’s experience, performing in his Florida home, Christian Sandoval has established a considerable fan-base with his Chris Odium moniker. Blending different flavours from techno and tech house to progressive and deep house, creating a distinctive sound to call his own, Odium’s work since a debut for Nuevadeep in April 2013, has seen him go on to feature on such celebrated imprints as Pineapple Grooves, Lowbit and Beat Boutique. A regular on Suffused Music over the course of 2016 and ’17, often with the vocal contributions from Lian July, the Chris Odium remix is a deliciously deep affair with reworked synth lines and tasty deep house groove that shuffles with hi-hat precision and rich bass pattern. Combining original components with a raft of additional production material, the second half explodes into life with a symphony of melody and rhythm, after a clever ‘siren’ creates the perfect drop.

From the north of Scotland, Clyde Rouge is an artist at the coal face of his country’s underground dance scene. With DJ performances at the Inverness “Iron Works” alongside Theo Kottis is early 2018, Rouge continues to cement his reputation with a distinctive sound and style. Head of his eponymously titled Chief Rouge Records, the producer has seen success on his own label with A-list support coming from Nick Warren, Danny Tenaglia and Joris Voorn. A February 2018 debut on Pro B Tech Music with the “Black Smoke & Mirrors” EP, Clyde Rouge now debuts on Suffused Music with a tech house fuelled offering that hits hard with its sixteenth based percussive shuffle and grooved bass. Taking the vocal line so central to the original, Rouge has chopped and stuttered it into a new and vibrant direction. A raft of additional production material combines with rhythm and bass to create a hypnotic and dynamic rework.

Final contributor sees Hungarian producer, Krisztian Kajdi take up the remix reins with his Kay-D alter-ego. A classically trained musician, Kajdi has been involved in the underground scene for over a decade with some 400 hundred production credits sitting proudly next to the Kay-D name that began with a debut for CLS Music in early 2008. Finding a home on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music, almost a double-century of credits can be found on the imprint with several full-length albums featured en route. Additional work for the likes of Stellar Fountain, OLD SQL, and PHW Elements are a tribute to the Kay-D sound. A 2013 debut for Suffused Music saw success follow on 2015’s, “Eternal Sun”, as Kay-D now returns to the label with a beautifully constructed offering that scintillates with innovative placement and use of the vocal content found in Dynamic Illusion’s original. Centred around a strong beat and individual melodic treatment, a new motif, heavy in delay and stereo-panning, creates a new sonic architecture that builds with a new and impressive bassline into the third movement.

A trio of new remixes from Chris Odium, Clyde Rouge and Kay-D creates a new “Siren” song for Dynamic Illusion.

Dynamic Illusion - Siren [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Siren (Chris Odium Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Siren (Clyde Rouge Remix) [Suffused Music]
Dynamic Illusion - Siren (Kay-D Remix) [Suffused Music]

Armin van Buuren

Paul Thomas
Kay-D remix for me

kay-d remix for me, but I didn't like the vocals that much, nice track nevertheless

Kay-D remix for me. Original's still a beaut though :)

An excellent remix by Chris Odium, thank you!

Fernando Ferreyra
Very Good EP, My fav Original Mix, thanks

Praveen Achary
Clyde Rouge & Kay-D remixes are nice :)

Text by James Warren
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Sergio Sanchez - Just Think About Feeling EP [SMD207]

A rich seam of talent flows from the Spanish mainland into the underground dance scene with Sergio Sanchez part of the impressive fraternity. Making his debut for Suffused Music in October 2016 with “Deep Inside”, part of the “Initializing, Vol.11” compilation, Sanchez now returns to the label with a further trio of original tracks. Marking his full debut with an EP of the highest order, “Just Think About Feeling” now hits the airwaves.

An artist who began his DJ career aged 17 in his hometown of Valladolid, Sergio Sanchez saw his musical style emerge from the sound of the underground. Inspired by techno and elements of groove, Sanchez found himself identifying with the German dance scene with its tech house and techno credentials. Honing his craft through DJ sets, performances alongside Cristian Varela, Dennis Cruz and Fabio Ferro helped shape his sound. Releasing his first commercial music in September 2012 with original tracks for LW Recordings, over a century of Beatport production credits can now be found for such varied imprints as Animals Muziq, Estribo and Society 3.0.

Returning to Suffused Music, “Just Think About Feeling” opens with throbbing, pulsating rhythms of the title track. Revelling in an intricate percussive groove, a chorus of spot effects sit alongside a pitched melodic trope and sub bass. Evolving elegantly a stepped arpeggio cuts through the mid-frequencies with ease. An atmospheric, pared down breakdown creates a sonic pause before rhythm and melody combine once more in the latter half to mesmerising effect. Reprising Sanchez’s Suffused Music debut, “Deep Inside” is a smooth and contemplative piece that hypnotises with its chugging techno kick and off-beat hi-hats. A delicious melodic motif provides earworm glory throughout as luscious chord progressions and sustained pads add depth and texture. The resultant work is a highly impressive ten-minute voyage.

Emerging into sonic range, the spellbinding arpeggio sequences of “Polaris” lock tightly to a four-to-the-floor kick and groove-laden percussion. Creating additional depth, a sustained bass note adds sonic identity as it blossoms into a wonderfully emotive sequence that ties perfectly to the melodic sequences above. Additional production material in delicate lead line and discordant counterpoint phrasing keep interest high in an intelligent and dynamic track. “Lost in Space” continues the groove-based melodic motifs of its predecessor as beat, bass and percussion combine into a lock-tight groove. A modulating lead line appears with distinctive LFO character as a sumptuous array of effects, delays and eerily pitched synth lines create an imaginative sonic stamp for the track title to align itself to. The result is an intelligent work full of skill, technique and craft.

A quartet of impressive tracks from the studio of Sergio Sanchez ensures he can “Just think About Feeling”.

Sergio Sanchez - Just Think About Feeling [Suffused Music]
Sergio Sanchez - Deep Inside [Suffused Music]
Sergio Sanchez - Polaris [Suffused Music]
Sergio Sanchez - Lost in Space [Suffused Music]

Paul Thomas
Polaris for me

Really interesting stuff. Needs a deeper listen but feeling the originality

Chris Fortier
sounds good

Fernando Ferreyra
Very Good Ep, thanks

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Pangea Mastering, Cid Inc. mastering

Monday, January 15, 2018

Vlada D'Shake - Spook On EP incl. Matt G. Tatsama [SMD206]

With its haunting motifs and eerie glitch-laden effects, Vlada D’Shake provided a moment of magic with “Spook On” in March 2016. As the infectious groove-laden gem with loquacious vocal sample found its mark on dance-floors across the globe, Suffused Music now returns to the track, giving it fresh pair of remixes courtesy of Argentinean and Indian production talent.

Hailing from the Buenos Aries capital, Matias Giunta’s passion for electronic music began from an early age. Self-taught with a desire to improve and refine his craft, his Matt G moniker has enabled him to establish himself within the underground dance scene. Having joined the Sudam Recordings roster in 2010, Matt G has continued to chart an impressive path. Not wishing to tie himself down to any one genre and influenced by a gamut of sounds from tribal and funky to deep, tech and progressive house, the Argentinean producer has found himself allied to a plethora of imprints with almost a century of production credits to his name. Thus, OLD SQL, Nuevadeep and Balkan Connection have all played host to the Matt G sound. Making his Suffused Music debut, the ‘Matt G Interpretation’ opens with a soaring string progression and haunting vocal phrase before a deep house groove drops into the rhythmic space with its reverberant kick and cavernous bassline. Keeping the melodic themes central to the original, key to his remix, a new and extraordinary vocal line adds a further dimension to creating an innovative work.

From a continent replete with renowned producers, Karthikeyan Sivasankar is another artist from a notable production line. Using his Tatsama moniker, Sivasankar has carved out a sizeable niche from his Hyderabad home with his penchant for the “deeper side of progressive”. Continuing to evolve in sound and technique, a century of production credits has seen Tatsama find his music featured in the catalogues of an array of leading underground imprints that include, Wind Horse Records, Superordinate and the India-based, Juicebox Music. Debuting on Suffused Music in mid-2016 as part of the “Initializing, Vol. 10” compilation, early 2017 saw the twin-track “Oxidation” EP showcase the Indian artist’s skillset with an original EP of the highest order. Now welcoming him back to the label, the Tatsama remix of “Spook On” finds a huge bass groove allied to a strong house pattern that shines with its shuffling hi-hat cadence. Using components of Vlada D’Shake’s original to anchor his rework, a series of intermittent effects and vocal elements provide a dynamic and evolving character that reveals itself full in a stripped back breakdown. Reaching its dénouement in the third movement with a raft of additional production material and epic groove, a robotised vocal sample creates a dancefloor destroyer.

A pair of new remixes from Matt G and Tatsama sees Vlada D’Shake’s “Spook On” continue to chart a mysterious and exciting path.

Vlada D'Shake - Spook On [Suffused Music]
Vlada D'Shake - Spook On (Matt G Interpretation Mix) [Suffused Music]
Vlada D'Shake - Spook On (Tatsama Remix) [Suffused Music]

Eelke Kleijn
nice tatsama remix

Praveen Achary
Original & Tatsama remixes for me.

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc. mastering, Toppy

Monday, January 8, 2018

Vakabular - Quarantine EP [SMD205]

As Suffused Music continues to back new and exciting talents, our 205th release sees the Thai artist, Vakabular, take up the mantle with his “Quarantine” EP.

From the idyllic, sun-kissed island of Ko Pha-ngan in the Gulf of Thailand, Vakabular is a DJ and producer who has created quite a stir with his driving rhythms and club-friendly melodies. From an island renowned for its party culture, Vakabular has been a regular at events such as “Waterfall”, “Samsara Beach Underground” and “360 Rooftop”. Playing in front of packed crowds, Vakabular has seen his music met with considerable success as he plays out his carefully constructed sets.

In tandem, a production career has also garnered considerable success. Almost a century of credits sits proudly next to the Vakabular name as he finds his work allied to some of the finest underground imprints. BC2, Krafted Records and Resopal Schallware have all featured a plethora of production material as the Thai producer makes audio waves across his homeland and beyond. Moreover, April 2017’s “Floor Damage” for Outta Limits, marked a high watermark for the Vakabular name as the six-track EP for the Stan Kolev and Matan Caspi led label provided a stunning techno showcase with “WWW” and “Floor Damage” going on to feature on the “Outta Limits Eclectic Frequencies” compilation.

Now debuting on Suffused Music, Vakabular, supplies a twin-track progressive house offering via “Quarantine”. Opening track, “Man Who Knows the Weather”, quickly stamps its authority with a bouncing bass groove running through the eight-plus minute affair. Redolent in driving beat and ticking hi-hat percussion, Vakabular provides further interest through an earworm motif that is a perfect corollary to the low-end pattern. With a clutch of intermittent white-noise effects and a dark hypnotic prowess, the track is wonderfully constructed work.

The title track is characterised by a dominant kick and off-beat percussive cadence. Evolving effortlessly, an hypnotic arpeggio sequence locks tightly to bass and rhythm before a filtered bass riff supplies counterpoint interest. Revealing themselves more fully in a stripped back breakdown, arpeggio and melody emerge strongly in the third movement to great effect as “Quarantine” demonstrates Vakabular’s production expertise.

A pair of new tracks from Vakabular have demonstrated an infectious dance-floor vibe that is certain to escape “Quarantine”.

Vakabular - Man Who Knows the Weather [Suffused Music]
Vakabular - Quarantine [Suffused Music]

Chris Fortier
sounds good

Pretty psychedelic! Think I prefer the first track, thanks

Text by James Warren

Monday, January 1, 2018

Jiminy Hop - Squared EP incl. CJ Art, Trent McDermott pres. Trenna Mac [SMD204]

Originally part of the three-track “Le Mans” EP in February 2017, Jiminy Hop lit up the progressive house scene with his pulsating “Squared”. Full of shining arpeggios and emotive bass line, the St. Petersburg based artist’s work was a marriage of dynamic rhythm and melody combined with loquacious vocal sample. Now, “Squared” sees a full release of its own, with remixes from Poland and Australia sitting proudly alongside Jiminy Hop’s original.

Polish producer, Artur Fabianski, has found great success with his CJ Art alter-ego. Running a host of monthly radio shows including, “Spectrum” on Frisky and “Deepersense” on Digitally Imported, he has acquired a growing base of listeners and fans. Building upon that success in the production arena, the CJ Art name can be found against over 250 Beatport production credits that has seen the Polish producer featured on the catalogues of Mistique Music, Bonzai Progressive and JOOF Recordings, with a blend of remix and original production material. Indeed, it was for the latter that the “Dark Chemistry” EP hit the virtual shelves in 2015 after a debut for John 00 Fleming’s label almost a decade earlier. A regular on Suffused Music between 2013 and 2015, we are delighted to welcome him back to the label with a scintillating new rerub. Working his magic, the CJ Art remix takes “Squared” on a typically impressive journey, as multiple layers of pads and synth lines combine to create a luscious offering. Making intelligent use of Jiminy Hop’s components, the trademark bassline is heard in full at a stripped back breakdown as the vocal sample also provides a unique audio stamp. Full of rhythmic intricacy and driving beat, the use of additional melodic production material has created an impressive CJ Art reworking.

Trent McDermott’s career highlights read like the ‘wish-list’ of every budding DJ/producer. Having played alongside trance heavyweights from Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten to BT and Tiesto, McDermott was official support for the Dutch icon on both his “Kaleidoscope” and “Elements of Life” tours. Simultaneously, a production career that has seen the Australian remix Rank 1’s “L.E.D. There Be Light” with tyDi, has seen McDermott supported by the DJ elite including Armin Van Buuren, Sean Tyas and Ali & Fila. A regular across the likes of 405 Recordings, since an April 2009 debut, additional work for Black Hole and Solarstone’s Molecule spinoff, has seen McDermott continue to command attention. Now making his Suffused Music debut and presenting his new alter-ego, the Trenna Mac remix takes “Squared” on a throbbing, pulsating voyage that creates a new and vibrant direction for Jiminy Hop’s work, finding an anchor at the breakdown in the spoken vocal sample of the original. Evolving elegantly over its six-minutes, the third movement combines a wonderfully created arpeggio sequence that rises and falls in pitched glory as cutoff and release filters open up into an aural storm.

A pair of remixes from CJ Art and Trenna Mac complete the circle of Jiminy Hop’s “Squared”.

Jiminy Hop - Squared [Suffused Music]
Jiminy Hop - Squared (CJ Art Remix) [Suffused Music]
Jiminy Hop - Squared (Trent McDermott pres. Trenna Mac Remix) [Suffused Music]

Nick Warren
Love the original

John 00 Fleming
Original hits the spot for me.

Loving CJ's remix

Armin van Buuren

Praveen Achary
Lovely release

Dale Middleton
CJs remix is pretty cool here, nice work!

Text by James Warren
Mastered by Pangea Mastering, Cid Inc. mastering

Monday, December 25, 2017

Nick Varon - Forbidden Land EP [SMD203]

Referenced as “the most underrated DJ in the world” by none other than global icon, Nick Warren, Nick Varon is a hugely respected artist within the underground dance arena. Now making his Suffused Music debut, we are delighted to welcome Nick to the label with his “Forbidden Land” EP.

An accomplished musician, proficient in both guitar and piano, Nick Varon’s relationship with music began from early age. Resident at “Club Venue” in Athens for five years, Varon perfected his craft behind the decks with Deep Dish’s Sharam recognising “the flow in his DJ sets touches perfection.” Moreover, Hernan Cattaneo also saw a burgeoning talent in the young artist, taking him on a 50-date world tour across three continents that has seen him play in New York, Tokyo and at the Creamfields festival in Buenos Aries.

In tandem, a celebrated production career is no less impressive. Finding a home on Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, the “Shibuya EP” in April 2012 sparked an ongoing relationship that saw the three-track “Sky Ladder” EP released in September 2017 and an appearance on Cattaneo’s 2017 “Balance Presents Sudbeat” compilation with the track, “Sivota”. In addition, a raft of original material has found its way onto a plethora of high-profile labels including Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and Sonic Union’s Lowbit.

With such blue-chip credentials to his name, it is an honour to welcome Nick Varon to Suffused Music. Opening proceedings, “Over & Out” is full of the trademark rhythmic sensibilities that has made Varon such a sought-after producer. Intricate layers of percussive cadence create a wonderful dance floor groove as a bouncing sub-bass carries the track forward. Building effortlessly a swathe of pads and delicious melodic interplay imperceptibly emerge as a hypnotic riff and analogue lead line commands attention in the third movement against the driving beat.

The title track itself is a glorious marriage of rhythm and melody as a metronomic kick provides the vehicle for a beautiful and shimmering arpeggio to melt into the mid-range. Progressing with ease, a series of counterpoint melodies supply immediate interest in a stripped back, contemplative offering with a percolating rhythm swirling across the stereo spectrum and into listener consciousness. An ever-present, head-shaking groove creates a wonderful dynamism that is certain to find favour with fans and peers alike.

With Nick Varon’s star in the ascendancy he is sure to find success in the “Forbidden Land”.

Nick Varon - Over & Out [Suffused Music]
Nick Varon - Forbidden Land [Suffused Music]

Nick Warren
2 great tracks from Nick !

Paul Thomas
Love the deepness of Forbidden Land

Over & Out's really nice, will play

Marcelo Vasami
great release. full support, thanks!

great one here

Baunder (Soundexile)
Forbidden Land for me, thanks!

Darin Epsilon
Forbidden Land is the one for me

Dale Middleton
Big sounds from Nick, like the vibes in Over & Out! thanks

Text by James Warren

Monday, December 18, 2017

Erich LH - No Gravity EP [SMD202]

As Suffused Music hits 2018 at full pace and a double century of releases under its belt, we celebrate with a brand new musical vignette through Erich LH and his three-track, “No Gravity” EP.

Hailing from the ancient and historical city of Córdoba in the foothills of the Sierra Chicas, Eric Ledesma has fashioned an impressive career for himself from his home in the north-centre of the country. With his Erich LH pseudonym, the Argentinean artist has consistently impressed, inspired and influenced by familial bonds and the sounds of the 1980s and 90s. Finding a passion within the sphere of electronic music, Ledesma refined his taste to focus on the areas of underground progressive.

An accomplished DJ, beguiling club goers with a compelling blend of sounds from progressive and tech house to techno and deep vibes, Erich LH has found himself performing at a raft of underground events around his home country including, El Castillo, Green Paradise and Bahia Los Mimbres. In tandem, a production career has flourished with a clutch of releases on an array of high-profile imprints. Making his 2010 debut on Distants Records with the “Rain” EP, further original work has followed for OLD SQL, Panda and Deepsessions Recordings.

Now returning to Suffused Music after the debut ‘Space Odyssey” appeared as part of the “Initializing, Vol. 12” compilation, the track now receives a full release of its own accompanied by two further original works. Retaining all the rhythmic flare of its initial release, “Space Odyssey” floats across its eight-minute voyage with its ethereal pads and timeless riff. Driven by thumping kick, hypnotic percussion and vocal sample, the Erich LH production craft and technique is in full flight.

“Cyborg” continues the heavy kick and driving percussion of its predecessor, while a running arpeggio line adds further intensity and dynamism, combined with trademark earworm riff. Pausing at a stripped back breakdown to create a wonderful crystalline sequence that hypnotises and pitches in analogue glory, a third movement joins a collage of rhythm and melodic flow in synchronous harmony.

Final track, “Stars” creates a slightly darker, edgier tone that is apposite for the wide-open infinity that sits alongside the track’s subject matter. Finding a wonderful chord and bass progression at its core, a cluster of free-flowing synth lines and rhythmic stabs create a vital energy that fires post-breakdown with renewed energy as hints of musical tropes to come are presented with shimmering and delayed synth work. The result is a club stormer that is sure to fill dance floors across the globe.

With all the weightless majesty of an artist harnessing the powers within his musical compass, Erich LH has become master of the universe with his “No Gravity” EP.

Erich LH - Space Odyssey [Suffused Music]
Erich LH - Cyborg [Suffused Music]
Erich LH - Stars [Suffused Music]

Space Odyssey for me. Great job. Thanks!

Praveen Achary
Stars is good!

Armin van Buuren

Text by James Warren
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